Friday, October 15, 2010

With A Little Help From My Friends

You know what? Knowing you all were behind me with all your encouraging words AND knowing I had to report in to you tonight as to how I did on my list today really helped a lot. There just might be something to this being accountable to someone else other than yourself. (So easy to have a conversation with yourself where you both agree it's okay to be mopey and dopey and the official Queen of Procrastination for another day.)

So how am I feeling at the end of what I would call a successful "get lots done" day? Truth to tell, no better. What the heck is going on here? I got lots done today and am now going to take the evening to spend in my quilt studio until I get tired, then I'll climb into bed and read. It's like somebody pulled all the energy and enthusiasm out of me and I can't manufacture any more.

Here's a run-down of the day:

Make Blog Post - I counted my post last night as the first one today and now am doing the follow-up one. (That makes absolutely no sense.)

Get Info to Chicken Mama - Didn't get close to that one.

Make a Couple Phone Calls - Did so first thing this morning. First one went smooth and slick, second one involved wading through an automated service before waiting 20 minutes (yupper, twenty) to be connected to a real person. Then being put on hold for 10 more minutes before getting things straightened out sufficiently. (I hope.)

Order Supplements - Done. Done. And done.

Go Thru Two Magazines and One Catalog - I just sat right down on my butt late this afternoon and did it.

Vacuum - Sucked up all the miscellaneous debris not stuck down.

Clean Bathroom - Done. (Yahoo!)

Repot Aloe Plants - Whadda mess, but accomplished. Glad I did it out on the front deck.

Make Egg Salad - I did that before breakfast. Wow.

Hang Fall Shower Curtain - Hubby complimented me on it two times. (He thinks it's brand new, but I had it up last year, too.)

Charge Camera Battery - Easy-peasy.

Manicure - Can't you tell I can type better with short fingernails?

Hair Cut and Beard Trim for Hubby - Not done. Not my fault. Tried to corral hairy subject three different times but he was always "too busy." At dinner he promised we'd do it first thing tomorrow morning. Ya, uh-huh, sure.

Work on Wall Hanging - I sat and worked on it from 11:30 to 12 noon this morning. Am going back to it as soon as I finish here.

Paint Siding - Oops. Forgot the caulk had to dry a day before paint could be applied. I'll paint tomorrow. I promise. If the weather cooperates.

Harvest Squash - Did so. Got a grand total this year of thirty in various sizes.

A very productive day. It really did help keep me moving knowing you were all waiting with baited breath to make sure I didn't fluff off. ;o) Thanks again for all your encouragement.


Jo said...

Wow, you were extremely productive today! About three times as much as I got done. And don't worry about the doldrums -- we can't be perky all the time. You're body might be using a bit more energy trying to fight off a bug of some sort. Tis the season for viruses! Give yourself permission to spend a whole day in the quilt studio. Or two!

Chicken Mama said...

I hope you're in the quilt studio by now! When I was there shortly after 7:00, you still hadn't made it!

P.S. Word Verification: 'suffilys'. Kinda sounds like syphilis if you say it fast, doesn't it? Yuck.

becky3086 said...

LOL chicken mama! I think you got plenty accomplished. You are just plain tired. Get some rest and then look at all you did again tomorrow, that good feeling will come then.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

I'd say you done good! I hope you are happily playing with fabric! That is always an upper!

Tell Fuzzy to sit still tomorrow and then buzz him up good so you don't have to worry about it for a while.

Sue said...

You did great! Really, painting that siding would have made it TOO MUCH! As for Mr. Hairy, no breakfast until it's done! Ha!! That will fix that hairy bugger!

Melissa said...

Have you had a chance to get out and do any visiting with friends over good food and coffee/wine? Sometimes we get so isolated these days with all the stuff we feel we have to do that we forget to make real connections. I know it's definitely true for me. You got so much done. Now's your chance to meet the girlfriends for some chatty Kathy time:)

mtnchild said...

I agree with Melissa, you need some girl time with friends. I know your quilt studio is heaven to you, but set up a time with girlfriends before it gets too tough to get to town.

Erin said...

You sure did get a lot accomplished in spite of feeling down. Hmmm, reminds me of when my hubby said "I like your haircut" - ???? it was in a ponytail, that's all! I know how you feel being that I just came off of an almost 3 week "yuck" period that started with me being sick and then just plain not motivated to do anything other than knit and read a book. I think the others on here are right, sometimes your body just says "enough"! and wants you to take it easy so you can do the metamorphisis (sp?) to another season. I had a glass of wine for you while knitting with my friend last night, come to think of it I had one for Chicken Mama after her crazy night the other night too! Eat some homemade soup girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

You rock!!

Mama Pea said...

Jo - Okay. Going to quilt studio. Send food. And wine. (Wanna join me?)

Chickie Mama - Never made it last night. But spent some quality time in there from 2:30 am until 5 am this morning.

Becky - I do feel a smidge bit better today. Think I may be climbing out of the hole.

Apple Pie Gal - 4:53 pm and Fuzzy is still walking around looking mighty scraggly. What am I gonna do with him?

Sue - After my middle of the night foray, I crawled back into bed shortly after 5 and slept right through breakfast so he was on his own this morning. So that tact didn't work. :o)

Melissa - You're absolutely right about getting out and having a change of scenery . . . which I haven't had lately. But short get-away coming up next week!

Mama Pea said...

Yvette - Sound advice. Once the snow and ice hit, we're suddenly aware of all the places we should have gone and things we should have done while the roads were clear and easy to drive!

Erin - We DID have homemade soup last night! And we're finishing it up tonight for dinner. Besides the glass of wine you had for me, I drank two for me myself. (I'll drink to that. One, two, three. One for me, myself and I!) And I'm just about ready to start again tonight!

Stephanie - Right back atcha!

Erin said...

Well good for you! I knew red wine was good for your health, but I would always forget to make it a regular part of my evening. Once I started having that glass every night my BP and cholesterol are back down to normal levels, and I'm happier LOL