Monday, November 16, 2009

What Did You Do Today?

We didn't set an alarm this morning so I've gotta admit we slept in a bit. Didn't get up and navigating well until close to 7:30.

I started the day by somehow catching my shirt on a knob of the stove and tearing off a button. Huh. How did I manage to do that?

We hadn't had any dessert in the house for a while so I baked a Dutch Apple Pie. Something bad happened to it at lunch time.

I went up to the dairy to get a fresh supply of milk.

Made a batch of cottage cheese.

Washed and dried our weekly pile of laundry.

Did a big bunch of dishes . . . two times.

Folded the laundry and put it away. (Yes, my non-ironing friends, that basket in the foreground is my ironing to do tonight.)

Also spent parts of the day here and there, on and off, working (via e-mail) with my computer guru daughter putting the finishing touches on my website through which I will sell my handmade baby quilts. (You can get a preview peek of some of my work by checking out my quilting blog.) Stand by for the exciting debut which should happen later this week!

I made a quick trip to town and on the way back, up ahead of me in the road, I saw the flashing lights of a school bus.

"What the heck," I said to myself. "Why is the school bus letting off kids in the middle of the day? Did they close school for some reason?"

Whoops. Checked my watch and it was 3:45. Hmmm. I was thinking it was about 1 o'clock. Guess it just goes to prove that time flies when you're having fun.

What did you do today?


Sue said...

It's amazing how fast the days go, isn't it? And that pie-well, I would have finished it! You people are too polite with a pie!!
We FINALLY finished cutting down and splitting 3 huge BoxElder trees. What a chop. I'm so sick of chainsaws and woodsplitters and tractor noises-I'm running around with a permanent buzzing in my head. So today it will be laundry catch-up for me. And no, I don't iron. I'm going for the sloppy look.....

RuthieJ said...

Looks like you had a very productive day, in spite of the late start! (7:30 would be late for me too)
that cottage cheese looks so yummy

Melissa said...

What a busy, but productive day! How do you get your milk home from the farm? I was thinking about trading eggs for milk with our neighboring dairy farmer, but wasn't sure of the best way to haul it home. Have a great day today!

Jody M said...

You did get a lot done! Good for you!

I went to work, reordered a disaster journal, oohed and ahhed over a disaster medicine book that a friend had a chapter published in, did some christmas shopping at the antique mart over lunch, and various other work.

At home, I put the finishing touches on the crockpot chicken, posted the concrete blog entry, oohed and ahhed over the wall Matt built today, wondered why our mortgage payment went up a bit, and made/froze meatballs.

Mama Pea Quilts said...

Hi, Sue - I know what you mean about the "wood" thing. After our windstorm, Roy spent a good two weeks cutting and hauling wood. So far, it's just in a big pile waiting to be split. We're ignoring it for a while!

Hey, Ruthie - Heck, 7:30 AM would be late afternoon for you with your early (I mean EARLY) morning schedule!

Hi, Melissa - The farm where we get our milk is set up as a self-serve dairy. The milk is bottled either in plastic jugs or in glass bottles. (You have to return the glass bottles but that's the way we always go because it's so much better health-wise than plastic.) I pour the gallon jugs of milk I buy into my own half gallon glass bottles (shown in picture) so it's easier to handle.

Jody - I have so much admiration and compassion for you gals who work a full day away from home and then work your "other job" when getting home at the end of the day. (I remember how hard it was to "change horses" when getting home!) Kudos to you, m'dear.

Jennifer Jo said...

And you talk about ME getting a lot done? Ha! You done did leave me in the dust!

The picture of your jars of milk make me miss our raw milk. Yo-Yo hates the store-bought stuff...

Mama Pea said...

Hey, Mama JJ - Ya know, the reason I wrote the post was because in the late afternoon I was feeling like I hadn't ACCOMPLISHED anything all day long! Ever feel like that? What did I want to accomplish? The whole dirty house cleaned spic and span top to bottom? (That probably would have done it.) Completely finishing the baby quilt that is waiting to be quilted? (Yeah, okay.) Reconciling the bank statements I'm so far behind on? (I'd be over-joyed to have that done!)

So often, I think, the things we homemakers spend the day doing . . . well, they just have to be done AGAIN the next day! There's no finality to the chores. Am I complaining when I have no reason to?

Yeah, shut up, Mama Pea.

P.S. You'll forever win over me in the "getting it done" race: you have four kids at home! A little bit of a handicap . . . but a beautiful, wonderful, to-be-treasured one.

Erin said...

Ironing???? You are speaking Canuck now, I don't know what that word is. Your cottage cheese looks amazing! I never tried it until I was an adult, I think just because my mom doesn't eat it so I wasn't exposed - but now.... oooooh, I love the thick curd stuff like your picture, yum! I had that kind of day, too. Bunches of laundry, tracking down seldom used hats and mittens for the kids to pack up in the car, now just finished giving the dogs a bath. The dogs are still neurotic Aussies, but now they are neurotic and smell like apple shampoo for grandma's house LOL

Mama Pea said...

I don't know how anyone does it WITHOUT ironing. I mean I don't notice other people in rumbled, wrinkled clothes . . . how do you do it?

I can just feel the excitement and flurry going on in your household now. Going home for Thanksgiving! The boys must be beside themselves. And the dogs must suspect something: "Why do we have to be clean and smell good?"