Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shore Walk

We took a late afternoon hike down along the shore of The Big Lake today.

We came across this unique ice ledge (in front of Roy) that had been created up on the gravel beach by wave action before the water froze. The gravel underneath it was undercut by nearly two feet.

When I climbed down to these rocks I found out they felt unbelievably warm to the touch. Remarkable how much they had been heated by the sun, but also very welcome. My hands were nearly numb from having my gloves off to take pictures so I stood there for a while with my hands pressed against the toasty rock.

Looks like there should be a polar bear padding across this landscape, doesn't it? It also looks like I was on a boat when I took the picture because of the tilted horizon. Nope, but I was leaning over in an uncomfortable position trying to show the shaping of the ice and snow ridges without lying flat in the snow (which is what I should have done) and I failed to hold the camera straight. The lake is frozen out as far as one can see.


MaineCelt said...

Great pictures...I was taking pictures of the wind-carved snowdrifts today, too, and wishing I had something nice to add to my blog. Since imitation is the sincerest form... hope you don't mind if I post some images too, tho' they may not be up to the standards of you and ChickenMama!

Chicken Mama said...

Picture #2 looks like you're warming something more than just your hands! ;p

And, remind me to teach you how to "rotate" your photos & then crop them . . . to a level state.

Oh! That last one DOES look like something Lonnie will see each day of his trip to the Pole!

Chicken Mama said...

P.S. MaineCelt, don't be silly!!!!

P.P.S. Word verification = pecanter. Pecanter, n. To frolic amidst the pecan groves of the Deep South on a sultry June night.

Mama Pea said...

MaineCelt - Pfffttt and patooey. My pictures are usually barely adequate . . . and I drive a certain someone nuts by refusing to work on taking better ones.

We all know that 'certain someone' is the obviously talented photographer in the family so I'm not even gonna try to compete. (How's that for a give-up-I-ain't-gonna-try attitude?)

Gotta go check out your new blog entry and always lovely photographs now.

Mama Pea said...

Chicken Mama - I WAS warming something more than my hands. And it felt SOOOO good!

You did teach me how to "rotate" my photos and crop them and I tried to do it before posting that shot but you know I'm a slow learner and couldn't get it to work. Re-teach, please?

Dad and I were talking about Lonnie when we were standing there looking out at the "vast wasteland."

Mama Pea said...

Can somebody explain the P.P.S. comment in Chicken Mama's second comment to me?

Chicken Mama said...

The word verification was 'pecanter'. And, I thought that sounded so much like a real word that I made up a definition! Kinda like playing 'Dictionary', ya know?

RuthieJ said...

I didn't realize the big lake got so frozen over! How far out do you have to go to find open water? It definitely looks like polar bear habitat!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Ruthie - It is unusual to see it this frozen. Roy hiked up to a really high point behind us recently and said he couldn't see open water at all. It's just been so dang cold this winter! And it is very rare (although it has happened a few times) for the big lake to freeze completely over.