Friday, April 13, 2012

Rocketing Right Along, Slowly

The progress made on the living room ceiling today was the trim and finish kind which never (never, never, never) goes quickly. (An understatement as all of you DIYers know all too well.)

We got the ceiling molding around the entire edge of the room. This had to be installed before the grid work on the bead board could be done.

I can't decide if I want to paint the molding right up against the ceiling white or polyurethane it. What do you think?

We got the three long grid pieces up. This is one side of the room.

And this is the other. That leaves only four short pieces of grid to go down the center of the room (perpendicular to the long pieces) where the sheets of 4 x 8' bead board are butted together. These grid pieces will definitely be painted white to blend in with the ceiling. I need to do the painting and/or polying soon because I want it done before we lay the flooring.

Next we'll do the fiber cement board up where the wood stove pipe goes through the ceiling. I thought we would do that first today, but we decided to do that after the ceiling grid was in place. Then comes the fireproof backing on the portion of two walls in the corner where the wood stove is. Then the tile under the stove. Then the flooring.

Sheesh, never a lack of things to do, is there?


Carolyn Renee said...

I hate trim. That would explain why it's STILL not installed in the bedroom after putting the laminate in two years ago. Oh well.

Can't say which trim I like better, natural or painted. Actually, I kind'a like the natural strips between the paneling. Paint the strips first then decide on the perimeter trim?

Tombstone Livestock said...

But you will be so happy when it is finished and crossed off your to do list. Looks good.

Leigh said...

It's gorgeous! I am so impressed. Well done. It's really lovely to look at and fits your motif very well.

Sparkless said...

That's looking mighty fine. We have that type of edging around our ceiling and it's painted white like the ceiling. I think it may visually make the ceiling seem bigger. But don't quote me on that I'm no decorator.

judy said...

Looking good,now try to relax for a couple,now all you need is a little quote like"Home is were love resides,Memories are created,Friends always welcome,Laughter never ends "

Fiona@RowangarthFarm said...

Wow -- this looks beautiful! And I think you're rocketing along quite nicely. But then again, we have trim in our playroom/guest room that still needs to be put up (after two years) and the baseboard behind the woodstove that we installed in early December still needs to be trimmed and reattached (leaning against the wall doesn't quite create the optical illusion that we'd hoped) and then there's the quarter round near the stairs, and... and... But seriously, a job like this would take us YEARS! I'm looking forward to seeing the end results...

Stephanie said...

I say leave the trim as it is. I think it would look to different from the pieces going across the ceiling (which btw, I would leave them all natural, even the shorter pieces). Love what you have done so far!

fullfreezer said...

You're coming right along!! I personally like the trim pieces natural... but it's not my home! I'm so impressed that you're getting the trim stuff done so quickly. Around here, we're really good at getting projects 'close' and 'useable' but it seems to take forever to do the trim work to actually 'finish' something!

Anonymous said...

Just saying - I would have painted those strips BEFORE putting them on the ceiling - much easier to do a few touch up strokes than to paint the whole strip on the ceiling - and what if you slop a little paint on the beadboard? Paint first - apply to ceiling second. It makes the room look too small with the ceiling hacked into sections by the trim.

Mama Pea said...

CR - Ah yes, trim. Something that doesn't HAVE to be done to make a room habitable . . . but makes the room look so much better when it is done. I hear you and have been in your spot a lot in the past.

Tombstone Livestock - Happy when it's done? Oh, you have no idea! We both thought we'd be in better shape to start back in on the job after a couple of months off this winter, but we're finding ourselves v-e-r-y tired.

Leigh - Thanks, Leigh. I am happy, happy, happy with the look of the bead board.

Sparkless - I think you have a very good point there about making the room look visually bigger if the trim is all painted white. Thanks for that viewpoint!

judy - What a great quote! I'll have to remember that one.

Fiona - When we did the tile on the floor in the kitchen, we actually found a piece of molding at the bottom of the Z-Brick behind the stove that HAD NEVER BEEN NAILED! It had only been there 16 years. (So don't feel bad about yours at all!)

Stephanie - I think I would consider leaving the trim and grid work natural if the room were bigger. I'm leaning toward painting it all white hoping it may make the ceiling look bigger and "enlarge" the room. (We're using smoke and mirrors here!) But I sure appreciate your input.

Judy - I've lived with "unfinished" for so long that I'm being a real witch this time around on insisting we FINISH one part before going on to the other! (Otherwise, it will literally be years before we "get around" to the final touches.)

Anonymous - Well, the bead board has to be painted with at least one coat anyway since it's just primed. We wanted to get some of the support grid work up asap because, frankly, we were a little scared the glue and nails weren't going to hold the 4 x 8' (rather flimsy but economical!) sheets on the ceiling!

Although I would have preferred "real" bead board of individual slats of wood, we opted for the 4 x 8' sheets for financial reasons. And we had to find some way of covering seams. Hence, the grid work. I've almost decided for sure to paint the grid work white so it will blend in more and not give so much of the hacked up look.

Lisa said...

I think your room is coming together beautifully!

The Weekend Homesteader said...

It's looking really good. I would paint the grid work white only thinking that down the line you will have to tape all of it off if you decide to freshen up the white paint on the ceiling. But then again, the brown grid works makes it pop out and show off. So, what do I know?

Erin said...

There was a 2 year stretch after all our remodeling was "done" that I declared that trim was out of style LOL! We finally got it up though :)

Chicken Mama said...

Yep, all white, definitely. Finishing the ceiling in there has made it come down a bit in height. (Duh?) So, all white will make the room all the more bright, the ceiling less noticeable, and, as many have said, appear larger.

Mama Pea said...

Lisa - Hope we manage to get it all together before it starts coming apart! :o)

The Weekend Homesteader - I think you sound like a gal who thinks ahead! (Always a good idea, but sometimes so hard to do!)

Erin - I simply CANNOT believe you would ever let "finishing" a job go that long! You really are human! ;o}

Chicken Mama - I walked in there yesterday morning when it was a bit gray and drippy outside and for a second couldn't figure out what was "different." The room was actually lighter and brighter because of the white ceiling! Hooray!