Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Female Super Power

One of my favorite blog writers, Nature Knitter (click on her under "Blogs I Visit" over on my right hand side bar), recently asked her readers to share incidences of personal FemaleSuper Power they had used in their lifetime. I started to reply in her comment section but soon realized it was a "story" that would be too long for that spot.

After thinking it through, I'm not sure if the following is an illustration of Female Super Power . . . or stupidity. But here goes.

I painted the exterior of our house three times in the span of eight months. Let me explain. The year we built our house, we finished putting the siding on in late fall. An instructional blurb that came with the siding said that although the boards did come with a primer coat applied, a coat of paint was advisable before the siding was exposed to a winter in cold climates.

We were a little short of cash but our local lumber yard happened to be having a sale on "close out" colors of paint. It was very cheap (should have been the first clue) so I picked up enough cans of what I thought would be a nondescript beige color to paint the whole exterior. Then in the spring, I could put on a second coat of a color of my choice.

Since it was so late in the fall, and the paint couldn't be applied at a temperature below 60 degrees, you better believe I spent everywaking hour that it was warm enough painting, painting, painting. I finished the whole house. Only problem was after the paint dried on the siding, the nondescript beige had a horrible tint of . . . of . . . of what? Red?, maroon?, magenta? It kind of shimmered and glowed. Could hardly stand to look at it.

So first thing in the spring, I bought more paint and went at it. I was shooting for a gray/green but this one ended up much too green. Why didn't I stop when I saw that it was coming out too green for my taste? Good question. (I told you this tale involved a bit of stupidity.) I think I kept hoping when it was all done, the overall effect would look better. Didn't. (And the paint had been mixed so I couldn't return it.)

Back to the lumber yard paint section. I got it right the third time. By that time, I was reeeeally tired of house painting. But it was worth it because thirteen years later, even with a two-story addition that I put two coats on, I still like the final color.

Female Super Power? Dunno. Maybe the fact that I'm a Taurus (astrological sign: bull) and have a great deal of tenaciousness, stick-to-it-tiveness helped. 'Course I've also been called bull-headed, stubborn, immovable . . . and stupid.


RuthieJ said...

You painted your house three times?? That's a super power for sure! I'm glad the third color was the charm and you still like it!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Ruthie - Three times within 8 months! Good thing I like to paint, huh?