Thursday, September 1, 2011


Just about ready to fall off my desk chair here so I hope I can make sense. Chicken Mama left a few minutes ago after stopping by on her way home and her parting words to me were, "You should really try to live through this, Mama, so you can enjoy it when it's done."

Rained all day yesterday and very gray with un-bee-leev-able humidity today and temperature in the 80s. I thought we were done with this awful sticky stuff for this year.

These following pictures are from yesterday.

Because of the rain we had to do all the cutting, routing, sawing and gluing inside yesterday. It spread sawdust and assorted particles flying through the air into every nook and cranny.

B and Papa Pea gluing the laminate onto the back splash of the 12' long counter. The spray glue to hold the laminate down was noxious. I wore my Mrs. Darth Vader mask all day and we had two fans going to exhaust the fumes.

Counter is built and in place. Crikey, that thing was heavy.

Preparations to cut the hole for the sink in the counter.

That's B inside an unbelievably small area screwing the counter top down.

Then the fun began. After being without a kitchen sink for two days I was ready to hook up the new faucet and spray attachment. All went well until we found we were missing a very vital clamp that held two pieces together. When we purchased the faucet set, the box was taped shut but when we got into it yesterday it became evident the contents had been tampered with. This was a faucet set that had been purchased in the big city, 130 miles away. Nothing like it in our little town. They system simply could not be jury-rigged or made to work without that clamp.

We took the old faucet off our old sink we'd just removed and got that temporarily hooked up so that at least I do having running water in the kitchen sink. You should have seen the batch of dishes I tackled first thing this morning . . . after Papa Pea worked until 11 last night to get us temporarily up and going.

Now we have to wait for the needed part to arrive first of next week before we can proceed. But we did get the 7' island in today so I'll take some pictures of that tomorrow.


  1. Oh... I remember the exhaustion of kitchen remodel well. Too bad your new faucet doesn't work. We still don't have a working sprayer on ours- It's there- it just doesn't work- still- after 5 months... But there are more important things than a spray attachment on the sink.
    Glad you got in the counters safely- they are a real pain in the @ss.

  2. It is coming along so nicely and boy is it going to be beautiful. I can not wait to see the final product. I know you can't either. ;D

  3. Wow - that is coming along nicely and is going to be SO PRETTY when it's done. Bummer on the faucet, but at least you do have water for the time being and the part is on the way!

  4. Oh no, she really is losing it folks...makin' up words that absolutely make sense even.

    CM is right, you guys need to live thur it and enjoy it. All the dust will settle soon (sorry for the inside work) and all the dishes will get done, but ya gotta be here to do it.

    Well what is done looks wonderful!!!

    I hope you get to bed earlier tonight. You'll feel better for it!

  5. Hope you can get some solid sleep tonight... hang in there and think about how beautiful it will look when it's done.

  6. Oh wow it's looking good! Glad to hear you have a working sink again. Isn't that always the way when you get something and are excited about it and then something goes wrong? At least you can order the part and get it fairly soon.
    Those counters look fantastic!

  7. Wow-it's looking good! Love the new counter top...but sorry to hear about the faucet. It's such a pain when stuff like that happens-just be glad you hadn't thrown the old faucet out.
    How much longer do you have to go?

  8. Who dares to tamper with the faucet package??? GRRRR!!! How very frustrating! I'm sure you looked lovely in the Ms. Darth Vader Mask though. I can't wait to see it when its all finished. I think we should hold a virtual online party for you when its all said and done!!

  9. Someone say "party" absolutely the biggest one !Great idea momma tea.First they have to finish tho.I wish you had some helpers.Anyone know of a re-vitalizing drink for the the worn out momma?

  10. Sure you want to cut that sink hole? I'm thinking that counter rivals any great bar shuffleboard table! You can do dishes outside at the hand pump. No? LOL.... it all looks great, far better than our remodel went, but we tore down all the walls in the house so everything went on all at the same time. Can't wait to see that island, looks like everything is coming along with time to spare before winter, you planned it well this summer!

  11. It looks fabulous. Even if it is going to kill you. Cant wait to see the island.

  12. That laminate is GORGEOUS! What exhausting work for the two of you. You should heed your daughter's words - make sure you get to enjoy all this work. It steams my grits when people -- knowingly, I would bet -- sell you something incomplete. Fercryinoutloud. I can't wait to see the island and completed sink. It is turning out so beautifully, sticky weather or not! Hang in there, kiddo.

  13. It looks beautiful! So sorry a part was missing for your new faucet. I keep reminding myself to check for tape on a purchase. It stinks they put returned items back on the shelf! Can't wait to see the island. Great job guys.

  14. NICE JOB! Just remember, saw dust is a nice added fiber, last week we had some sprinkled on lunch :) Don't you LOVE the smell of fresh cut wood?

  15. wowie, even with the faucet snafu, that's a lot of work. can't wait to see the final photos!

  16. That countertop looks gorgeous! I agree with Chicken Mama - you have to live to enjoy that! :)

  17. Thanks to ALL of you for your continued compliments and concerns for this tired remodeling team in Minnie-soda. Hoping to get the new faucet installed permanently tomorrow -- wha-hoo!

    I've been so tired lately that I'm sleeping really well. Maybe I've just passed out, but it feels pretty good.

    The tile in the kitchen is going to have to wait two weeks to get done 'cause we're getting company for 10 days this coming Wednesday. Then the wood stove gets reinstalled and as soon as all the upper cabinet doors are made and polyed and I repaint the cabinets themselves, the kitchen will be done.

    Then it's on to the living room which I think is gonna be a LOT easier than the kitchen. Thank heavens!

    Welcome Wendy Rogers and thanks for commenting!