Saturday, January 22, 2011

Write A Caption, Win A Calendar!

A couple of days ago, Chicken Mama and Apple Pie Gal (currently known in some circles as Chicken Pot Pie Gal) had a conversation going in Chicken Mama's comments section. Apple Pie Gal, who has a copy of Chicken Mama Designs 2011 Calendar said she especially liked the little pictures on Mother's Day and Father's Day.

The Mother's Day picture is of me (taken about 38 years ago) holding an eager to stand up and get moving Chicken Mama in our kitchen in Illinois. The Father's Day picture was taken the summer we moved up here to Minnesota when Chicken Mama was two years old.

What a summer that was. We made nine round trips to move ourselves and all our household furnishings, farm equipment and animals up here. It was a 10-12 hour trip one way depending on our load. We had a trusty old truck and a flat bed and a high-sided trailer that we pulled depending on the load.

Our little two-year old Chicken Mama made every single trip with us strapped in her car seat. And she never, ever complained or got cranky. She ate a lot of yummy snacks. And played with toys and books. And slept a lot. (I suppose the vodka in her sippy cup helped, too.) Actually, she was very used to the trip by that summer because she made her first one up here when she was three weeks old. And many more after that before we finally secured a job and moved.

But back to the picture. Here it is.

I'd like to invite all of you witty readers to write a caption for the picture. Chicken Mama has graciously offered to send a copy of her 2011 beautiful calendar to the writer of the caption that she and I pick as the weener. After the grand prize is awarded I'll tell you the story of the circumstances surrounding the picture.

Okay, put on your thinking caps! You never know what will appeal to our combined quirky senses of humor. Deadline for receiving captions will be this coming Monday night at 8 p.m. Go for it. The calendar is gorgeous and worth trying for.


Erin said...


"Mama said daddy was gonna have to sell the shirt off his back for this land but she didn't mention this..." :)

The Apple Pie Gal said...

OH MY GOSH! Ok, in the calendar (or maybe my eyes are getting old) I did NOT realize she didn't have pants on!!! HILARIOUS!

I decline to enter the contest because I have my lovely calendar, however I did send a caption to ChickenMama yesterday and WOW...whole new meaning to my little joke now!

I will share (without entry)

CM: "Um Dad, I crapped my pants. Can we go home now?"
PP: "I said sit on a log...not drop a log!"

Sorry ChickenMama, but ya done made my day AGAIN!

Erin, you crack me up! Hehehee

Jennifer Jo said...

Tail Ends

Mama Pea said...

You guys aren't failing me. Keep it up!

Amy Dingmann said...

"Well gosh daddy, I'm so durn excited to learn how to use the hatchet, I don't have time to put pants on!!"

Super cute post!!!

Kelly said...

How to fix a farmers tan:

Kelly said...

Ahem, I mean farmer's tan.

Anonymous said...

"We live in the country...who needs underwear!"

Jenyfer Matthews said...

"Sure I'll help you cut a switch....What's a switch?"

Chicken Mama said...

Okay, first a correction: it was in the comments section of Ms. Apple Pie Gal's post that the story started (so, to begin at the beginning, you should go there)!

Second, Mom, isn't there some story to me making my first trip up here @ 3 weeks old and Grandma threatening to take me away from you if you made that drive? Tell us more!

Thirdly, my caption (even tho I don't get to officially enter): "Little girl, I TOLD you there would be repercussions if you kept doing that! Now you're gonna have to pay." (Hatchet in hand.) ;)

Claire said...

Weslie, nervously eyeing the hatchet, thinks, "Thank God I'm a girl!"
I already have the fabulous calendar, but couldn't resist joining the fun.

Freedom Acres Farm said...

"Goin' for a negative Coppertone Tan"

Trailshome said...

"The End Is In Sight!"

Annie*s Granny said...

Butt, butt, butt.....

Mama Pea said...

You guys are all great. I'm getting my chuckles today.

Chicken Mama - Sorry about the confusion there . . . who can keep up?

My mom threatened to go to Social Services and report me and your dad because we were "subjecting" you (at two years of age) to ALL those looonng trips in the truck when we were moving up here. Reporting us was a joke, but she really did want to keep you that summer. We felt you were our responsibility and wanted you with us. Anf as I said before, you were SUCH a good rider!

By the way, your caption is AWFUL!!

Susan said...

Sweet Cheeks and Daddy and Doggy make Three.

I already am the very proud owner of a Chicken Mama calendar, but I couldn't help myself.