Friday, June 21, 2013

Waiting (Wading?) It Out

We're in our second day of a cocooning effect of rain and fog.  If the weather men are right (isn't there an oxymoron in there somewhere?), this huge storm front hovering in our area will be with us well into next week.

At this point, our immediate area is in no danger of flooding damage (although there are warnings out for points not far from us), and for that we're thankful.

Of course, now I'm wondering if my as-of-yet unsprouted seeds in the garden will rot in the cool, saturated soil.  Beans and corn are my main concern.  I guess it was good that I didn't get my squash and pumpkins in before this soggy weather hit, huh?

But there's more than one advantage to this weather.  For one thing, it provides a good chance to catch up (maybe even get ahead?) on inside chores.  That is if I can stay motivated and moving (let alone awake) because when the rain is coming down and the fog is so thick I can't see farther than 20 feet outside of any window, my energy level seems  missing sluggish.

Not that there isn't plenty to do.  It's been ages (or seems that way) since I've spent any amount of time in my quilt room.  Besides actually quilting in there (oh, yeah, I remember doing that!), it's also where I repair clothing, do alterations and mending so the table with the two sewing machines on it is stacked with projects along those lines.

I finally pulled all of my husband's flannel and wool shirts out of his closet and washed them.  (Wanna bet it will turn really, really cold now and he'll be looking for a couple to wear?  Heck, he'd probably like a flannel shirt to put on right now in this gray, damp period.)  Anyway, I want to press all of them before putting them in the out-of-season clothes storage area for the summer.  That pressing matter (hahahahaha!) will keep me out of mischief for a while.

Our little tourist town is packed to the gills with vacationers not particularly happy with the current weather conditions.  I certainly can't blame them.  But there's no lack of things I can choose to do until this weather changes and I can get back outside again.  I just have to get off my rusty-duster and dive into some of the projects.


Sue said...

I'm jealous of your rain. We're dry as toast here so that means a bout (battle!) with the kink-free (hahahhahahhahahaha) hose.
Did you ever see those hoses they are advertising that are light as a feather and roll themselves up?? I was SO hoping they would work, but from the reviews on Amazon , they are a complete disaster and break on just about the first use. So, I'm stuck with my 50 pound hose that does nothing but kink. No wonder I only water once a week--if I absolutely have to. Poor plants. Poor Sue!

I imagine you're hibernating from the tourists. Don't send your spare ones down here. The weekends are dreadful enough-LOL!
Enjoy the day

Carolyn said...

Quilt room?! You still have a quilt room? I thought maybe you turned it into an indoor green house in order to get SOME plants growing.

Sandy said...

Mama Pea,

It always works this way when you've washed and pressed all the winter stuff to be packed away for summer, the weather takes a change. And surprise, you need that warm clothing you wanted to put away for summer.

Stay warm, and dry. Soon the tourists will be out of your way :-)

Have a great day!

Sparkless said...

You press flannel?!!! I've never ironed flannel in my life. I didn't think you were supposed to. Maybe you are talking about a different kind of flannel? The only things I iron are cotton shirts and once in awhile I'll press the tea towels and ends of the cotton sheets so they lay flat.
I hope you get some sun soon. We are having a dreary wet first days of summer too.

Mama Pea said...

Sue - There may be something wrong with me but I actually enjoy standing with hose in hand and watering the garden. Gives me a chance to get a good look at everything. We have several lengths of hose fastened together so I can reach all parts of the garden . . . but that also entails wrangling (and, yes, unkinking) the heavy stuff to get it from one area to another. (I just keep saying it's good exercise. Even though it huuurts! Whine, whine.)

Mama Pea said...

Carolyn - Very funny, very funny. Sometimes I think I'd be much happier if I didn't have so many interests. Until I pare things down, there ain't no way I'll ever have time for what I want to do!! It's just a good thing I'm "retired" and all the time in the world. (HAHAHAHAHA!)

Mama Pea said...

Sandy - We don't have room in our bedroom/closets for both summer and winter clothing so at the change of seasons the things we're not wearing have to be stored away upstairs in an unfinished loft area. One of my least favorite tasks hauling the stuff back and forth!

I shouldn't complain about the tourists. They support the economy of our area and I really rarely HAVE to go to town. We tend to stay right here on our little, tucked-away sanctuary 90% of the time.

Mama Pea said...

Sparkless - Yup, I press flannel. Certainly not our flannel sheets or jammies, but flannel shirts and such that get worn.

More rain and fog again today. No forest fire danger though!

Tombstone Livestock said...

Ok, why would you iron it before putting it away???? But that's me, I haven't plugged in an iron in eons ........... matter of fact I have a new one still it the box, think I bought it 10 years ago on a whim. LOL.

Mama Pea said...

Tombstone Livestock - I know most people don't iron today, but I guess I've never learned the art of taking clothes out of the dryer at the right time to make them look good. And drying outside on the lines . . . well, they come in with even more wrinkles then. If I iron hubby's shirts before putting them away for the warmer months, they will be all set to go in the fall. In our storage area, he put up a long iron pipe attached to the rafters with chains so I have enough area to hang clothes on hangers even though they're in storage.

Don't get rid of that iron. You never know when you might get an itch to quilt again and you'll need it then!

Susan said...

I recently went on an ironing tear. I like ironing when I'm stressed, as it calms me down and there's a nice little rhythm going. And, yes, I, too, iron flannel, gosh darnit. It's hard to get motivated, isn't it, when there's a gloomy blanket of fog hanging over you? Makes me want to sleep...

Mama Pea said...

Susan - I keep thinking if we lived more with the seasons, with the weather we'd be more balanced and life in general would go easier. You know, like take long naps on days when it's foggy or rainy or snowy. Unfortunately . . . 99% of the time that's just not possible, is it? So. We iron! ;o}