Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Are Tuesdays Supposed to be So Busy?

Ooof. Yesterday was one of those wild, hectic days with people coming and going, a two and a half hour phone consultation, someone here for a service call, a small logging operation going on, and . . . and . . . and undoubtedly several other things my brain is too muddled to recall this morning.

Today I had all kinds of plans to get great things accomplished . . . but this morning started with a long, confusing, tedious battle via computer concerning my PayPal account which I couldn't have made it through without my husband's help . . . all the while trying to maintain our sense of humor and not take out our frustrations on one another. Now that that is resolved (geesh, I hope), I'm concentrating on getting rid of my tension headache and Roy has just suited up to go out into the cold, damp, gray, great out-of-doors to clean up the three trees in our back yard parking area that we took down yesterday.

He's been really, really nervous about these three poplars ever since the big wind storm. If they ever blew over, they most likely would have landed smack-dab on the garage so after witnessing perfectly healthy looking trees go down in the storm, he wasn't going to rest until we removed these.

He did the cutting and I did the pulling with the Suburban truck via a cable attached to the tree to make sure it fell in the direction we wanted it to go. All three went slick as a whistle and now only the clean up is left. (I tell ya, our chainsaws have been working over-time in the last couple of weeks.)

Our daughter, Chicken Mama, had a long day of nannying in town yesterday which included a mid-day trip back out (one hour one way) to their homestead to meet a service man for their current satellite problems. She and her adorable little charge made it back into our place just in time for a soup dinner with son-in-law on his way home from his work.

This was right after dinner when son-in-law and the nearly two-year old cuddled in the recliner for a short snooze.

Then it was off to town and the Community Center parking lot where Chicken Mama handed off the little pumpkin to her own parents and the four of us went on to a meeting inside.

The days just continue to zoom by leaving us wondering when we will ever possibly manage to get all the necessary things done, let alone find time to relax, recharge and recreate. (That would be "recreate" as in "recreation." Re-creating is long over for us!)


Sue said...

So time is going fast there too????
Hmmmm. Must be something in the air! And you made me laugh-recreate! Too funny! Grandkids are way better anyways!

Jody M said...

I had my wild, hectic day on Sunday, when everything went wrong. Yours sounded better!

RuthieJ said...

Oh that's sure a cute picture of Tom and the little one!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Sue - I keep thinking of writing a blog entry about how fast time seems to go anymore. We all know it's a fact, but WHY DOES IT HAPPEN?

Jody - Reading of your day this past Sunday (and all that went wrong), gave me more than one laugh. (All in sympathy and understanding, of course!) Your day DEFINITELY topped mine as it involved blood on more than one occasion. That automatically gets you a lot of points. You win the Too Crazy Busy Award, Girl!

Hey, Ruthie - All kids (and dogs!)just naturally love my son-in-law. And this little cherub is no exception.