Sunday, April 15, 2012

Honey, Where Did You Put The Snow Shovels?

We had a high temp of 53 degrees today (it's down to 49 now at 2:30) but the forecast is for rain this afternoon (well, they got that right as it is, indeed, raining), then high winds with rapidly falling temperatures and snow tonight continuing over into tomorrow morning. Will it be just a dusting of snow? If the weathermen can be believed, it will be 2-7" of wet, heavy stuff. Oh, darn.

So what do we do around here on a rainy Sunday besides filling the wood box and pulling the snow shovels back out of storage?

Why, Papa Pea goes out to wash vehicles, of course. I'm not sure I understand his reasoning or rationale, but they are filthy so I'm letting him have his fun.

I'm doing something that strikes me as much more enjoyable --- spending quality time with one of my new spring table runners using a thimble, needle, scissors and a big ol' spool of quilting thread. This is the second of the three runners that I'm doing the quilting on. Gosh, with luck (and more bad weather) I might stand a chance of having them done and usable yet this spring.

If you could see how much I've been yawning since sitting down here at the computer, you might suggest I take a nap this rainy afternoon. That might not be as much fun as quilting but . . . hmmmm.

I'll let you know tomorrow if we're snowed in. Admittedly I'm not as smart as the weather forecasters (ahem) but I have a feeling we're going to get all rain and nary a flakelette of snow. Will I have to eat (or shovel) these words? Time will tell.


  1. Maybe that's why Papa Pea is washing the vehicles. Every time I wash mine, we get a big downpour with a lot of dirt in it to make them all muddy again. Hope it works for you, and you can put those snowshovels away again.

  2. Looks like you're putting your time to good use with some quilting! Glad you got all the outside stuff done before the sky unloaded... uh, whichever it is going to unload.

  3. NO NO NO. No more snow. Bah! Poor you! I'd hide in the quilt studio with a pot of coffee and some sweets and CLOSE THE DRAPES. Don't look!!!!!
    And is that not the sweetest pattern on that yellow fabric. So cute. Cripes. You're gonna make me want to learn to sew.........

  4. Stay warm, stay dry, stay safe, happy quilting, tell Papa Pea to come inside and sit by the fire, vehicles just going to get dirty sitting out there if there is a storm.

  5. I keep hoping that someone shows up out of the blue to wash my car, but it never happens. It will be interesting to see if you or the weather man wins. I am betting on you.

  6. I just left the national weather web and it says 2-5 for Duluth trough 2 harbors -we will see I think we are in for more ominous weather gonna go put my lawn furniture cushions back in storage ,cover the sand box,oh and hide my" cress "I bought . I went to a discount food market,it is owned by a friend of my son( just wish I could catch him in the store so he would give me even better deals ) but anyway I bought what says "cress" I am assuming,it is water cress and it comes with roots and all.So do I just plop it in a bucket of dirt. No wonder I have a brown thumb---there's a hole in the bucket dear Liza ,a hole in the bucket dear Liza ,a hole.....

  7. Almost the same thing happened here; I just watered ALL the fruit trees and bushes and of course it rains later in the day. So, if you take out the shovel, pile up the wood, etc., maybe you WON'T get all that snow! Unless, of course, you're weird and WANT snow. Weird Northerners.

  8. Oh I sure hope you don't get any snow! We actually hit the mid 70's today, and they are saying near 90 tomorrow. But I can't get my hopes up, they said it will be back down in the 50's-60's by mid week. NC is looking better and better :).

  9. Yup, it's spring and spring is like that. Sunny and warm one minute snowy and cold another. I kind like the suspense of it myself.

  10. What? You have snow predicted?!?! It's suppose to be in the 80's here (NC) tomorrow. I am not looking forward to that. Bring back the 50's and 60's please. Ugh! I am not looking forward to summer .... which appears to have already started. I had a good chuckle at the photo of PP washing the car in the rain. I thought most people waited for a sunny day .... although since you are going to get wet anyway, maybe this does make sense.

  11. Trailshome - The vehicles are all washed, it's 43 degrees and we're having a thunderstorm. What's next??

    Lori - I'm still holding fast to my prediction that we'll only get rain, no snow. Fingers crossed!

    Sue - Keep your eyes on the swinging pendulum. You want to learn to sew, you want to learn to sew, you want . . . bwahahahaha!

    Tombstone Livestock - We had to go on a little errand before dinner. I drove our Toyota while he rode shotgun. First thing he said when I started down the driveway was, "Now go slow so you don't splash any mud on the car!"

    Jane - Ooooh, did you hear that huge clap of thunder? Yep, I'm betting my prediction is right, too.

    judy - Yup, plant your cress in a nice pot or bucket and it should be fine.

    CR - I take no offense at being called a weird northerner 'cause that's what I am! BUT this weird northerner doesn't want to see any more snow at this point, thanks all the same. :o}

    Stephanie - You sure are a hot, hot weather gal! NC here she comes!!

    Sparkless - Suspense, surprise, unpredictability, whatever. It sure does foul up my personal thermostat though!

    Karen L. - I've stopped trying to figure out my husband and his way of thinking long ago. The strange thing is I had an uncle and grandpa on MY side of the family who thought and acted just like him! Scary.

  12. OH--------THE DUCKIES!!!! They're so cute!! I could just hug em all!!! Did you just change the photo or did I miss this???? Oh wait-is that baby geese? In that case, I wouldn't hug them at all. I'm sure there's a papa goose around!!

  13. LOL, love that photo of him washing the truck before the rain! Hubby was donning the same gear when he power washed the house IN THE RAIN hahaha! I laughed at him but he pointed out through the cloud of power wash mist that he would get wet anyways... :)

  14. Sue - The blog header photo was changed just yesterday. They're goslings from our hatch two years ago. IF Mother Goose has good eggs under her, we should have new little geese around the middle of May. And if Father Goose doesn't shape up and stop being an Attack Goose on a Mission then, he will be re-homed. Either in the freezer or elsewhere. Trust me. I mean it.

    Erin - Ah, you just can't keep a good man . . . dry. :o)