Sunday, September 18, 2011

Can She Do It?

I'm taking the whole day today to spend in my quilt studio. (Although just getting into my quilt studio with all the "stuff" stored in there because of our remodeling is a challenge in itself.)

Needing to spend some time in a creative manner with my mind and hands (no paint brushes allowed) has been gnawing (GNAWING, I say) on me for some time now.

Something woke me at 4:30 this morning so I got out of bed, wrapped myself in my warm robe, made myself a latte (which woke up Papa Pea in the process -- oops), and headed for a head-first dive into fabric, thread and batting.

Now a little before 10 a.m. I need a short stretch and break. I see I've gotta take my time working back into this quilting thing; seems I have a little tension in my neck, back and shoulder muscles.

Can I forget everything else I could/should be doing on this gray, drippy Sunday and allow myself to quilt, quilt, quilt?

Stay tuned . . .


Dirt Lover said...

YES! You can do it! I just know you can! Do you feel all the good vibes coming from me to you?? If you need a little more "oomph" feel free to make yourself another latte, or maybe some hot chocolate. (Hey, that sounds good!) Keep us posted!

Jane said...

Absolutely! And enjoy every minutes of it too!

Sparkless said...

Sure you can! Something woke me up at 4:30am today too but I just chucked him outside and went back to bed (it was the cat).
I can't wait to see what quilting project you are working on.

Sue said...

Well, you're getting closer to that 3 a.m. wake up time.
Enjoy the day.
Then back to work!!!

MaineCelt said...

Huzzah! A Quilter's Sabbath--one whole day reserved for fabric-and-thread PLAY!!!

Stephanie said...

Hope you got some much needed creative therapy:)

Mama Pea said...

Lori - Your suggestion made me want another latte, but I was so intent on my quilting that I didn't even stop to make one!

Jane - I DID enjoy it, but boy, did I stiffen up from spending so much time without much physical activity!! (I must practice doing that more often so I can take it, right?)

Sparkless - Glad to hear it was the cat you chucked outside rather than your husband.

Sue - I'm tryin', I'm tryin'! (You are one mean task master (mistress). What happens if I refuse to go back to work tomorrow? Huh?)

MaineCelt - I did quilt all day! Well, except for an hour or so I took out to bake some cookies for that big, ol' cookie whiner I live with. Couldn't blame him though. It's been a loooong time since we ran out of cookies.

Stephanie - I did feel really good! Thanks for you well wishes.

Erin said...


The Apple Pie Gal said...

Therapy. It's called therapy.

I will need a straight jacket soon if I don't get me some.

Mama Pea said...

APG - What is it with us "sewers/quilters"? For me I think it's just creating something with my hands. I've been like that since I was little . . . always crafting something out of paper or fiber. (We could have worse habits. :o] )