Monday, April 16, 2012

Not One Peep

I don't want to hear one peep out of any of you who are getting all hot and sweaty working out in your garden today.

My weather prediction of "only rain" was wrong for over night. But rather than inches of snow, we only got a dusting as you can see in this view of part of the garden area. (Do you think I should chance setting out my tomatoes today?)

A dusting on hubby's newly washed truck.

It's so cold and blustery this morning not even one self-respecting duck did I see on the pond.

This was taken from the inside out. I wait as long as I can each spring to pull the winter evergreen bough decorations out of the window boxes because once the boughs are gone, the boxes are bare because I have to wait until near the end of May to plant the annual flowers in them. This morning, my winter window boxes look right in style, don't they?

Papa Pea dressed to go out for morning chores. It's still snowing lightly, the temp reads 26 and there is one mean wind blowing.

When outside I found many (previously healthy) earthworms such as this one who must have come out yesterday during the heavy rain. Bad idea. Very bad idea.

Yupper, this is spring time in the Northwoods. And this is why I don't even start seeds inside until about now!


  1. Well,you didn't get what some got,my niece e-mailed me this morning near hibbing ,she was stuck in her drive way.nice header I can just hear them now peep peep--hey that wasn't me .It was them ,honest injun

  2. I think maybe your husband should not have washed his truck: bad juju!

  3. I think I have your rain!lol It is raining here, glad we cut the yard on Sat. Although I do need to work in the flower beds.

  4. Hectic - I don't know how I would cope with such a short growing season - reading this makes me appreciate where I am - and the "winter" which we experience :)

    Planting flowers at the end of May is paramount to our only having flowers in November - not that would be down right ridiculous!

  5. What a cruel joke. We have three inches on the ground this morning and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Our mama cows were bellering a lot last night, they didn't appreciate the joke. I'm not even going to check my perennials that were up until the snow melts. I can't bear to look.

  6. It almost looks inviting. Almost. They say that cold weather 'preserves' us - you and Papa Pea should live until you're 150! At least, we hope

  7. Papa Pea has a great solution to bringing more moisture to otherwise droughty weather: wash your vehicle! Pure genius!! Love that pic of him too.-"M"

  8. Yep, once again those south of us got more snow than we did. WHY does that keep happening?

    Lynda - I know! If word gets out, he may be in big trouble!

    Wendy - At least it's not snow! I guess too much rain is better than not enough. Well, maybe up to a point.

    Dani - There's no doubt our growing season is a mite on the short side. But we can still grow all the veggies we need, except maybe corn and tomatoes. And if we just had a greenhouse (make that a heated one, please), we could grow those, too! I do miss the real spring flowers though. We normally go right from winter into summer without much preamble.

    odiie - Perennials are tough. Yours will probably make it . . . unless your temp is really way down there. Hopefully not!

    Susan - Ha! Cold weather preserves us, huh? Well, we're sure not getting old, crinkly, leathery skin from too much tanning. There just ain't enough skin showing for that!

    "M" - He doesn't look too happy in the picture though, does he? I think he did his chores in record time this morning because the wind was so "bitey."

  9. That's only a dusting of snow so it'll melt quickly. It's spring and that's what spring does. I won't tell you that way up here in Canada I slept with my window open last night cause it was so warm.

  10. Well that could have been so much worse. But I guess you are sad that you did not get more in the way of water. We sure could use some liquid too, but I will pass on the snow too.

  11. We're supposed to get your snow tonight. We've spent the whole day hauling manure, so I say good....that's our excuse out of work tomorrow.
    Do you have any cold frames set up?
    My spinach and radishes are doing fine despite the low 20's every night. Funny how just a piece of glass can do that.........

  12. Wow! NOT. ONE. PEEP. Okay, I can't help it. Peep.

  13. Aw, poor worm. I can't believe you've got snow. Here I am, worried about getting too hot and you've got snow!

  14. Sparkless - Go figure out this crazy weather pattern all over the country, huh? No rhyme or reason to it at all. (Not one smidge of our snow melted yesterday. Temp this morning? 16 degrees. Yuck.)

    Jane - As I just commented above, the only water we got was FROZEN! Stick with the rain if you can. ;o}

    Sue - After any day spent hauling manure, you surely deserve the next day off! No, no cold frames set up yet. And with the temp this morning, I'm glad I didn't do it!

    The Weekend Homesteader - I tell ya, there's one in every bunch . . . ;o}

    Leigh - Seems like this spring across the country is one extreme or the other. Out your way cool weather crops are failing because of too high temps. Here it's been mostly too cold to start them under cold frames!

  15. No peeping here, I'm actually kind of jealous because I desperately want to read a book or knit something, and your house looks perfect!

  16. Boy, you've really got some "beds", don't you? I can see why you need those freezers now. You must do some serious "putting up" when everything starts to ripen. I know those beds are under a dusting and nothing is growing yet but looking at them makes my mouth water a bit. I can just imagine the goodies that will be growing there. Guess the snow is probably gone today? We were in the high "hots" yesterday but today is rainy and nicely cooler. (Oh and by the way ..... PEEP!!! Sorry, I did try to resist.)

  17. Yup, I do believe it was Papa Pea's fault for washing his truck. Bet your bees have stayed inside too! Love your gosling header!

  18. Yep, it's been crazy, to say the least! Animals and people are a bit disoriented lately. :)

  19. Erin - We had another yucky day again today . . . more rain and no sun. Oh well. Spring is bound to appear some time. :o}

    Stephanie - Yup, the word YUCK has pretty well summed it up lately.

    Karen L. - Geesh, another one with no self control! Peep, yourself! ;o}

    dr momi - No bee activity these last few days. I wouldn't be surprised if the little buzzers packed up and went south! Hope we have some more fuzzy little goslings this year. Mother Goose is setting on at least 5 eggs that we've seen.

    Patty - Is it the weather we can blame our disorientation on? Good. I was afraid I was losing it!

  20. Hi Mama Pea ~ I know I'm behind again in commenting.... your worm photo was so funny to me. Our worms crawl out in the rains and get fried by the sun.... not frozen like yours looked to be! LOVE your duck header!

  21. Lisa - What a perfect example of how very different our climates are! Your worms fry from too much sun and ours freeze solid!