Monday, March 23, 2009

Ice Storm

Just snapped this picture out my kitchen window. Schools in town closed an hour ago ('tis my opinion they perhaps should not have opened today?) and no travel is advised in the area.

The weather has worsened as the day has gone on. Our local radio station isn't able to broadcast because their transmitter tower is iced over. A chickadee just landed on an ice covered branch of the nannyberry tree outside my window and did a little sliding side-step until he could get a firmer grip. Winter doesn't seem to want to slip easily into spring this year.

Supposedly the ice conditions will, for the most part, be over by noon tomorrow. Between now and then, I'm hoping everyone stays safe and the ice doesn't cause power lines to come down. The best of days to be settled in at home with a crackling fire in the wood stove and a pot of soup simmering away. (Green Split Pea . . . can you smell it?) I'm going to go make a cup of something to drink. Coffee or tea, anyone? Hot chocolate? Hot Buttered Rum?


MaineCelt said...

Hot Chocolate with a splash of Single Malt Whisky for me, thanks!

(Methinks we should give a wee nip to that poor slip-sliding bird, as well.)

I hope your ice storm passes/melts without further incident. May you and yours stay cozy, safe, and peaceful!

RuthieJ said...

I'm sorry about your ice storm. I saw all the coverage Duluth got and was hoping you didn't get it too, but no such luck.