Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Did It! Sort of.

I quilted today until I could quilt no more. My body isn't used to that much inactivity, I guess, because I stiffened up in so many muscles that long about an hour or so ago I had to give up and reluctantly crawl out of my quilt cave.

What did I do in there?

I had lots of fun playing around making some Halloween potholders. As you can see, I didn't get even one completed. Got the binding started on only one of them, but the binding is all that has to be done to finish them all.

I did take a little time off from quilting this afternoon to brown and start a pot roast simmering for tomorrow. And I also baked a batch of cookies for Papa Pea. Well, see, he has been a pretty good boy lately and after he pathetically asked, "So, we really don't have any more cookies stashed in the freezer anywhere?", what could I do? I mean I didn't even cook one single decent meal today, and the poor guy obviously needed a cookie fix.

The good news for the forest fires still burning in our area is that it has rained almost all day today. A light mist/drizzle this morning that turned to a steady rain all afternoon. I don't know of anyone that won't be happy about this wet day. It should help the fire fighters significantly and last week when I worked on weeding the strawberry patch trying to get a head start for putting it to bed for the winter, the dirt resembled concrete. Now I should be able to finish up that task a lot easier and quicker.

I wouldn't mind watching a Netflix movie to end this lovely day, but I know darn good and well that I'd fall asleep if I tried it. Gotta work up my stamina a little more for all of this relaxing.


Patty said...

I love your pot holders! Sometimes it's fun to work on smaller projects for variety. That looks like one of those projects. :)
It's sometimes hard to stop, relax, and enjoy, so congratulations on taking some time to do something you love! I succeeded in doing absolutely nothing but relax with the fam until about 7:00, but then got up to can some grape juice. Bundle of Joy's daddy brought the grapes this evening, and then I just couldn't resist.

Leigh said...

Your pot holders are so cute! Beautiful! Inactive in one way, but productive in another. Papa Pea sounds like Dan. Even when we agree no desserts until the weekend, he's always wondering what's for dessert!

Sparkless said...

Halloween potholders, Wonderful! Even if you didn't finish them you can still see what they will look like.
You did more on your inactive day that I did in one of my active days. LOL!

Mama Pea said...

Patty - Yes, I did need just a small project because I knew it will be some time before I would get back to work on a bigger one.

Aha!I was wondering where you got grapes!!

Leigh - When I bake cookies, he asks that I hide them in the freezer so he won't be tempted to see and eat them all. But then he's forever asking if we have any in the freezer! Well, if it keeps their work energy up, guess we've gotta cater to 'em!

Sparkless - Nope, you can't make me believe that with two teenagers plus a husband to take care of you don't get a lot done in a day!

Dirt Lover said...

Your day produced lots of cool stuff! I love your potholder tops, and I'm sure you will put them to good use next month. Glad you got to have a day for yourself. And that Papa Pea got his cookies!!!

beth said...

Is that why my neck hurts all the time? Quilting?? Please don't tell me it's so! YOur potholders are GREAT! I bet it felt good to sew today!

Sue said...

Mmmm-pot roast--It's getting to be that time of year, good things simmering on the stove.
Papa Pea sounds a bit like my husband-I have tins of cookies in the freezer and we HAVE to have a coffee break every morning with them. Could explain my thunder thighs-LOL! Oh, I was supposed to skip that daily treat? I'll get right on that.....ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Those are so cute Mama Pea! Love the colors:) Hehe who knew relaxing was such hard work. But you are such a good wife, to keep your hubby in cookies. I know how he feels, if I get a craving for something, I dislike if I have to wait for it.
Have a great day, and so glad to hear you finally got some much needed rain:)

judy said...

I'll take 5 please -they are so cute but I imagine for looks mostly? my son Dan has threatened to throw all MY pot holders out - I say" buy me a ove glove" if your tired of burning your hands. I am so glad the fire are getting a helping hand from mother nature,where HAS she been lately [ going through menopause]I am dropping a pot roast in as we speak and Jerry's brother will be here today.....get back to you on that one

Sharon said...

I've given you the Liebster Blog award. I love you blog!

Freedom Acres Farm said...

Yea! on the quilting. I'm not quite there yet. My sewing room is a disaster from quick trips in there for mending during the summer but I haven't even THOUGHT of entering for "real" yet. Gotta get the canning done. Soon, very soon :-)

I was up close to your neck of the woods on Saturday. We made it as far as Gooseberry Falls. Wow, was it busy. It was crawling with people and the leaves weren't even pretty yet!!

Have a good week. And here's to hoping you get lots more time in the quilting studio :-)

Carolyn said...

Those are cute holiday potholders! Any Thanksgiving / Christmas ones in the making??

Glad you got rain. We finally got some this weekend, although it's too late for the hay and gardens.

Erin said...

Good for you! I only left one word "yay" on your last post because I saw you had another already up and wanted to see what you made LOL. I already have my next project picked out but once again am waiting for "the right time" to begin which of course never appears!

mtnchild said...

Love the potholders! What do you use with the batting to keep the heat from coming through? I've wanted to make some new ones but not sure what works well.

Did it feel strange to sew again ... LOL

Susan said...

You did it! I LOVE those pot holders! How nice to just focus on something creative that doesn't have toxic fumes....I'm glad you were able to force yourself to get back into it. And a pot roast? Yum!!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Would you believe I have never made a potholder? Although with alot of UFOs laying around, I could certainly repurpose.

I don't think you have to finish a project for the therapy to have been a success! Betting that you feel better already!!

This was overdue for you ma'am. And much deserved!

trump said...

Thats interesting a holloween quilt. Richard

Mama Pea said...

Beth - I think we just need to get up more frequently when we quilt . . . walk around and "shake it loose" now and then. :o]

Sue - I see nothing wrong with a coffee break and sweet treat every morning. Gives ya energy to keep going. You get enough exercise in your beautiful garden that I don't believe that "thunder thighs" thing for a minute!

Stephanie - Thank you! Papa Pea does so much for me that I figure keeping him in cookies is the least I can do. Plus he's not over-weight and eats healthy. Store bought cookies with all their preservatives I don't think would be good for him, but homemade ones with all good ingredients are fine.

judy - I like to take my quilted potholders as little hostes gifts and sure hope people DO use them. That's what they're meant for.

Sharon - Thank you so very much for giving me the Liebster award but I made the decision long ago not to participate in award giving because I read so many wonderful blogs that I would feel badly singling out 1 or 2 or 5 to pass the award along to. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by not naming them . . . sort of like the kid at school who didn't get picked for the team. Please understand that I really do appreciate your kindness though. Thanks again.

Mama Pea said...

Freedom Acres - I know just what you mean about going into the sewing room only to make repairs this summer.

Our colors are really slow in coming this year which is strange since we've been so dry. You would think it would be just the other way around.

Carolyn Renee - Oh, I'd LOVE to make some Thanksgiving and Christmas potholders. But . . . remodeling first!

Erin - As soon as your house is sold, you'll have a lovely winter of sewing! (Fingers crossed!)

Yvette - I've always used two layers of Warm 'n Natural which seems quite adequate. You could put in a layer of that heat reflective silver fabric if you wanted.

Mama Pea said...

Susan - Thank you, m'dear! Loved working on those potholders. The pot roast turned out yummy, too!

APG - I confess I have potholders for each season/holiday. I like to do them to learn new blocks but, as you say, they could be useful for using up "orphan" blocks.

Richard - I've never made a Halloween themed quilt but these potholders were sure fun.