Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Day of Wood Cutting in Pictures

We spent yesterday at our daughter and son's-in-law helping them cut and stack eight cords of birch wood they had delivered into their yard last Saturday.

Start your saws, men!

Roy started on one end and FSIL (favorite son-in-law) attacked from the top of the pile.

We thought FSIL should have the honor of placing the first cut logs in the shed.

Dad cuts while Daughter picks up and stacks in wood shed.

A long way to go, but it's a start.

Wasn't long before those darn logs started to feel heavier, and heavier, and . . .

FSIL's smile got bigger as the stacks of wood got higher.

Daughter and son-in-law conferring. It was 4 o'clock and we were all getting a little tired. Okay, a lot tired. Even though we still had between two and three cords to go to finish, we decided to call it a day.

The one casualty of the day: This is what happens when an eight-foot log starts to roll and takes a wayward jump. Could have been a lot worse. This will be a lot easier (and less painful) to fix than a smashed toe.

There are definite advantages to being the person in charge of documentation. I didn't have to do any work all day!


RuthieJ said...

Looks like it was a nice day to spend outside, even though you had to be working so hard.

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Ruthie - It was a perfect day, no wind, sunshine and not too cold once we were moving. We all even worked up a little sweat! And the hard work never seems that bad when it's a good group working together. Great feeling of satisfaction when seeing how much we got done!

MaineCelt said...

There's a wonderful song--I think it's by Vermonter Dylan Bustin (sp?)--with the chorus that goes, "Wood, more wood / there ain't a stove in the world gonna do you any good without / wood, fire-wood (you should be) out cuttin' more wood!

We sing it these days with a good bit of irony, as our months of living in-between old house and new house forced us to heat both for far too long. We're down to less than a cord ourselves. At least there's a stack of logs to cut from, if we can just find it under all the snow!

Your daughter and FSIL are SO blessed to have you!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, MaineCelt - As I said to Ruthie, the work never seems as hard when everyone pitches in and makes a fun time of it. And we know full well that Daughter and FSIL would (and do) quickly come to help us whenever asked.

Makes me think of what the husband of an older friend of mine said. "I think we'd best be nice to our kids. They're the ones going to decide what nursing home to put us into."