Monday, September 15, 2008

Fall, Fall, Beautiful Fall

This morning Roy did his last weed whipping session of 2008. (Not that he's real broken up about that.) Low temp overnight was 38°. Outside, that is, of course. Inside it was 66°, a smidge better. This inbetwixt and inbetween time of year is too warm to think about having a fire in the wood stove overnight, but getting up and going mornings is not as comfy as we might wish. Does kinda make you move fast from jammies to dressed-for-the-day though. Now if I were organized, I'd have oven breakfasts planned so I could pop on the gas stove upon arising which would spread some warmth through the house first thing while providing us with a yummy first meal of the day. (Sure sounds like a good idea, doesn't it?)

After lunch today, Roy was putting the date on a jar of kefir he made. September 15th. The lovely month of September IS HALF OVER! Wait. Stop. Just hold on a dadgum minute there, pardner. How did that happen? Easy. I just have to look at my schedule for the rest of this week, and I know in two shakes of that little lamb's tail, it'll be the weekend already. If someone could just figure out how to slow down time . . . .

Slow down time so fall would last until, say, December 1st? Fall is my favorite time of year. But my bio-rhythms may be a little whacky. I always feel energized in the fall the way most people do in the spring. And most of the good things that have happened in my life have taken place in the fall. I met my husband, got married, got pregnant, moved to Minnesota. No, no, no, not all in the same fall!

Having just said the above (me with all this energy running rampant), I have to admit, I'm having trouble getting out of bed these mornings. I don't know if it's the change in temperature (so warm and comfy under the flannel sheets), or that I need some rest and recuperation from a physically busy summer, or the change in time of sunrise. I suppose I should relax and not be concerned. It's just that hiring the crane to come in every morning to haul me up and out is getting expensive.

There is such a different feel to life when the fall season arrives. Waning light dictates a change in our daily schedule, we wear different clothing, I cook and serve different foods this time of year. Even my summer beverage of choice, Mike's Hard Lime, doesn't have the appeal it did for the past three months. Now it's on to the shots of straight bourbon to keep me going. Where do you think I get the energy? And why I have to sleep in mornings?

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Claire said...

I loved catching up about the pickles and the onset of fall, and LOVED that picture of the leaves on the tiny white flowers in the background. FYI: we are hoping to come up soon (maybe next weekend?) and would love to bring E by to meet you!