Sunday, March 11, 2012

Done with 9-1/2 Months to Spare

I got my five Hand Made Pay It Forward gifts packaged up today and ready to be mailed tomorrow.

One of the rules of this fun project was that it had to be done by the end of 2012. I knew that once we jumped back into our remodeling next month and gardening started and the hurry-flurry of good ol' summertime hit, I might not have time to get the hand made thingies done. So I've been working on them for a couple of weeks, on and off, finished them up and did the final packaging today.

I'm glad they are done and ready to wend their way to different locations all over the country . . . and I gotta say it really was fun to do!


  1. I hope one day we get to see what you made? :) Wow, I'm impressed! I have all the names/addresses up next to my bed, so I see them and am reminded often. I'm still thinking about I want to make, but one of these days I'd better get going!

  2. Trailshome - Oh, pul-eeze! Not amazing at all. Except that (for once) I got something like this done way ahead of time. Hmmm, should I be worried about what's happening here?

    dr momi - As per above comment, I kinda was impressed, too! ;o]

    Patty - You still have 9-1/2 months . . . !

  3. Oh, I'm so impressed that you got your projects done with so much time to spare! Looking forward to seeing what you made!

  4. You do good work...and fast, too! How nice to have that project completed. You know...I'm sure there's never anything else to do....

  5. I had almost forgot you guys were doing this,(ya,me bad) some parts of it come back to mind tho-should be interesting to see everyone's surprise when you send you your lovely " pay it forwards" I hope you visit face book I finally posted Jerry o your ( or c.m.'s ) quilt face book page . there just wasn't enough light tho-he always looks pale or " don't judge a book by its cover?"

  6. I am happy that you got these done so early but sad that I am not on your list. OK, not real sad but somewhat because although I won't be receiving anything, at least I don't have to try to get 5 new things done by the end of the year. Bet your receivers are going to be thrilled with "whatever" it is you made .... wink, wink!!!

  7. I've been thinking about doing mine - does that count? Oh, you are such a show-off ;o) But, as the ant to our grasshopper, we could all learn a thing or twelve from your organized spirit!

  8. I sure hope everyone posts what they got. I cant wait to see!

  9. I'm finally trying to catch up on blogs after the weekend and my, you have been busy!!!

  10. Lori - Believe me, when I have a deadline, it usually doesn't happen this way!

    Mama Tea - Will there ever not be lots to do??

    P.S. Super-sexy new profile pic, Little Farm Girl!

    Stephanie - Thanks! I'm just trying to keep up with you in the "get it done" department!

    judy - I've seen the pic of Jerry with his quilt that you posted. Very sweet. Tell him often that we are all pulling for him!

    The Weekend Homesteader - Be patient, my dear, be patient! ;o)

    Karen L. - Wink, wink, yourself, you crazy lady!

    Susan - Ah, if only I was always so organized. But, sigh, I am not!

    Jane - Stand by . . . you may not be too surprised!

    Erin - Busy doing FUN things!!

  11. I bet I can guess what those hand made items are. Lucky people to receive them.
    No procrastination at your house at least not when it comes to crafting things. :)

  12. Sparkless - I bet you can, too! Oh, sometimes I can procrastinate even on crafty things. Especially when they're not going right!!