Friday, July 10, 2009

A Simply Gorgeous Day

Yesterday was one of those days that could hardly have been better. Temperature in the 70s, very slight breeze, total sunshine, no bugs.

It was a "nannying day" for my daughter, and I got to spend a large part of it with her and the adorable 18-month old peanut. Peanut's mom works outside the home, but yesterday morning she needed an extra couple of hours to do computer work at home for her husband's business. So my daughter was requested to take Peanut and leave home(!) so mom could have some much needed uninterrupted computer time.

They came (with Peanut's jogging stroller), picked me up and the three of us went for a beautiful, long walk. The little babe fell asleep just before we got home. Daughter carried her inside our house and put her on our bed (barricaded in by pillows) where she slept for nearly three hours.

When she finally woke, it was out to the garden for the three of us, because I had strawberries ripe and ready to pick! Peanut discovered that freshly picked strawberries were quite the delectable treat.

Dummy me. I should have taken a picture of the two bowlfuls of berries . . . the very first harvest of the season. (Daughter had her camera and I'm hoping she'll post some shots of Peanut and the strawberry patch.) I think we picked about 4 quarts. When they left, I sent a bowlful on down the road with my daughter which she was going to share with Peanut's family.

This what I had for breakfast this morning . . . Strawberries and Cream!

I'll end my ramblings today with this pastoral scene of our geese. They knew how to enjoy the day yesterday, too . . . a long laze in the shade from the afternoon sun.


Claire said...

I am so envious! We have just 1 strawberry plant and got 3 berries; the rest were stolen by squirrels, I think. However, I'm happy to report that my tomato plants come all the way up to my shoulders!

Mama Pea said...

Claire - The crows started helping themselves to our half-ripe strawberries but Roy discouraged that right away!

Tomato plants up to your shoulders!? Mine aren't even up to my waist!

Hope you're feeling better. :o)