Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Lot of Time with Tile Today

Our friend and carpenter extraordinaire B was able to give us a day of her time today so we jumped back into the remodeling by getting the floor tile laid in the kitchen.

The first order of the day was to move everything we could out of the kitchen (hey, you sure this is not going backwards?) and spread a sealer/leveler on our very uneven floor. Above Papa Pea is mixing up another small batch because it dried in the pail very quickly after being prepared.

B and Papa Pea getting the last of the leveler just right.

Papa Pea tip-toeing across the floor after applying the film of adhesive and having decided it had finally dried enough. We could have all taken a nap in the time it took to dry but instead stood around . . . well, watching the adhesive dry.

Me on the left and B on the right starting to lay the tile around the stove.

The work day ended with the floor covered except for the pieces we have to cut and fit around the perimeter.

The tile looks pretty "busy" to me in that last picture, but I'm pretty sure once everything is moved back in and the large expanse is broken up it will be fine. (Yes, that is our refrigerator peeking through the doorway of the to-be living room.)

I don't know how B feels tonight but I do know two people in this house who have a couple of aches and pains from so much time spent on the floor involving sore knees and creaky backs. But, heck, a few stiff drinks and a good night's rest and . . . we'll probably still have sore knees and creaky backs tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

You may be sore, but that sure looks beautiful! Great job!

Amy Dingmann said...

How lovely to have the tile done! And as far as the stiff drinks... you won't know if it cures those aches and pains unless you try!

judy said...

hey,even my back is sore for you!.It is gonna look like a whole new house when your finally all done.I might come back tom and comment again.don't know what I'm doing up so late [ for me]in another 4 hours I'll be awake again and so will Jerry,ill say you awake--we're starting to sound like the Walton's.Jerry lost another 4 ponds yesterday

Sparkless said...

Oh goodness you both must be sore. The tile looks great though and at least you have most of it done.

Sue said...

The end is near! Flooring-hooray!!!
You'll be cooking up a storm real soon.
And you are a bad influence. I slept in today--5:30!!!!!!!!!!
I feel so "behind" it isn't funny. I have 48,389 blogs to catch up on. I don't know how people do it--sleeping in so late!
It doesn't help that the past few days have been so crazy busy I haven't had time for ANYTHING. Oh, wait-this is YOU I'm talking to. Never mind. You know what it's like.....

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Wow looks great. Not busy at all, unless your talking about all those hands there. They are very busy. You are really making headroom now.

Chicken Mama said...

Holy MOLEY, Rocky! I had no idea! Wow! Talk about a HUGE amount done . . . AND when you weren't even really back into the swing of remodeling yet!

Susan said...

I love that tile! And you're right - once you put in your appliances, table, island, etc. it will be perfect! Nice job. I hope you both had a couple of adult beverages and slept well. It's amazing what you two get done in a day!

mtnchild said...

WOW, that looks great! Now the kitchen looks almost finished. A bit of moving around the island and appliances and you will have a huge kitchen.

Just like everyone else, I hurt just looking at the picture of your beautiful tile.


The Apple Pie Gal said...

I don't envy you that job at all! But at least it is done and you can mark one more item off the list. You do have a list, right?

Mama Pea said...

Stephanie - Not as sore as I thought I'd be this morning, just tired!

Mama Tea - I shoulda taken your advice and indulged last night. Didn't. Didn't sleep very well. Too tired. :o\

judy - You've gotta be cookin' Jerry his favorite meals! (I know you already are.) Hope no more weight loss in the near future. Sending good thoughts your way, as always.

Sparkless - Got the very last of it finished today. Whew-ee! What a big job off the list.

Sue - You slept in til 5:30 yesterday morning? Don't you go gettin' lazy on me now!

It really does throw you off when you're a morning person and those early hours get away from you.

Jane - Thanks for the assurance you don't think it looks too busy. Much, much different from the plain stained plywood floor all those years.

Chicken Mama - I guess we're back into it now, huh?

Susan - We're really feeling it today in the way of tiredness. Must get to bed early tonight to recharge.

Yvette - Now to reinstall the floor molding and try to reorganize the kitchen so it is more convenient, put bookshelves and curtain valances back up, etc. Still have to repaint the old white cabinet frames we saved yellow. And poly the new pine doors as soon as they're made.

APG - I didn't mind the tiling . . . must worse jobs I'd rather avoid.

Do we have a list? HAHAHAHAHA! Yupper, a looooooong list!

Erin said...

It's taking me awhile to catch up here, but WOW look at all that space! After your stiff drink did you slide across it on your socks? Come on, I know you did! :)

Mama Pea said...

Erin - I was so nervous about catching the corner of a tile and ripping it up, I didn't dare! (No fear though, everything is stuck tight!)