Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spicing Things Up

Now that I finally have a big enough kitchen to have my old spice rack hung on a wall . . .

. . . it's been up and in place for a couple of weeks now but still barren of herbs and spices.

How come, you may ask?

Because in the umpteen years since I last used this rack, my jars of seasonings have become a mismatched mess of various sizes that no longer all fit in the spice rack.

My dear hubby finally convinced me (remember the old spending-money problem I have?) to buy a whole bunch of jars that would be just the right size to accommodate my variety of ingredients.

Tonight my daughter asked what I was going to do for labels on the jars. I told her I was going to type, print and cut out the names of the various herbs and spices on the computer and affix them to the jars.

She said to whoa, Nellie, hold up a bit as she's pretty sure she has some labels (appropriately bordered with pine branches) within her wide repertoire of graphic design special things that would be just the trick for me to use. So I'll eagerly await to see what she comes up with.

Who knows? I may actually have this little task completed within another week. Or two.


  1. Love those jars! Much better than the left over mayo jars I use. Can't wait to see them all finished.

  2. Jane - I'm eager to see the jars labeled, filled and in the rack, too. I seem to be in a period where I can't get anything DONE! Arrrgh.

    P.S. I put sauerkraut on our pizza tonight and we both liked it!

  3. Oooo... spice jars that all MATCH!!! I can't wait to see it all put together.

  4. The spice rack is great. Also, I really like the kleenex holder you have on the wall. Where did you get such a space-saver?

  5. That last comment is from me, not El A! (Accidentally posted from my hubby's google account. Duh!)

  6. Isn't it tricky to use dark glass jars for spices because then you can never see when you're almost out of something? On the other hand, the dark glass probably keeps the spices fresher longer...

  7. It's always one step forward, two steps back at times like these - Believe me, I know how you feel!

  8. Love your spice rack... Mine are all in drawers and it drives me crazy!

  9. I'm glad Papa Pea convinced you to spend a little--those jars are going to look perfect in your beautiful rack.
    You seem to have found the perfect spot for it. Happy Seasoning!

  10. Love the spice cabinet and jars! How does it feel to be in the home stretch? (I can only dream)

    Ha! My word verification word is "cookings." How appropriate is that?

  11. In my old life I probably was like your friend -if someone needed something-I'd say"wait a minute -I think I have something-I had everything my husband and I laugh now at the way I used to pack to go stay at the 100 year old cabin-no amenities a tol so I improvised and brought everything from the baby tub to the kitchen sink-I think they are collectibles now the big white ones with red trim wash pans,I'm sure you at least have seen them---did I loose track of space again-well I do like your spice rack tho

  12. Can't wait to see what she comes up with! Some poor farmer somewhere has loose nuts and bolts laying around now! That's where I always see those little prize jars!

  13. Judy - Yeah, spice jars that MATCH! What a unusual happenstance, eh? I've never had such a thing before, that's for sure!

    Erin - Lots better than my little bins of herbs and spices tucked away in a lower cabinet!

    Jo (El A!) - Oh my, the kleenex holder is over 45 years old! I got it shortly after we were first married. Ordered it from a mail order catalog company that I'm sure is no defunct. This is another little thing I've not had room to hand and use for many years!

    JJ - Yep, I purposefully looked for dark colored jars because they keep the contents fresh longer. When I use a spice and see it's getting down a bit, I put it on my list to refill. Not too hard. ;o]

    Jen - I know you're in the thick of it!

    Ruth - Having them in drawers might be more convenient than mine have been in little bins in low cabinets!

    Sue - And it's not like I won't have and use these spice jars FOREVER!

  14. Leigh - In the home stretch? Well, on the kitchen, yes. But when I think of the living room . . . ugh. I need a prescription for high-octane energy quick!

    judy - Back before we had electricity and running water, I used a couple of those white enameled, red trimmed basins every single day!

    APG - Oh, how you made me laugh thinking of that poor farmer with his loose nuts and bolts!


  16. Those jars are wonderful - such a good idea. My spices and herbs are in a really mishmash of sizes, heights and materials. They constantly are falling over, under and off each other. Please come visit me and straighten me out? Pretty pleeeze?

  17. judy - I never had to do the "dirt floor" thing . . . thank heavens!

    Susan - Not sure I'm the one to organize anyone else. It only took me 47 years of housekeeping to work my way to the point of having matched spice jars!! What's next? Coffee mugs that match?? (Nah.)