Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blogs In A Book - UPDATE

Okay, all you dear readers who were interested in just how Chicken Mama got my blog posts printed out and put in book form, she has been nice enough to do a blog post on her own blog, explaining what she knows about the matter.

Pop on over to her blog and take a look-see.

Hope you're all having a good weekend. Ours is mild in temperature (in the 20s) but very gray and dam-dam-dam-damp! The kind of dampness that goes right through to the bone when you're outside not dressed quite right for the biting moisture in the air.

At one point this afternoon just before hubby and I came in from some chores outside, I stopped and stood with my face tilted up toward the sky, threw my arms wide and said, "Ahhh, just feel those warm rays on your face!"

Papa Pea looked up at the heavy, gray/black clouds, back at me, shook his head and went inside.

(Sometimes it helps to avoid reality . . . and just pretend.)


  1. wish I could avoid reality... it was 71º here today and of course I didn't plant any summer veggies at the beginning of you know... WINTER!! :)

  2. Hehe Mama Pea! I call it wishful thinking. I think I am jinxed because every time the sun comes out and I open the insulated drapes, it goes away.

  3. It was in the 60's here today in north central NC. This is January??? Tomorrow starts a wet and colder tread for the next three days at least. I don't mind the cold but I don't like the wet and cold and dam-p with grey skies is the pits. Sorry that's what you had today. But is you are at home, it's a good time to sew!!! hint, hint, hint

  4. Sorry, that was suppose to say: But "if" you are at home, it's a good time to sew!!! hint, hint, hint Wonder if I made that mistake on purpose so I could write the hint again? We will never know!

  5. I'll head over there an have ah look see. Gottah love your humor girl.

  6. Erin - Seventy-one!!? That just ain't right! Erin, you need to get your little buttinski back here to Minnesota!

    Stephanie - Dear, would you please stop opening the drapes?

    Karen L. - Sure isn't a very good time for doing anything else outside . . . squish, squish!

    (You sneaky little devil . . . I'm catching on to you!)

    Nancy - Thank you, ma'am. But you and I know sometimes it's best to pretend. Right?

  7. We are getting that kind of weather too. It feels like spring!

  8. What a neat idea to turn the blog into a book! Pretty cool!

  9. hey I avoid reality at ALL costs here is my new saying [ just for fun]"My Sanity has left the building and left no forwarding address"last night Jerry's blood sugar dropped to close to 0 , I found him incoherent and sopping wet,not good ,not good

  10. For Judy, there's lots of us sending hugs and hoping everything is okay....

  11. Great job with the humor on a gray, damp day! Thanks for the info on your blog to book update. Will pop on over this morning.

  12. Sparkless - That's what my hubby has been saying 'bout every time he comes in the house . . . "It feels like spring out there!" I say that's just not right for NE MN in mid-January!

    meemsnyc - It's like having a journal you can readily page through.

    judy - Hoping this has been a good day for you and Jerry. Please let us know how he's doing. Hugs for both of you.

    Lori - Maybe my "pretending" yesterday did some good . . . we've had bright sun most of the day today. Yayyyy!