Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Before I Pop Into Bed . . .

Just a quick post before I jump into bed to try to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Didn't get the pantry floor tile finished today. Wait. We didn't even get one tile down. But the floor is all prepped and ready for it to happen tomorrow.

First thing in the morning, we have to make a trip to our carpenter friend B's house and workshop to pick up the cabinet frames she has gone. I'm really hoping for a sunny, breezy, not-too-hot day tomorrow so I can start putting the poly on them and the pantry door. I know they will need two coats and possibly three so I want to get started on them asap.

Today wasn't too hot but it was incredibly humid. Yuck. Like walking through water until late afternoon when a delightful breeze came along and made it easier to breathe.

I picked the whole strawberry patch today which was two days overdue. I knew there were a lot of berries out there but would you believe 22 pounds and 9 ounces? Seems like we might have another banner harvest year for strawberries. I'm not spending the time out there like I usually do and it makes me cranky to see all the weeds starting to take hold. Oh well, as long as the plants keep bearing, I'll have to settle for "not perfect" this year.

Tried a new strawberry pie recipe but wasn't too pleased with it. Although Papa Pea did have two slices and seemed to like it well enough. Chicken Mama stopped by tonight just in time for a piece with us. She and I thought it was like eating a dish of thickened strawberries. The filling didn't "gel" enough (it was a cold pie) and there wasn't enough crust (substance?) to balance the berry mixture. Could have used some whipped cream on top, too, but I didn't have any. My bad.

Okay, I'm toddling off to beddie-bye. Five-thirty tomorrow morning will be here before I know it!


Dirt Lover said...

22 lbs.?? Wow, you must have a pretty big strawberry patch! Sounds like you were busy today even though you didn't do what you planned. Nice that it will be ready to start laying tile when you get going tomorrow.

Patty said...

Wow! That's a LOT of berries! I'm happy for you, and hope someday I'll have a berry patch like that. :)
Hope the tile install goes well tomorrow.

Judy T said...

That's a LOT of strawberries! I hope you put them to good use.
I also hope the tile install goes well.

Anonymous said...

My strawberries aren't doing anything for the second year in a row. Guess it's time to break down and buy new plants, dang it! Good luck on the tile. That is hopefully on our to-do list this winter, if we can learn how...

Sue said...

You sleeping in AGAIN? LOL!! I'm gonna have to start calling you and getting you up in time in the mornings.....you would get that floor done on schedule then. Ha!
I picked the LAST 9x13 cake pan full of berries yesterday. I ended up with almost 75 quarts total for the 20 days I picked. See why I'm sick of them??????? But, the freezer is full and Don had pie everyday, so life is good.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Strawberry wine? Just a thought.

Hope you get everything done today thats on your list. There's always tomorrow on those weeds.

Erin said...

I had a feeling you would be inundated with berries this year again since you had so much other stuff going on! I don't envy you having to do all that poly, that is one of my least favorite jobs! I hope you have a nice breezy day so you can get some fresh air when it's over :)

Mama Pea said...

Lori - Our patch is approximately 16 x 16', four double rows of plants, about 145-150 plants total. Adequate for our year round needs, to give to friends and neighbors, and in the past couple of years we've sold some to a restaurant and our organic co-op in town.

Patty - You know strawberries grow very well up here so I have no doubt you WILL have a patch just like mine soon!

Judy - I think the actually laying of the tiles will go really fast. Just a smallish rectangle of a floor. (As in so many things, it's the prep work that's time consuming!)

Ruth - We've decided on self-stick vinyl tiles (does require some prep on the plywood first though) and our carpenter advisor says they are easy to install. So I'm sure you can figure it out easy-peasey.

Mama Pea said...

Sue - You have NO idea how often I think of you and your ability to rise at 3:30-4 a.m. You're my role model. I want to be like you when I grow up. Love, love, love those early morning hours!

Don't tell anybody, but this year I'm not nearly as enthused about all the strawberry picking ahead of me as I usually am!

APG - Oh, strawberry wine! Or blueberry. Or raspberry. Made from our own berries! Some day, Girlie, some day. We've never gotten into that although it's somewhere down the list. But this year sure isn't the one to start anything new. Some day.

Erin - We really do need to live close together. I'll do all your polying for you! The forecast is for sunny and high of 66 today so I'm planning on setting up out in the back yard for maximum ventilation. If necessary, we can pull everything into the garage.

Jenyfer Matthews said...

22 lbs!!!? Wow - that might even have defeated my two strawberry loving kids!

As for the pie - sloppy or not, I'll bet it would go down just fine with vanilla ice cream!

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Um, I do think that I could get rid of those strawberries real fast. Am I the only one who could eat them all, plain. Now 22 pounds might be a challenge, but I do feel faced with that instance, I could do it. Just saying ;)

Susan said...

I'm guessing it was less of a "pop" into bed than a collapse into bed after that day. I wish oh wish I had a crop of strawberries like that! I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures of your finished pantry. It's going to be amazing!

Mama Pea said...

Jen - Ice cream on top of the sloopy strawberry pie . . . that's what my husband did at afternoon break time today. Somehow, that didn't appeal to me at all. I woulda tried whipped cream though. :o}

Jane - Well, I don't know how many I ate fresh yesterday but I do know my tum-tum wasn't feeling too good when I got in bed last night. Just sayin'.

Susan - I got into bed last night (yes, collapsed was the proper word) and tried to read but found it a losing battle. Turned off the light at 8:45 only to find it was still light outside, but fell sound asleep anyway!