Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Peek Inside Our Exciting Life

We do, indeed, lead such an exciting life that I thought I'd tell you a little about today's high points.

For our social outing of the weekend, we went to the dump this morning. Here the flatbed trailer is loaded with a bunch of "stuff" that has been accumulating behind our garage all summer. It wants a new home. Away from our home.

We used to have a huge county landfill several miles out of town secluded waaay back in the woods where you could take trash and dump it for a small fee.

I've mentioned before that we have a very efficient, large Recycling Center in town that we use regularly. I don't know what the residents of the county would do without it. You don't have to pay to use the facility (well, except for those tax dollars) and it is a godsend.

But there are those certain materials such as wood that has been treated which we don't wish to burn on our property, bits and pieces of cement board siding that won't burn, scraps of metal, rusted out stovepipe, an old TV antennae, etc. that we just can't get rid of except to take to the dump.

A couple of years ago because of who know what . . . I think EPA, state or federal regulations . . . our landfill area was closed. Now items that we would have taken there are hauled to _________'s Disposal right outside of town. We do pay a fee but it is reasonable. The dumped materials are stored there and eventually trucked somewhere else (if my information is correct it's to a spot some 300+ miles away) for disposal probably in another landfill operated under the mandated laws. (Is this environmentally efficient?)

Anyway, off we went in the steady rainfall this morning to get rid of this load. We were prompted to get it gathered together yesterday afternoon because of the forecast of a few inches of snow today. We did have rain all day until late this afternoon when the temp finally dropped low enough for the rain to change to snow. Nothing significant to report as of yet as the temperature is still 33° as I'm writing.

I'll just bet all of you wish you had been here to participate in that road trip this morning and to have the thrill of climbing up on the trailer and helping to unload the debris which was by that time quite wet and slippery. And so were we when we finished. Add cold into the mix, too.

Now the other sensational happening of the day that I'm going to share is something for which I take no responsibility. The sharing of, that is. Our daughter said, "Oh, take a picture of that and blog about it!" I looked at her wondering if she'd finally snapped.

"No, I'm not going to write a blog about that."

"Fine. Give me your camera. I'll take a picture and blog about it."

So here, only to keep Chicken Mama happy, is something that she seems to find fascinating for some perverse reason.

I baked an apple pie today. I always mound sliced apples up in the pie plate and cover with the top crust which makes a nice, high-domed pie.

Chicken Mama seems to think that when the apples cook down, but the top crust remains up in the air, this creates a situation which really tickles her funny bone and amazes her. Looks like the inside of a giant apple pie cave to me. The stuff nightmares are made of after you ate that second piece of pie you shouldn't have.

Oh well. Whatever turns your crank. Happy now, Sweetie? I took and posted pictures of the inside of my apple pie.

Fits right in with our exciting life.


Erin said...

The pie is gorgeous, and if I were around I wouldn't be able to stop helping myself to those pieces of crust flaking out everywhere until someone noticed there was no top left!

I do not envy you climbing around a cold slick trailer!

Our city is a major recipient of New York City and New Jersey trash... nice, huh? One of those things that most people don't think of, but all that trash has to go somewhere, and it ain't up there! I am sure the state gets paid pretty well for it, too.

Chicken Mama said...


The Apple Pie Gal said...

I love it when you make me laugh out loud! That pie is da bomb! Glad Chicken Mama made/blackmailed you into it!

Mama Pea said...

Erin - After you finished off the top crust, my husband would request I put a streusel topping on the apples. He likes his apple pies much better that way but I didn't hear any complaints out of him yesterday regarding this two-crust number.

Chickie Mama - (Everyone, that means she approves.)

APG - You laughin' at me??!

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

How I WISH we could have a day to haul the junk off this property. I think it would be more like a months worth of hauling. I have years worth of junk that has somehow mated and made more little piles of junk. It feels good to see that empty space though.

Mama Pea said...

Jane - It's true! You do have to be careful with that junk. It multiplies every chance it gets. What really hurts these days is that it costs $$$ to dispose of it!

Leigh said...

Seeing that pie made me happy too. So did the load of stuff for the dump; happy that it wasn't our load of stuff (we have enough of our own.) Thinking about that pie cave/air space. I wonder, could we fill it with ice cream before serving???

Mama Pea said...

Oh, Leigh! Such an idea! Filling the pie between apples and crust with ice cream. Shame on you. How decadent.

And why didn't I think of that? It sounds like HEAVEN!!!!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I LOVE apple pie - I had it for the first few birthday I had (in January!)


Mama Pea said...

Jen - You are so right! A good apple pie is hard to beat. That's what we both said as we licked the pie plate clean the other day!!