Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Going to the Dogs

What? You say these Christmas cookies are a little blah looking? Not at all colorful and they sure could use some decoration? Sorry, this is the finished product. They're homemade dog biscuits.

Call me crazy (don't I have anything better to do?), but I've always wanted to make dog biscuits to give at Christmas to special canine friends. This year I finally just did it, and I'm really anxious to see if the dogs will eat them. I haven't even given one to our dog yet for her to critique. The dough has a can of Bac-Os in it and I gotta say, they smelled reeeeeally yummy when baking.

So do I have all my people Christmas goodies made since I'm fooling around with dog biscuits? Uh, well, no, not exactly . . . but I'm gonna start real soon!

P.S. I just asked Zoey if she wanted to try one.

Sure I'll give it a go, she said.

That was GOOOOOOD!

One more, please?

Vacuuming up every last crumb.

I think they passed the taste-test.


RuthieJ said...

I have an entire recipe book of homemade dog and cat treats that I've never tried yet--even bought that bone-shaped cookie cutter. Now I feel bad after seeing your handiwork. I'll have to try making some treats for Sophie this year.

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Ruthie - The only danger here is starting a tradition . . . we must be careful or the dogs (and their people) may expect homemade treats every Christmas!