Thursday, February 19, 2009

Haphazard Thoughts #3

Avoid people who always turn the conversation around to themselves.

I cannot tolerate dirty dishes on the counter, but can easily overlook a dirty kitchen floor.

I've always required more than eight hours sleep a night to feel good. Slumber parties in high school almost killed me.

At one time I was studying to be a teacher. The profession is fortunate I gave it up.

I would be a lot more successful at learning to say no if I didn't feel I had to explain my reasons for doing so.

Physically I don't feel close to my chronological age.

The difference between taking care of myself and being selfish is still a blurry line for me.

After living without running water for many years, I never use our fully functional bathroom without sincere appreciation.

Take pictures. Nothing can bring back a memory the way a photograph can.

I can't carry a tune in a bucket with a lid on it.

I love babies. (I'm usually smarter than they are.)

Meetings accomplish little.

I really appreciate the fact that my husband takes total responsibility for our vehicles and keeps them in excellent running condition.

Nearly all change is uncomfortable at first.

I'm confused by subtlety; just say it straight on.

Before you feel hurt (or even get mad) at the perceived slight or inattention of a friend, acquaintance, or family member, stop to consider that they just may have more on their plate at the moment than they can handle.

How you do your work is a portrait of yourself. (Think about that.)

I was once told I have a beautiful smile and I've never forgotten that.

I was once told I have shoulders like a football player and I've never forgotten that.

Have you ever noticed that certain beverages just taste better in certain glasses?

Because I can't make snap decisions, I have nightmares about going through cafeteria lines.

I can remember my first kiss but I can't for the life of me remember his name.

It's impossible for me to chew gum without cracking it.


Claire said...

Ha! Amen to the "meetings accomplish little" comment. And, you're in good company (at least I like to think so...). When I was born, the doctor announced (before noting my gender), "Look at those shoulders! This one's going to play for the Cleveland Browns!"

RuthieJ said...

I love reading your haphazard thoughts! Thanks for sharing.

Mama Pea said...

Claire - Here's my sad story: My junior year in high school I had a huge crush on the guy who sat behind me in geometry class. He was the one who said I had shoulders like a football player. Not exactly the words I wanted to hear coming from his mouth!

Ruthie - You do? Love reading my haphazard thoughts?! I always think, "Why am I writing these dumb thoughts? Who cares?"