Friday, September 16, 2011

Pics from the Past Week or So

Our California family is currently winging their way back home and it's time for Mama and Papa Pea to put their work clothes back on and dive into chores needing to be done!

But first, a quick (although lengthy in pictures) recap of what's been going on the last week and a half.

We did manage to take M & D on a hike or two before the smoke from the forest fires in our area got too thick.

A little rest at the top at the spectacular overlook. Papa Pea's brother M and his wife D in the foreground, Papa Pea in background.

Papa Pea in a contemplative pose.

M & D on the return trail ahead of us after going down one area of steep steps. Much easier going down than coming up!

We did coerce them into helping with a bit of work while they were here. Above we're applying new caulking to the top inlet of the stovepipe for our main wood burning stove. I'm manning (womaning?) the caulk gun, D is smoothing the caulk with a highly technical tool (a popsicle stick) and M is lending support . . . and paper toweling.

D donned my Mrs. Darth Vader mask after volunteering to do the spray painting on the stove. (I'm sure she's thrilled this picture leaves her so unrecognizable because she looks about as fetching in the get-up as I do.)

The next day after the paint had thoroughly dried, Papa Pea took advantage of M's help to move the stove back into the house.

In place and nearly ready to be fired up.

A couple of days later, Papa Pea dragged M out as slave labor to do some wood working.

We had a couple of big poplar trees fall this summer right on our pile of eight-foot long logs waiting to be processed. More work for Papa Pea to clear them off before he could start the "real" chainsawing.

We are so, so blessed to have the good neighbor we do. Mr. Heavy Machinery Neighbor was clearing a client's land for a house site. The people didn't want the maple trees he took down and asked him to remove them. We were the lucky recipients of this big pile of excellent firewood delivered right to our wood working area.

Last night was the last time for the five of us to get together. Above from left to right is SIL D, Chicken Mama, me and M.

Same line-up but Papa Pea in my place next to his "little" brother. What we really needed was someone here to take a picture of the five of us as a group!


Jane said...

Beautiful pictures, wonderful family times, and all I can think of is how can I get some willing volunteers like that to make a stop here. Hummmm.

Sparkless said...

You can sure tell Papa Pea and his brother are related, they look very alike. It looks like you all had a wonderful visit. Now back to the grindstone! LOL!

Sue said...

Glad you had a great time, and lots of extra help. Now, party time is over---back to WORK!
Sorry, couldn't resist!

judy said...

Wow ,you look gorgeous n those pictures,at least 10 years younger than me! ---I'm so jealous and I bet your in-laws are gonna take it easy when they get home,you about worked them to death----jk I'm glad you had a extra set of hands to get a few things done,all work and no play makes momma pea a old...... [ I didn't say it]

Mama Pea said...

Jane - Volunteers? I don't think we gave them a choice!

Sparkless - Yep, and their older brother (passed on now) looked much like them also. You are so right . . . back to the grindstone, for sure!

Sue - Man, you guys are all hard task masters!!

judy - Well, thank you very much for the compliment! (I've had lots of plastic surgery. ;o])

Leigh said...

Great photos. Looks like you all had an excellent time together. A good break from the usual routine, right?

Mama Pea said...

Leigh - The hard thing is getting BACK to the usual routine! :o]

Patty said...

It's nice to have you back! I'm glad you were able to enjoy yourselves. :)

Susan said...

It's always nice to have company, aka slave labor, for a while. That's one way to make sure the visitors "hear their mothers calling" before too long! Beautiful vistas up there -- looks like they got lots of fresh air and exercise. Your little stove looks great and it's nice to see the family pics. Has it cooled down up there?

Mama Pea said...

Patty - I'm back! Now I need to call in the crew of 15 to get me caught back up!

Susan - Yes, thank heavens! The first couple of days M & D were here we accused them of bringing CA weather with them because it was ungodly hot and humid. Leveled off for the mid-part of their stay and then we had slight frost the last two nights they were here. Ah, yes, such is the fall season in NE Minnesota! We'll probably still have days that spike up to very warm yet before Jack Frost settles in permanently.

mtnchild said...

I think we all love having extra help - I know I do.

The pictures are beautiful; trees and water, and steep trails. I can relate, we have lots of that here too.

I've been away for a while helping a girlfriend deal with the death of her husband, and it hasn't been easy. She made the big decision to move out here with me as she has no close family or friends where she is. I'm back now!

Dirt Lover said...

So nice to have them come to visit you. Glad you took a few days off to just go see the sites and enjoy each others company. I have a question about the picture of the two people on a trail in front of the camera. Do you remember what the trail was made of? It looks really cool. Half logs? Boards? Something else? Just wondering if I could do that here. Thanks for a glimpse of you family!

Mama Pea said...

Yvette - So sorry to hear of the death of your friend's husband. I'm sure you were invaluable to her with your help and support. Is she living with you or in the general area?

Lori - I'd say the "steps" were made of heavy timbers cut to size. They were very solid pieces of lumber maybe 8" to 12" thick. The earth had been cut out and the steps set into the steep bank.

You Can Call Me Jane said...

You sure live in gorgeous country. I love having company and I'm always glad to get back to normal. Enjoy your "normal"!

Mama Pea said...

I'll Call You Jane - Thank you for your kind words, dearie-dear. Yep, getting back to "normal" does feel good. And when you think of it, I guess that means we love our regular, old, every day life. Isn't that a blessing?

Erin said...

Great photos! What a great deal on that firewood, it's nice to have great neighbors. The woodstove looks fantastic with the fresh paint and that tile, nicely done!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

(ok first, gonna kick Jane! she keeps turning us down!)

MamaPea now...I hope your family made it home safely and their arms aren't too tired.

As always, I love your scenic pictures and really think I need to come live with you.

And I betcha you have a timer on that there digital camera...

Lisa said...

Hi Mama Pea ~ You live in such a beautiful area and what great memories ya'll made with your family. I had to laugh because when Tom's brother flew out from Nebraska last fall to visit for a few days, Tom put him right to work running a chainsaw and splitting wood! Those two guys had the best time working wood together.

Mama Pea said...

Erin - Thanks, Erin! I still can't believe D brought all that maple home for us. Whadda guy! Everyone should be blessed with neighbors like D and M.

APG - I know, I know. (She says sheepishly.) There are lots of things on my camera I have no idea how to use. :o\

Lisa - I can't think of anything better than to have two guys working together on putting up wood!