Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And It Ain't Over Yet

Almost three o'clock in the afternoon and we just came back in from mushing out to get the mail from our box on the highway. Okay, so we drove our trusty little 4-wheel drive Toyota but we could have taken a dog team out. We have a good 6" of very heavy, wet snow that is coming down in what looks like tiny styrofoam balls.

View out our front deck. The birds obviously have heard this is supposed to keep up all night because they're chowing down in preparation. There's also lots of wind with the storm so I would imagine that makes it a little more difficult for them to hang on to their perches all night.

The trees alongside the driveway are heavily coated.

That's me with the mail I've just retrieved from the other side of the totally snow covered highway directly behind me.

We stopped to feed the critters when we got back in. I think I heard a goose mumble something about being sure he saw some grass to munch on just yesterday.

Our neighbors are due home tomorrow from a week's vacation so I'm thinking Roy will be doing a little snow plowing next door either tonight or early tomorrow morning.

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