Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Bestest Gift

Chicken Mama arranged things on her homestead so she could spend the nights of Christmas Eve and Christmas with us here on the Pea Homestead. I think she enjoyed the little vacation she got and I know Papa Pea and I liked having her here for more than a quick visit.

Because she had no money for Christmas gifts this year, she thought of some ingenious ideas and used her natural creativeness to come up with gifts for us. We received all kinds of yummy homemade confections and, of course, our traditional individual batches of Pfeffernuse . . . I like candied fruit in mine while Papa Pea prefers more "natural" fruit. She also made some bee-yew-tiful candles and I received six of them . . . fat pillars that I love, both short and tall in assorted colors.

But the best gifts we received from her were three gift certificates.

Papa Pea was the happy recipient of this one. (Click on image to biggify if you can't read the printing.)

Then another one was addressed to both of us. The picture of the three snowpeople at the top resemble us greatly, don't you think?

However, the gift certificate that made me really happy, and was for me the bestest of the bunch, was this one.

(The very small print at the bottom says, "Requests may or may not be honored.")

For someone like me who regularly cooks three meals a day, has a husband who has many, many fine qualities but does not cook at all and dislikes going out to eat, this Christmas gift was a real winner!

Talk about giving of oneself . . . all the gifts from our daughter were pretty special. Her dad even went so far as to suggest she never again spend money on our gifts . . . just keep these much appreciated gift certificates coming!


  1. Wow,that IS the bestest gift! I wish more people would focus on stuff like your daughter did than to just go out the last second & buy some crap at the store just to get a "present" under the tree for someone!

    I'm INSANELY jealous!! (You think I could convince DH to make some of those for ME?? ha.)

  2. Now those are really wonderful gifts. What a smart gal she is (her mother's features?)

    I'm sure you will get much enjoyment out of them. I agree-that would be a great annual gift. Yummmmmmmm!

  3. These are awesome gifts, very creative and thoughtful! I wish more people would do things like this. My mom and I are totally onboard with doing stuff like this but it's hard when we have a few "hardcore" shopping fans in the family. I know they don't expect anything in return, but you know how that goes :) I would prefer homemade gifts or just extra days spent baking or cooking together, that would be fun too!

  4. I just love the little "may or may not be honored part" what a lovely touch of humor for some very special gifts.

    Those truly are the bestest kinds of gifts, Mama Pea. :o)

  5. Carolyn Renee - Well, ya know, years ago I think gift exchanging was more like this. You MADE presents you gave people. And they usually were something the person really needed and would use. Oh, if we could only go back to those times and values!

    Just convince your DH that he could give you a Gift Certificate for something he could do for you and that 1) it wouldn't cost any $$ outlay, and 2) it would really mean a lot to you.

    Sue - Eating someone else's cooking ALWAYS tastes better than your own!!

    Stephanie - It sure was! (And something we all will remember!)

    Erin - Some people do get such a charge out of "shopping" that it's hard to give up, I know. But I think we need to get back to more personalization (is that a word?) and re-learning to do things with our hands. We all have talents of one sort or another. Let's use them!

  6. Mooberry Farmwife - Yup, that kinda cracked me up, too! (The child does have a sense of humor. But probably meant it, too!) That's okay, I'll eat anything she fixes!!

  7. Now that is more like it! What a thoughtful daughter the Peas have raised! And they are gifts that last all year long! I love her graphics, too.

  8. ya,now I'm all teared you know,I think ,if she could make these for people with certain requests she could probably make herself some$$$$$$$$$. I have never quite seen anything so novel and quaint at the same time and especially from the heart. what a dear daughter you have.

  9. Susan - The graphics she does always seem so right. She has a definite "eye" for the work. And you're right, it's not a gift you enjoy for a brief period, but rather one we'll think of and enjoy all year long.

    judy - I never thought of that . . . and maybe it would encourage people to "give more of themselves" with colorful, attractive, unique "Gift Certificates" like hers to present to people. Wonder where she could advertise something like that?

  10. those are THE best type of presents. What a great idea on her part. I wish my family would do this !

  11. What nice gifts. And I can sympathize with loving to have someone else cook at least one meal. That would be wonderful.

  12. TinaH - Well, we've just got to all encourage more of this kind of gift giving. It will never happen if we don't suggest (and push for?) it!

    Jane - I know you can fully understand the desire (need?) to have a break from cooking every now and then. Sometimes I get in such a rut that I can't even taste my cooking anymore. It all tastes just blah. Dinner tonight was an example. Hubby raved and raved about how good it was and I just thought, "Bleh."

  13. What a wonderful daughter! Those gifts were way better than anything she could have bought you. And very generous since it is her time and energy that she is gifting you. Hmmm, do you think she would be interested in delivering a meal once a month to NC? We hardly ever eat out also and I have about had it with cooking (or trying to figure out what to cook) at the moment. (PS: Still no new post on your quilt blog. Hey, you told me to keep pushing and prodding! So there!)

  14. What fabulous gifts! There is nothing better than a gift of the self. Lucky you.

  15. Karen L. - I'll tell her she's welcome to bring a meal to NC once a month. She loves to travel so you never know!

    P.S. Thanks for the subtle prodding with the cattle prod regarding the quilt blog. I need it. Hang tight, I'll get there. I haven't forgotten your request for the Italian Bread recipe either.

    Judy - I'd say the smoking jacket (oo-la-la!) for your hubby was a gift of yourself, too! :o}

  16. Such wonderful gifts! I wish someone would give me gifts like that. You have raised one special daughter and I bet you are very proud of her.

  17. Chicken Mama's presents to you are both incredibly sweet and very resourceful. Who wouldn't love a gift like that?? Maybe she ought to have a little chat with my children when next we visit... :)

  18. Sparkless - Thank you! Yup, we are proud of her for many things she is and does. She's had a pretty rough two years just passed and she always keeps a great attitude and sense of humor.

    Jen - You've got two really good kids right now, Jen. Just wait until they're a little older and you'll start reaping these kind of benefits just like we are!

  19. Darn, you already got Pfeffernuse? And I thought I might do a batch for all the family. Well, OK Chicken Momma beat me to the punch, so where is my shipment.

  20. Uncle, no, where is MY shipment???! Please DO make a batch! I only swiped ONE to sample to make sure it was okay as I was making 'em. Think I had time to make my OWN batch?! xoxo

  21. Marty - We assumed you were the West Coast pfeffernuse maker of the family and Chicken Mama had the technique down here in the Midwest. :o) Either way, I think I slipped out of having to take responsibility for them! (We know your brother wouldn't take on the task! And we should all probably be glad he hasn't 'cause he would no doubt try to "improve" the recipe and it would be unrecognizable!)

    Chicken Mama - I will share mine with you. You surprised us by having made them this year what with everything else going on in your life. Really. I'll gladly share.