Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Appreciate . . .

- no morning alarm

- nights of good sleep

- freezers full of food in mid-winter

- days with much less pressure

- my cheap digital camera that just keeps working

- my spare refrigerator

- a very sunny day

Today we have oodles of sunshine as you can see in the picture above of it streaming in the windows of our bedroom. And, yes, those are boxes of books still stored in the bedroom since last summer. They were shelved on the living room side of the half wall that divided the kitchen from the living room area. They'll go on shelves in the new living room. After the ceiling is covered with sound insulating board and then beadboard paneling. And the floor is laid. And the bookshelves are built. Then I won't ricochet off these boxes when I get in or out of my side of the bed. And I will appreciate that.


  1. Love your appreciation journal. I appreciate being able to spend time with my family. Being happy and content. Living where we do, and my garden.

  2. Think of those boxes as an extra insulating layer against the wall keeping your side nice and toasty warm ;)

  3. When you store things like that out of the way, do you always put them on your side of the bed like that? I do lol. Some subconsious thing where I don't want them to be in anyone else's way, but it seems to be ok if I trip over them.
    I wish I was getting sun. Every time I open the insulated drapes it hides:/

  4. LOL - I have pile of stuff stored on MY side of the bed too! What is that about??

  5. Lori - Boy, living where we want is a BIGGIE! So many people are stuck where they'd rather not be. We are fortunate!

    Jane - Extra insulation AND if I ever run out of books on my nightstand . . . ;o}

    Leave it to you to put a positive spin on it, Friend.

    Stephanie - Just a mom's way of taking care of (protecting?) everyone else. In actuality, if something happened to US, the rest of the crew wouldn't know what to do!

    Jen - Dunno for sure, Jen. I think we could go into deep analysis concerning it. ;o}

  6. Oh I love the simple things in life too! Thank you again for your sweet words of encouragement.

  7. I am really appreciating reading your Appreciation Lists! It's making me think about things around me, that's for sure. In the future I will be appreciating seeing some quilting progress on your Mama Pea Quilts blog. (Oh yes, I am so very sneaky ..... whahahahaha!)

  8. Val - You are so, so welcome!

    Karen L. - You do make me laugh! And that's a good thing!

  9. Oh yes I so appreciate sleeping in! That is my favorite thing to do in the whole world other than read books and blogs.

  10. me too,I have to jump from the hallway top get to my bed---jk, but close.

  11. I agree with Karen too,I want some info on the momma pea's quilts face book page or from who runs it . Jerry wants a warm quit and I'm gonna get him one,don't worry where I'm getting the $$$,I'm getting it from his sister. she wants to pay for a quilt for her brother, [ but I don't know the cost]

  12. I am also jealous of your extra fridge / freezer - I dream of having one too someday!

  13. Sparkless - I used to be a champion sleeper. So much so that if something was bothering me, I'd curl up in bed, take a nap, and when I got up I'd be ready to conquer anything. Wish I still had that ability. But I shan't complain as I've been getting really good night's sleep now which was something that had been eluding me for too long.

    judy - Watch for something coming your way Wednesday or Thursday of this week. :o}

    Jen - You should have a good-sized freezer . . . it helps SO much with food preparation!

  14. Just remember, those boxes are side tables in some homes LOL! Can't wait to see the bookshelves once they are built.

  15. judy - That's a very good thing . . . that your blood is flowing! ;o}

    Erin - Funny you should say that about boxes being side tables. In our quasi-not-finished-living room that we're using as a living room for the rest of the winter months . . . I needed an end table between two chairs. So I stacked two boxes of books on top of each other and covered them with a small quilt. Viola! An end table! This weekend we were looking for some specific books. I had labeled all the boxes when I packed the books away but we could not find the ones we were looking for anywhere. Sunday night as I was sitting in the living room, my eyes wandered over to that makeshift end table. THAT'S where the books we had looked high and low for were!