Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quick Dental Update

Because I know none of you have anything more important to worry about than my cracked tooth story . . . I want to report that I'm back from the dentist and I am smiling!

I went in for my appointment and the dentist asked me to tell her what was going on so I related my sad popcorn/cracked tooth tale. She said, "Okay, let's take a look."

The next thing she said was, "Oh gosh, ow, oh dear . . . "

Picture me in my prone position visibly sinking even farther into the dental chair.

But then she said, "Oh no, wait! That's not your tooth! It's a crown."

My crown had broken completely in half (I had no idea they could do that) and the one half was still securely fastened and the other half was the floppy, dangling part.

Then she asked her assistant for the "padded pliers", and pulled the broken part off/out. As much as I didn't like the sound of that, it didn't hurt.

That's why I didn't have any pain; my tooth hadn't broken but the crown had. (I am SO grateful for small blessings!)

She cleaned everything up and put on a temporary plastic half crown (at NO CHARGE, can you beat that?) and we made an appointment to get work started on a new crown in a couple of weeks.

So other than having to break into a couple of our piggy banks to come up with the $$$ to pay for the new crown, I'm feeling pretty good right now. I really truly had visions of having to have the tooth pulled, etc., etc. I feel everything turned out really well. (But I still don't have a taste for popcorn right now, thank you very much.)


Erin said...

so glad everything turned out well!! Sounds like you had a stroke of good luck - painwise that is. I know the $$ for a new crown isn't fun, oh, but don't you have that money tree growing in the yard? Darn, the trees haven't budded out yet up there...LOL

MaineCelt said...

Huzzah! I LOVE good dentistry. And I'd love to take advantage of it more often! So glad you got a good one, and so glad it was only a cracked crown, not the tooth!

(I once had a tooth crack while I was eating YOGHURT. And I wasn't even CHEWING! The dentist told me it had to do with "sudden temperature differential" or something.)

Jody M said...

Oh,that's really good news! Sorry about the unexpected $$, but it could have been unexpected $$ AND pain.

Mama Pea said...

Hey, Erin - Yes, yes, yes, and I am very thankful that the whole situation was nearly painless! ('Cept for when the dentist was "cleaning things up" and zapped me with that dang blast of air to dry the area up before putting on the temporary plastic filler!)

Don't spread it around, but we are actually independently wealthy. We just like to make everyone think we have to be frugal with our money. (Hahahahahahahahaha.)

Hi, MaineCelt - Oh, great. Now I'm going to have to add yogurt to my list of foods to stay away from! ;o)

Hi, Jody - Thanks, m'dear. I've actually had very little tooth trouble in my life . . . but when I do, I seem to lose all sensibility and go immediately into panic mode. (Someday, I'll grow up. Maybe.)

Lawrence Gilstrap said...

That's good! At least, it was painless. What a nice dentist you have. Our Collierville dentist also gives us painless proceudres everytime we come for check-up and we're just thankful as you. How's your tooth by now? Any improvements?

Mama Pea said...

Lawrence - Everything is just fine!