Friday, October 7, 2011

Summer Temps in the Fall

What's going on here? We haven't had a killing frost yet. Matter of fact, our temperatures are rivaling those of a summer's day. Today is October 7th which means we're really pushing the growing season this year. (And me with a barren garden! Rats.)

My volunteer cherry tomato plants are still producing like there's no tomorrow and have enough green tomatoes on them to last until Christmas . . . but somehow I don't think we'll be lucky enough to go frost- free until then!

I never did look at what our thermometer on the south side of the house got up to today, but both Papa Pea and I were sweating while working outside. It must have been close to 80 at least. It was a strange sensation to have my jeans sticking to my legs again. I actually thought about going inside to change into shorts. But then I realized that just wouldn't be right on the 7th of October. Heck, there have been years when we've seen snowflakes by now.

With plenty of outside jobs still to do this fall, we'll not complain about a little perspiration activity or jeans being too warm. The longer we go without having to don two or three layers of clothing to be comfortable outside, the better.

So, I'm curious. How about all of you? Are your temperatures higher than normal this fall?


  1. Our fall temps so far are pretty normal. Sept was one of the driest in a decade. An cold snowy winter is forecast for our winter.
    It would be nice to get a few more nice warm days to work on things outside.

  2. Yep, low 80's here too. And I don't like it. It's not natural and not good for the cool loving fall gardens. But if we learned anything this year it is to expect the unexpected.

  3. Well, I'm not that far from you so I can't say the temps are that different, but isn't it strange?? And soooo very dry? My husband told me that the farmers are starting to get worried with all the standing vegetation and the ultra low humidity. There's been a lot of fires all over. I would like it to cool off a bit, thank you very much! Its too hot to be looking at leaf colors like this!

  4. fiThe whole week we were up in the U.P. it was in the middle 70's. Yesterday on the way home we hit 82. Very warm.
    And the WEIRDEST part? We've had a killing frost--but I had some peaches on the tree that were ready to pick. Huh???

  5. We are in our mid 80's also...when the cold hits it will be a dandy I bet...we should be cooler too.

  6. Your bowl of tomatoes is so pretty! Our temps are pretty normal here too. Of course that's pretty pleasant in my part of the south (highs in the 70s). It's crazy because we could expect a spike into the 80s or first frost at any time.

  7. Been gorgeous in central Michigan this week - supposed to be near 80F this weekend but dipping into the 50s by mid-week.

  8. 80's here, but that isn't too odd in Arkansas. Trying to get the most out of my fall plantings though so I'm thrilled with the continuation of warm weather; just so long as it doesn't start back up in the 100's again!

  9. Sparkless - We're still needing a whole bunch of rain to catch us up to normal, too. 40% chance of thunderstorms today.

    Jane - So you think this weird weather year might extend right into/through winter, huh? Drat.

    Mama Tea - Yupper, it takes something away from the look of the fall colors when it's in the 80s and you're sweating rather than wearing a sweatshirt and vest!

    Sue - So your peaches survived the killing frost and went on to mature? Now that's strange!

    worn, torn and still woven strong - I can remember growing up in Illinois and having new school clothes (wool skirts and sweaters) that were oh-so-too-warm for September and October weather!

    Leigh - I guess I'm surprised you could get your first frost at this time of year. I would have guessed much later.

    Jen - We're forecast to go into the 50s-60s next week too. Also to get some rain which would be great.

    Carolyn Renee - I think there were all too many parts of the country that saw more 100 degree days this past summer than they ever want to see again!

  10. We have been freezing for the last week, with daytime temps just barely 60, and had a few nights where it got down to 29 or so. But I am going to bask in the warmth that will be ours for the next few days! We are going to be 80 today, 85 tomorrow, and then high 70's for the next few days. After nearly a week of cold temps and downpours of rain, I am not complaining!! LOL!
    We will be working on getting the garden to bed for winter. Even with the cold temps, we haven't got much foliage yet....rain is wiping out the leaves before they can change. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  11. Stephanie - You're in one of the few places I've heard of that are experiencing cooler than usual weather. Good luck with no rain for getting that garden tucked in for the winter!

    judy - Hang in there, ma'am. It will be cooling off soon. I hope.

  12. We are cool here finally! I had to look twice at my computer temps the other morning when I saw you were warmer than us, by almost 10 degrees! Lately it's been highs of about 66 and down into the 40's at night - absolute perfection in my book! I'm so glad you are getting those volunteer tomatoes, they look wonderful! Who woulda thought you'd be getting tomatoes well after us? LOL, mine are kaput and in the trash :)

  13. NC weather has been crazy this year. We had a very long, hot, humid summer and have been welcoming the change lately. It gets to the low 50's most nights but by afternoon it is pushing the mid 70's sometimes almost 80. We have been enjoying this a lot. It could stay this way for a good month or two and I would be thrilled. Your tomatoes are gorgeous. I am just now finally getting some peppers. Thought the plants were going to die but we got a bit of rain and they, unlike the tomatoes, have come back strong.

  14. Erin - Yup, the weather temps have been whacky. When I think we should be well into wood burning season by now . . .

    What surprises me about my cherry tomatoes is that they are so good flavored, too. We'll enjoy them while we can!

    Karen L. Good golly, your temps in NC sound exactly like ours (maybe even a little cooler!) in NE Minnesota! What's going on?

  15. Isn't it wonderful? We have cooler temps today, but still lovely.

  16. Weighing in late (as usual), our weekend was downright hot! I am never satisfied - I couldn't take the heat! But it was also sunny and D.R.Y. Heavenly. But, also, weird.

  17. Out here in Southern Oregon our summer was cooler than normal - only had a few days in the 90's. Had a tiny bit of rain/snow mix last weekend, but mostly rain. With the ground so wet we need a fast freeze, but the temps are due to go up a bit this week. The deer have an abundance of fat on them so I hope we have a very snowy winter not just cold.

    The last year or so has been wonky with the temps, but fire season was very quiet - yeah!

  18. odiie - On our trip to the big city yesterday (Monday) we dressed for the weather forecast . . . and ended up sweltering! Guess you can't tell what to expect this time of year.

    Susan - We need rain soooo badly. We were supposed to get some last night and today but you couldn't tell it by the sunshine and clear skies!

    Yvette - A rain/snow mix already! Yep, we have to prepare for that as I'm afraid it's going to change quickly up here when it does. Glad you squeaked through your fire season this year with no mishaps. That's good.