Thursday, December 29, 2011

We've Got Snow!

We woke this morning to the first real snow of the season. Looks like about at least 6" of very light, fluffy stuff so far. It's still coming down lightly.

A shot of our back yard. I don't think you can see the tracks, but right at the base of the woods line a deer plowed through the snow recently. The back yard isn't fenced so the critters roam freely in that area.

This is a picture of the back yard, too. Garage on the far right, the flat bed trailer parked next to it, Suburban covered with snow a little farther on back, and the wood sheds in the distance.

Other side of the house, you can see the depth of the snow on the deck railing. The bird feeder out in the yard is in front of some of the fruit trees. Raised garden beds and the field garden are out of the picture over to the right.

This is taken off the corner of the front deck looking to the woods line beyond. You can see the snow delineating the two horizontal support lines on the "invisible" 7' high deer fencing we have around the front yard and gardens. It also gives a very large space for the dogs to be in without danger of running off into the woods. There is a heavy mesh grid between the horizontal lines, but it does a good job of blending in with the woods beyond so you don't really see the fencing much at all unless the light hits it in just the right way.

The snow is beautiful and provides a good insulating layer. Too bad the forecast is for above freezing temps in two days with a rain/snow mix. Yuck. But we'll enjoy the beauty of this lovely snow as long as it lasts!


  1. Oh my gosh!---that's so pretty.
    Please please please send some my way. I could just cry. What an awful winter....

  2. Wish we had that here. It is going to be in the 50's today - just not right. We did at least get rain yesterday - any moisture helps. Enjoy your beautiful white stuff - perfect for your week of relaxation.

  3. That IS beautiful! At YOUR house! :)

    I say the only good thing from snow is nitrogen! It's going to be 60 degrees here today and I want to go out by the lake it's so nice.

    Enjoy the beauty while it lasts....I hated the slushy stuff.

  4. That is so beautiful! I am relieved as I know there are a lot of businesses depending on that white stuff right now!

  5. We should have that on the ground by now. S. Central Idaho is still getting jipped. We had RAIN last night and a high today supposed to be 53. (sad-face). Send some my way?


  7. Just beautiful!! Our last snow was the weekend before Thanksgiving. We have not had any precipitation until yesterday. It scares me - all I can think of is the summer fire season. I want to come play in your snow ... LOL

    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas - which I know from all the helpful gift "certificates" from Chicken Mama. I wish you all the best New Years and may everything go smoothly and easily with the rest of your renovation.
    Many hugs

  8. All I can say is that I am glad it was you and not me:P Although, at this point I would take a small bit of that, because it would mean it would warm up 20 degrees. It was below zero last night, and with the windchill, won't get out of the teens today. Brrrrr

  9. We got a little too, but the only good thing I can say about it is that it gives me a small reprieve from the ten minute mopping I have to give each dog after being outside one second in all this mud. It has me actually looking forward to a nice deep CLEAN snow.

  10. It looks beautiful. It's sunny here today after rain all night and yesterday. Not much snow left. I'm off today to try to get the kids' passports sent away. Hopefully this time they'll make it through.

  11. I do hope it trickles down here. We've had the weirdest weather and I don't mean that in a good way - torrential rain, now below freezing temps. No snow in the foreseeable future, just talk of rain, sleety stuff. Blech! It looks like a little piece of heaven there.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Looks like Christmas, huh? A bit late though. Oh well, still a beautiful scene. And for those of us who may not get to see that this year, thanks for the photos!!! (Hmmm, now where did I put that cattle prod? Well, it's OK if you need to shovel snow first then quilt. First things first.)

  13. Sue - It IS pretty! I'm so sorry your skis and snowmobiles are just gathering dust. But I don't think ours is going to last long. Too warm temperatures in the near forecast. BAH!

    Mooberry Farmwife - We are enjoying. And the south and west look very, very dark right now so maybe we'll get a little more!

    2 Tramps - Doesn't it seems that temps this winter are way too warm in most parts of the country? What's up with that?

    Carolyn Renee - I'll take slushy stuff over ice . . . which is (sadly) what we have under a lot of the snow around here right now. :o(

    Erin - After we finished shoveling today we took a ride into town to mail a package that had to go out and saw our first snowmobiler of the season. It was a local going up his own driveway, but at least there is enough snow for that!

    Everstuff - Thanks for commenting! I'll do my best to send some snow your way. Our area is on the dry side, also. Scary when they warn of forest fires in the winter!

    judy - The winter sports enthusiasts have been unhappy around here, too.

  14. Yvette - Good to hear from you, Girl! Sending best wishes to you for snow and a Happy New Year!

    Stephanie - Okay, so it's your area that is getting cold weather. I promise it would feel warmer if you had snow on the ground. Really!

    Jane - Oh yes, when it comes to dogs clean snow is MUCH better than mud! We've had bad enough mud around here that I had to dip each of the dog's four feet in a bucket and swish it around to get the goop off!

    Sparkless - Ah yes, the never-ending saga of the passports! Good luck this time around.

    Susan - We've been so snowless that I was actually shocked when I looked out first thing this morning and saw it. Be careful and avoid that sleety-icy stuff, please!

    Karen L. - We came in from shoveling a short time ago and my back is still sweaty. (TMI?) But as soon as I finish here, I am going into my quilt studio. I am. I really am. Then I might come up with something to blog about on "that other blog!"

  15. Yea snow! This fellow Minnesotan wants snow - we rec'd a dusting last night but that is about it... I am hoping your area gets lots so that we can make a couple of weekend getaways to snow! Stop over and visit :)

  16. Growing Up A Country Girl - Hi! Thanks for commenting. I think the whole darn state of MN is way behind on their snowfall so far this winter. 'Bout time for it to start, don'tcha think?

    I took a look-see at your blog(s). You live a pretty busy life! Beautiful horses!!

  17. Hi Mama Pea ~ your place is beautiful! Looks like a picture postcard winter wonderland.

  18. Lisa - I think a good covering of snow makes ANY PLACE look lovely! All the same, thank you!

  19. Wow, what a gorgeous view. It is a balmy 70 degrees here today.

  20. Colleen - Welcome and thanks for commenting! Thank you for liking my snow covered view. No wonder you have 70 degrees . . . you're in TEXAS!!

    P.S. Your little daughter is ADORABLE!