Sunday, January 10, 2010

Picture of a Sick Blog Administrator

If you are a reader of my daughter's blog, you'll know that a couple of days ago she succumbed to one (or maybe several) of the dratted germs that have been floating around.

This was not good (for several reasons but mainly) because for some time now she's had a birthday party planned for her husband for tonight, January 10th. His actual birthday is January 6th, but tonight was the only date that we five couples/families invited could all make it.

Then the ugly-bugglies hit her. Dum-da-dum-dum.

Not willing to admit defeat in her ability to carry on and proceed with the big party (I don't know WHERE she gets her stubbornness), she struggled into town yesterday afternoon to do grocery shopping and also some blog administrative work on my computer that she had promised to do. After I whopped her up side the head for trying to persevere on the party preparations as sick as she was, I felt compelled to knock her flat for thinking I would want her to spend time doing computer work!

What's with the eye patch on that sorry little congested, nose-reddened, stuffed aching head, you ask? Well, the longer she was here, the more her right eye started to bother her. It felt like she had a foreign object under the upper lid. We looked, and looked, washed and washed but couldn't relieve the irritation. She did have a round, swollen little bump on the inside of the lid that could have been caused by some irritation or it could have been the start of a sty which she has been prone to get once in a while. Bottom line, the eye felt much, much better when it was shut so we fitted her out to look like a pirate . . . a pirate with a sinus headache and runny nose.

The above shot was taken after she was all bundled up and ready for the hour's drive home. Her dad had just plied her with a stiff, hot drink guaranteed to make her feel better. Good thing I didn't know exactly what was in it . . . I might not have let her drive. She called when she arrived home safely. I asked how the drive went and she said that she felt like the car kinda kept going "diagonally."

I asked, "You mean because of the ice on the road?"

She said, "No, I think more because of being able to see out of only one eye."

Oh, great. But what's a mother to do? You don't seem to have much control when they're thirty-eight years old.

So are we going to a birthday party tonight? Nope. Sensibility finally set in this morning. As much as she really, really hated cancelling, she had no choice. Early today she knew she was too sick to handle it. I had had a feeling yesterday that she hadn't yet reached the "worstest" day of her sickness, and sadly that proved to be true.

The Birthday Boy will have to wait a little longer for his celebration. He works at a ski resort and has had to work a couple double shifts this past week (wasn't even able to get home two nights . . . had to sleep there) so he probably wasn't in the best of shape for a party this weekend either. But you can bet the celebration will be all the merrier whenever it finally happens.

Send some sympathies and get well wishes to Chicken Mama if you have time. Poor gal is really feeling S-I-C-K.


MaineCelt said...

Not fair! Chicken Mama posts an adorable picture of mama-and-bairn from way back, and this is the way you repay her?

(I hope she feels much, much better soon and does not have to drive diagonally as a bandaged and well-toddied driver again! Yipes!)

Mama Pea said...

MaineCelt - Disclaimer: I did get her permission before posting those lovely pics.

Sparkless said...

Poor girl! Glad to hear she didn't have the party and pass her germs around.

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Sparkless - Yup, I think being selfish and keeping all of her germs to herself was a good idea, too!

I talked with her late this afternoon and she was sounding worse (stuff settling in her chest) but she said she didn't feel too much worse. Just exhausted, couldn't breathe, nose running like a faucet, eyes tearing, throat gravely, coughing fit when she tried to talk, etc. All the usua, lovely symptoms.

Thanks for commenting. Always great to hear from those that are reading.

RuthieJ said...

Poor Chicken Mama -- I hope she has a speedy recovery.

Erin said...

this is TERRIBLE! I don't mean to laugh, but I can't believe she let you tape her up, I am afraid of what my mom would do if given the chance. Duct tape? A sign on my back while she had the chance? LOL. Hope ChickenMama feels better soon and you all get to celebrate the birthday in style, or at least with both eyes!

Claire said...

Poor girl! I'm impressed with your bandaging skills. Although ...get her drunk and then block out her depth perception and put her in her car? Good thing there's not a lot of traffic up there!

Chicken Mama said...

I haven't had the chance to read the whole post yet or the comments (heck, I'm doing good to have pulled my laptop out up here in my sick bay), but all I can say is, "Niiiiiice." I really look great. (But, Mom, I still say that I don't look sick enough in those pics aside from the stupid eye patch to garner any attention. Now, if you put up a picture of the way I look NOW . . . !)

Chicken Mama said...

Now that I've taken the time to properly read all . . . .

MaineCelt, THANK YOU for lookin' out for me! ;)

Sparkless, yeah, I have to admit that when Mama Pea mentioned that people might not be thrilled with me preparing food for them to eat in my state, I was a tad offended! I am SUPER conscious of washing my hands, not coughing / sneezing into them, etc., etc. But then . . . I FINALLY realized that my germs were bad enough that just having them circulate throughout the house was too much to inflict on friends, let alone enemies! And, with two wee ones in the fray, it was time I let stubbornness take the back seat.

Ruthie, thanks. :)

Erin & Mom, a note regarding that tape: it is STICKY! Yeah, like duct-tape-sticky. Esp. when used on the delicate skin of the face. I took the patch off that night right before bed, and I had puffy, red skin underneath the tape . . . and sticky adhesive still stuck the next morning! M-mmm: sexy!

And, I didn't really realize how messed up my depth perception was until I was home that night and loading up the wood boiler! "Let's see, if I throw in this big hunk of wood with . . . THIS much force . . . it should land riiiiight THERE! Whoops! Nope, not so much!"

Claire, I'm just glad I was driving the tiny Yaris instead of the plow truck with the 9' blade! ;)

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Ruthie - Glad to report she is feeling better today . . . at least at the moment. But she sounds worse, and can't talk without going into fits of coughing. At least she can function a little more normally, but she needs someone to tie her down for a day or two . . . at least!

Erin - HEY! It was HER idea to put the patch over her eye. And I even warned her it was gonna leave marks on her face. (Wonder if it removed any eyebrows when pulled off? Tee-hee!)

Hi, Claire - Regarding her impaired driving skills, I figured the wildlife could look out for themselves. No, I knew she would have next to no traffic and her "hot toddy" was not stupor inducing, just something to coat her throat. (We all know this gal takes after her father when consuming alcohol . . . I've never seen either of them impaired!)