Monday, June 21, 2010

A Day Off

It is now almost 4:00 on Monday afternoon and I haven't done anything all day.

First off this morning I got our breakfast out of the way which can be a chore as most mornings my tummy is not eager to accept food as a first line of activity. Don't get me wrong; I have a cast iron stomach/digestive system and do LOVE to eat, but doing so within an hour of arising is not what I usually want to do. I must admit to my slovenly ways. Since hubby has been "retired" from a job away from home, I've gotten a lit-tle sloppy about sticking to a strict breakfast time in the morning. (Does that make me bad?)

Next I stationed myself at the computer, checked and answered e-mails, read blogs and such. I also did a little research on watermelon.

I'm thinking of going on a watermelon diet. I've got access to some very flavorful ones right now. (No, not from my garden, silly. It would be a rare summer when we could get watermelons to mature up here near the frozen tundra.) I do love watermelon. The info I found says one cup of diced watermelon is 50 calories. Heck, I can put away four cups of the luscious stuff easily at one sitting (seriously) so if I ate four cups for breakfast, four cups for lunch and four cups for dinner, that would be only a total of 600 calories a day. Who couldn't lose weight on that?!

Then I made the effort to look presentable by putting on some make-up and an outfit that did NOT include shoes held together with duct tape or dirt-stained garden jeans.

At 10 I met a good friend for coffee and conversation in town and also spent time visiting with four other friends we encountered.

Home to fix a quick lunch for myself and hard-working hubby who had been busy doing maintenance as Monday is (after all) Maintenance Day. We're trying an experiment this summer to see that if we actually do some maintaining of things BEFORE they fall apart, life will eventually be less disrupted, frantic, and hair-tearing. Hmm, unique theory. Wonder if it will work?

Then hubby (using a great deal of psychology) subtly suggested that since I was still in my go-to-meetin' clothes and looked so nice (see where the psychology comes in?), I go back into town to deliver some information he had gathered for a reporter on the local paper who is writing an article on beekeeping in our area. Sure, I'll go. And buy some more watermelon (this diet could really turn into something good) and maybe stop in to see our daughter at her new place of employment for a couple of minutes.

While visiting with Chicken Mama I ran into a friend that I haven't seen in a month or two so chatted with her for about a half hour. I sensed she needed a shoulder to lean on and I was glad to help in a small way. Funny how you think you have problems until you realize what other people are dealing with. Sometimes we're mightily blessed and I think need to be reminded of it.

In between all this socializing and fluffing off, I have managed to get a couple/few loads of laundry washed and dried (no hanging the laundry out today -- I'm too busy doing nothing) but the laundry doesn't count as "work" 'cause it is Monday and Monday is laundry day come heck or high water, right?

But ya know what? Today has felt pretty good. Yesterday I pushed myself working in the garden more than a sane person would have and at the end of the day was wobbling a bit as I tottered in bug-bitten, exhausted and very grubby. (I was tempted to wear gloves to my coffee date this morning because my nails are so dirt stained.)

Now it's so late in the day it would be silly to start doing anything resembling work, don'tcha think? Maybe I'll manage to get some more watermelon cut up for dinner . . . which will NOT go over well with my industrious husband who has been actually getting things accomplished today. Hmm, don't suppose he's be happy gnawing on a pound of frozen ground beef either, huh?


Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound like you did nothing to me Mama Pea:) You lifted someone's spirits, visited family, did laundry, cooked...well rounded day I would say :).
Seriously though, so glad you got a day to relax a bit, you have been working hard.

Erin said...

I agree with Stephanie! And I can just see your hubby after working all day sitting down to dinner and watching you walk in with a plate of ... watermelon cubes! hahaha! We'll put watermelon in my greenhouse destined for the Heartbreak Heirlooms... I will have to find a clever name for my greenhouse up north, one that's catchy for all the people that will surely be laughing at me talking about what I am trying to grow!

Mama Pea said...

Hey, Stephanie - Working hard, yes, but it's all stuff I love to do . . . especially the gardening!

Hi, Erin Birthday Girl - Someday I'm going to have recovered from all my previous out-and-out dismal failures in attempting to grow watermelon and cantaloupes and give them another try. (Anybody got a REALLY big hot cap I can borrow?)

Jenyfer Matthews said...

We've gotten some fabulous watermelon here in Cairo lately and I too have been thinking about working more of it into my day - specifically making some juice with what remains of a watermelon and a few strawberries that we ate this week. Must be a summer impulse - you are so busy I can't imagine that you really need to go on a diet!

And sounds to me like you had a nice day - we all need a day like that once in a while :)

MaineCelt said...

"Too busy doing nothing." I love that! Yesterday I went on a Solstice Morning Scything Spectacular and felt completely exhausted for the rest of the (very hot and muggy) day, so I can not just sympathize, but actually empathize!

And I agree with the others-- social connections require just as much attention as garden beds and woodpiles. So you had a very busy and productive day!

One of these years I'll get up the courage to try growing watermelon-- Almost ever year I buy "proven short-season winner"-type melon seeds and then wimp out, afraid of getting my hopes up and having them dashed.

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Jen - Only problem is when I take a day "off" like yesterday, I find myself wanting another one, and another one, and . . . which could lead to some serious laziness and NUTHIN' getting accomplished around here!

Hey, MaineCelt - Yup, I too am always sucked in by those melons that are supposed to mature in 35 days. (Okay, not quite that short a period, but you know what I mean.) I've actually gotten some (both watermelon and cantaloupes) to look big enough in a season . . . but the flavor's not there. Sigh. We'll both keep trying though, right?