Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jammin' in July

Well, so far, so good in our strawberry patch. Yesterday was the third day in a row that I had a heavy picking of ripe strawberries.

Although I've always said that raspberries are my personal favorite fruit from the garden, these fresh strawberries have tasted sooooo good this years that I'm gobbling up my fair share, and then some. There aren't many smells from the kitchen that are more enticing than a big pot of strawberry jam bubbling away . . . well, maybe homemade bread baking . . . or a Thanksgiving turkey in the oven . . . or an apple pie . . . or . . . .

I just pulled the second batch of strawberry jam out of the canner and am hoping as it cools, it will set up a bit thicker than the first batch. But the "syrup" I made the first time around was entirely my fault 'cause I used ripe, ripe berries and for a good, thick jam, you should make it with berries that aren't fully ripe so more of the natural pectin is present. The first bath won't go to waste, though. We've already used up the leftover sample on toast and on vanilla ice cream and the flavor is yummy.

Today was a wet, gray day so I stayed out of the strawberry patch. But while making an afternoon garden tour, I did noticed lots of big, red berries peeking out from under the dripping green leaves, so, if we get sun tomorrow, I'll probably be picking again. I'm not minding that chore at all!

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