Thursday, December 29, 2011

It Must Be Something In The Water

Back in the first part of last week, I showed you a picture of what turned out to be a double yolked egg.

Well, since that time we've gotten these six more eggs (plus one we got today that didn't get included in the below picture I took yesterday) that look like they may well be double yolkers also. The egg at the very top of the picture is a normal sized egg for comparison.

They aren't all from the same hen either! So what's going on here? Is there some kind of competition going on in the hen house that we don't know about? Are the chickens playing mind games with us?

As I use these latest bigger-than-usual eggs, I'll let you know if they are double yolkers . . . or just super-sized regular eggs. If they do turn out to be all double yolkers, that will be just too, too crazy!


  1. Such beautiful eggs! Your chickens make you proud - and double yolkers! When I was growing up it was really neat to find one but I hated yolks - so it wasn't a good thing for me. Never double whites...

  2. Wow, maybe the chickens overheard you discussing when culling time would be? LOL

  3. 2 Tramps - Finding a double yolker isn't something that happens very often so I'm getting really antsy to crack open those big eggers!

    Erin - If that's the case, I'd just as soon they'd give me two eggs each day rather than cramming everything into one shell!

  4. At one time a few years ago we had two double-yolker hens. Of course, they were some of the first ones to be eaten by the local hawk/coyote/bobcat. I just LOVE getting much FUN! (Yes, I have no life)

  5. The double yolk eggs are good for scrambled eggs.

  6. I had an enormous double yolker last week from my local farmer I pick eggs up at. It barely fit in the carton.

    -Matt K.

  7. Are these young hens? I read somewhere that younger hens lay more double yolkers than older hens. I love finding those big eggs.

  8. Maybe it's something in their feed? Enjoy your eggy surprises.

  9. Double the fun!
    Maybe your chickens just go above and beyond. Sounds like SOMEBODY I know. Perhaps they are just emulating?

  10. Over achievers see how well your raising them. LOL don't ya just love them

  11. you just have very selective breeding practices,so I've heard--he-he

  12. I remember as a kid getting many double yokers but you never find them in store bought eggs. Come to think of it, we got our eggs from someone who had chickens.

  13. Carolyn Renee - Rather than saying we have no life, I prefer to say we are concerned with the IMPORTANT things in life. (Ahem. Cough-cough.) ;o}

    Tombstone Livestock - For sure! They'll never be wasted!

    Matt K. - That's probably why you never get one in the grocery store . . . they don't fit in the cartons!

    Ruth - No, these are from our older gals. The only thing I can figure is that they feel threatened by these new, young chickies in the hen house and think they're going to be replaced so they're really puttin' out!!

    Sparkless - Or they don't have anything better to do these colder days when they don't go out much!

    Sue - Phttttbbth!

    Blackberry brambles - I know I sure do appreciate all the wonderful eggs we get from the chickens. Talk about good food for us!!

    judy - Hahahaha! (What a bunch of comedians we have here today.)

    Sylvie - Yep, back to the too-big-to-fit-in-the-regulation-size carton!

    dr momi - Nah, I don't think chickens are that smart. (Uh-oh, I'd better be nicer to them, they've been laying really well this winter!)