Friday, March 9, 2012

Great Afternoon Quilting

I spent a very enjoyable afternoon quilting today and got a lot accomplished. But the fun isn't over yet. Papa Pea is wanting to watch a "guy" movie tonight that I have no interest in so I'll get in some more quilting time. Now there's a win-win situation, if you ask me!

If you care to see what I did on the quilting scene today, pop on over to my quilting blog.

Have a great weekend, Everyone!


Fiona said...

Win-win, indeed! Your quilts are so, so beautiful, Mama Pea. You have a lovely eye for colour and design.
I'm looking forward to an evening of knitting as my hubbie tools around in the garage. While I love our together time, it's nice when he goes off to his 'man cave' so I can knit!

Mama Pea said...

Thanks so much, Fiona. You're very kind.

I think all couples are better together if they have time apart to do what feels really good to them as individuals. We all need alone time now and then.

Wendy said...

Yay, you had some quilting time! And have even more later. That is wonderful! Off to see what you did.

judy said...

I will do just that,pop over I mean,my daughter took the picture but ,did she download it? Happy quilting. And answer to previous blog-I WING IT!

Karen L. said...

So glad you are getting some time alone in your girl cave. I am off to check out your quilt blog. So sorry about spilling all those beans by the way. Hopefully none of your PIF people read my comment. Sorry about that!

Mama Pea said...

Wendy - Don't tell anyone . . . but I'm getting in more quilting time again today! Wa-HOO!

judy - No pic yet, but don't stress yourself about it. (Keep winging it!)

Karen L. - Don't be silly . . . I was just yanking your chain regarding "spilling the beans." Well, okay, you DID spill the beans ;o), but it's not a big deal at all. (You're probably right about none of them seeing our back and forth!) When I started messing around with the hot pads, I was hoping they would turn out and fill the bill. I think they're gonna be fine and dandy for that particular purpose.

Sparkless said...

Nice. My husband had a friend over to play guitar and there is no where in our house to go except the bedroom where I'd have to lay down because there isn't room for chairs in there. So I took off to my parents place to read and it was heaven. No idea why I'm telling you this but sometimes life gives you what you need.

Dirt Lover said...

MP, so glad you are able to spend time quilting. I agree, couples are happier when they are able to spend alone time doing what they want. I worked in the garden today, and am thinking about knitting tonight in front of the tv when hubby is watching whatever he is going to watch. Not really alone, but I'll be doing what I want. Oh, and that would be on the night that youngest child is doing dishes. What could be better??? Now I just need to decide what's for dinner.

Mama Pea said...

Sparkless - I think you should take off to your parents' place to read more often! ;o)

Lori - Whenever we can sit and do some handwork, it's a good thing!