Monday, January 9, 2012

A Fanciful Question

Perhaps thinking about this is a lame excuse for wanting to escape all of the things my life requires me to do within the next couple of days . . . or it may just be a way of some playful daydreaming to get me through some serious house cleaning jobs. But here's a question.

Do you ever wonder or imagine or dream of what kind of a life/profession you would be suited for (and think you'd be happy living) if you didn't have the life you have now? Would it be something totally different than your current reality? Would it involve a skill you presently have but haven't pursued to its fullest extent? Or perhaps you'd have a profession or lifestyle you've only dreamed of. If your upbringing had been different, if you had had a mentor to take you under his/her wing, if you had received encouragement or financial aide at a certain point in your life would that have set you on your way along a totally different path in life? If you had your growing up years and education to do over, what would you do?

I was married at an early age; I was only twenty. (Ach, what a baby!) Being happily married, raising children (or a child) and being a homemaker was a life I'd always wanted. I've been very blessed in that I have that. But what if I'd never met the man of my dreams, never married, what if I had had to make my way in the world on my own? What kind of life would I have pursued?

One (only one of a few!) of the scenarios I imagine I might have found myself in is being the cook for a wealthy family. I suppose that's not too much of a stretch to imagine since I like to plan menus, try new recipes, cook good food and present it in an attractive manner. I'm especially fond of down-home cooking, such as preparing real food from the garden, meals that would appeal to a family on an every day basis with the occasional fancier culinary creations for special parties or holidays. Yup, that wouldn't be a bad way to earn a living. (Of course, I'd have my own lovely small suite of rooms on the third floor of the mansion owned by the family who employed me!)

So how about you? Where do your daydreams of another life or profession take you? Are they totally bizarre? Do they involve fame? Or earning a huge amount of money? Be wild, be crazy! Come on, share your fanciful dreams!


  1. It's funny, all the "career" tests I took in high school said I should become a teacher....I ended up homeschooling:)
    I think for me it would be something to do with travel. I have always dreamed of going to Ireland (I am half Irish), England, Australia and New Zealand. Would be fun to do!! I also think I would make an excellent genealogy researcher, as I get such a high from my own research for our family, connecting the dots.

  2. As crazy as I know it sounds (please don't think me any weirder than you already probably do)...a missionary nurse or worker at an orphanage in an impoverished country. My prayer is that at the end of my life, I will have been able to have lived both lives. A girl can dream, can't she?

  3. Stephanie - Wow! Seems to me there would be a way of combining your interest in genealogy and traveling to certain countries!

    I'll Call You Jane - Oh, I can totally see you doing that very thing after your kids are grown and off on their own. Not out of the question at all!

  4. I'd be a Psychiatrist or a writer. Not too different from being a homemaker and raising kids just gets better pay.

  5. Sparkless - There is no job that DOESN'T get better pay than being a homemaker and raising kids! (Financially anyway . . . which is a cryin' shame because I think those are just about the most important jobs in the world.)

    In my early teens, I told my dad I wanted to become a psychiatrist. He told me I wasn't smart enough. (Ha-ha, how's that for encouragement??)

  6. Mama Pea you were too smart to become a Psychiatrist! Who wants to spend all day listening to other people's problems?!!

  7. you asked for it-your gonna get it!first,in our family you only got to attend college if you were of the male species,lowly females had to iron dads underwear or OR get a Mrs. degree/ I would have been a bug lady[bugs fascinate me ]or a scientist of sorts -to have a brain other then what is my own,I want one that understands biology and all the brother use to try to drum algebra into my head,might as well beat on a real drum. he is very smart college educated and very rich now but does not share or I could hold babies non -stop-I love babies [ but I do that now ]

  8. What an interesting and difficult question! On the one hand, I've always been interested in science / medicine but no one but me held me back when I was in college - I was too squeamish to go to pharmacy or medical school as I considered - didn't want to dissect a corpse and couldn't think of applying any of the medical knowledge. Gross!

    Anything else I might be thinking of involves me not marrying so young (23) and then I might not have my children which is not a happy thought!

    I never imagined I'd be a stay at home mom, but I think I'm pretty good at that. Otherwise, I'm still working on the successful author thing :)

  9. I was always going to be the worlds greatest architect. But I recently came across what I can only describe as the most amazing job EVER---this article I read-the gal spent her days in various BEAUTIFUL PARKS---get this---COUNTING BIG HORN SHEEP. OMG. Where do I sign up. I love love love watching wildlife. Why did I never think of this. Hubby and I spend TONS every year to go on trip to stare at birds/moose/sheep/yada yada. And she gets PAID to do this???????

  10. Wow... you have made me realize something very profound this morning - I would be doing exactly what I have done, with no changes! (Although more money would be nice LOL). I always wanted to be in the military, AND a stay at home mom. Turns out, I had a fantastic fairly long run in the military, got out and had kids! Although it was a long road to becoming a mother and I had them later in life, I was able to do both without the two goals conflicting. Thanks for giving me something amazing to think about and be thankful for, I can't believe I had never realized that before.... :)

  11. I have been thinking about this since yesterday when you put it up and I am having a hard time thinking what I would do. I have gone to college had two careers, many jobs, and I still like what I am doing now best. But since fantasy is allowed, I would say that I would like to live in a secluded cabin, somewhere warm and unpolluted, say like Hawaii (see, thats the fantasy there is no unpolluted left) have a small farm and orchard, travel by horse, be surrounded by animals, very few people, and my Husband look like my favorite TV star;) And I would not need any other job since very little money would be needed. Ahhh, I can taste the pineapple now.

  12. AND Janeeeeeeeeeeeee-e-e- please tell us your former careers and who is that favorite movie star I'm ,gonna guess and say Liz Taylor's x-the guy who played on "Green Acres"-OK-lmbo---jk,couldn't stop myself[ inquiring minds what to know ]

  13. Like a few others, I have had to chew on this one for a while before commenting...because you know we're being graded on this, right? :)

    Well, honestly, I STILL don't know what I'd "reallY" want to be doing. How sad is that? Maybe because I'm already doing it? I hope that's the answer. But thanks for making me rack my brain as I won't be able to sleep until I find out my dream job would be!

    Oh, and have you CLEANED the FRIDGE out yet? Ha! That's for making me think.

  14. Sparkless - You have a point there about listening to other people's problems. But that also would be helping and making a contribution to society, no?

    judy - Okay, so you would either be doing something in the field of biology or working with infants. Both great ambitions!

    P.S. Given the chance, you can't convince me you don't have the brain power to do whatever you want!

    Jen - Do you know, I can totally see you working in the medical field! Who woulda thunk it?

    P.S. Yay to the end of your computer problems!

    Sue - Wow, two different aspects of your (fanciful?) personality . . . architecture and a job in wildlife management! Velly intellesting . . .

    But how wonderful that both you and your hubby enjoy and can pursue following the latter!

    Erin - You, m'dear, are one lucky lady! And I don't think there is a thing wrong with waiting to have your kids "later," as you say. I'm guessing you're a better mother having had your other career before the boys arrived!

    However, your answer did kinda surprise me. I would have guessed you would say your "fanciful" answer would be to pursue something having to do with oceanography.

    Jane - You get the prize for best fanciful answer yet! I love it.

    Carolyn Renee - I have a theory that once you become a stay-at-home mom (one of the best occupations in the world), you simply can't think of what else you would be doing . . . until the kid(s) are gone from home. Then your brain cells recover and you have room in your head to start thinking again. ;o}

    P.S. Refrigerator cleaning is not done yet . . . but keep on me! (The cooking stove is done, does that count?)

  15. But I DID have a career in oceanography! That's exactly what I did in the Navy, mapping the ocean floor, the physics of underwater sound! My title was actually "Ocean Systems Analyst" which translates into oceanography, and that the subject all my Navy school credits transferred as! :)

  16. Let's see. Anything? I would have been a cowgirl sculptor. I would have lived in the middle of nowhere with my cowboy hunkaburninlove, my animals, endless skies, completely self-sufficient, needing no moola at all - everything would be grown or bartered. I would make huge polished metal sculptures and be a renowned but reclusive cheesemaker.

  17. p.s. And I would have had six kids. (How appropriate - the WV is whonali/whoa nelly!)

  18. I don't know what kind of profession I would be suited for but I always wanted to be a vet. However, I don't think I could have put up with the many years and hours of schooling. Plus, I would not have been good at euthanasia .... unless you count crying heavily being good. So, my best job was being an aid in kindergarten and filling in for the office staff in an elementary school. I worked with a handicapped boy and that was very productive in many ways. (What an interesting question you came up with.)

  19. Susan - Love it, love it, love it! Perfect for you. And not so impossible either even now! 'Cept, I don't know if you'd want to start having six kids. You might have to settle for more "kids" of the four-legged kind! But that would be great, too! Whonali!!!

    Karen L. - I'll bet with a little help and support you could have handled the schooling for becoming a vet. And I would think there are a lot of vets who have difficulty with euthanasia at first. It would have to be something you learned how to handle.