Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This One's For You, Erin

I took my annual fall picture of my Virginia Creeper this afternoon.

Here it is in all its fall splendor of color. It didn't get as big or thick this year but I'm pretty sure that's because (dummy, dummy, dummy) I didn't get around to pruning it this early spring when it was still dormant. It was already sprouting little green leaves when I finally made it out there with my pruners and gave it a bit of a shaping up. I'll know to make sure to do it at the usual earlier time from now on.

Our trees are just about at the peak of their color season right now. Here's hoping we can get by a few weeks without a wind storm that rips all the leaves off the trees.

Oh, if we could only make this particular time of year last about three months!


  1. Does that plant make little berries on it? I have something that looks like that growing on the garage, but this year for the first time ever it has little berries on it. Dont know what it is.

  2. It's gorgeous! I'm so glad Papa Pea was able to "sit on his hands" with this one! (that's what my mom always told us to do LOL)... our fence is covered in it but all is still green...

  3. Jane - Mine has never popped out with any berries . . . and it's about 15 years old now. I guess I'm not a lot of help . . . ?

    Erin - Funny thing, Papa Pea has been very quiet about eradicating the window blocking Virginia Creeper ever since I told him you and I would gang up and take him down if he tried anything. ;o]

  4. Is that what that plant's called? I never knew. The wind has blown most of the leaves off over here already. Don't you love this Indian Summer?

  5. I agree-autumn should hang around in full blazing glory for a lot longer than what it does. I have a favorite tree down the road from me---incredible red foliage in the fall........that lasts a whopping 6-7 days. Not nearly long enough!

    Your creeper looks great. I thought it was poisen ivy/oak when we moved here and chopped it down.
    Now THAT is dummy dummy dummy!

  6. Great color! I don't think we are going to have much of a foliage this year, between Irene coming through and now the never ending rain, there isn't much left for leaves. The maples are still green and full though, so there is hope:)

  7. you get all the pretty colors first---jk gotta go-the "bus" is almost here

  8. Isn't that a beautiful color? I absolutely love this time of year. I wish it would last for months and we could drop kick summer out the door.

  9. It's beautiful but how does it stay attached to your house? I don't see any wires or lattice.

  10. Lovely in the summer, making your bathroom beautiful and lovely now! Thanks, Papa Pea, for letting it stay! :)

  11. odiie - Yepper, my very favorite time of year! The Virginia Creeper grows quite well in our area. Two little starter shoots were given to me about 15 years ago from one that climbs up all three sides of an upper story deck.

    Sue - Did your creeper come back after you chopped it down? Sure hope so!

    Stephanie - Here's hoping you do get some fall color. It just wouldn't seem right without it!

    judy - That's 'cause we're so much farther north than you!

    Susan - Uh-oh. Somebody's still a little cranky about the terribly hot and humid summer!

    Sparkless - I have a 6' high trellis between two windows that it climbs on but gets taller than that so I put three strings from the top part of the trellis out to three screws in the house siding on either side. The tendrils climb out on the strings and then grab on to the window screens on either side. My husband is afraid it's going to take over the world.

    Patty - Thanks, m'dear!