Monday, September 5, 2011

Laboring on Labor Day in a Good Way

If I get my new sink and new faucet permanently hooked up today, I'm more than willing to do the work on a holiday!

The last few days since my last post have been busy ones, but I've also been taking a little time to slow down a bit and let some things slide in an effort to recharge my leaking batteries. (Gee, sounds like a personal problem, doesn't it?)

Although I'm waking in the morning still feeling like I slept under the wheels of a cement truck and BEFORE the alarm goes off (what's with that?), I'm not currently lying awake for a couple of hours in the middle of the night being unable to find the "off" switch for my monkey mind. That's progress in my book.

I'm starting to arrange kitchen stuff in the center island, pantry (limited because of the construction materials stashed in there) and kitchen cabinets. That feels really good but now I still can't find anything when I need it because of the rearrangement.

Hope to post some pictures later today if all goes well. And it WILL go well! Today's gonna be a good one.


  1. You poor dear and while your at it can you send me that battery charger when your done [ THANKS FOR THE NICE COMMENTS ON PATTY'S PAGE] I WILL SO TAKE THEM TO HEART-NOW I'M GOING TO GO TURN MY NEW OLD GRILL UPSIDE DOWN AND WRITE WEBER A NASTY LETTER---HE,HE

  2. Glad to hear you'll get your sink back today Mama Pea and that your batteries are staying charged. Nothing worse than than feeling run down and not getting a good sleep.

  3. What an exciting day, getting running water in your kitchen again! :) I have been meaning to re-arrange my kitchen to make it work better, guess it's a good thing I rent and can't do a major demolition to motivate me to do the reorganizing lol.
    Can't wait to see pictures Mama Pea:)

  4. Good to see/hear that you are still with us. I was a wee bit concerned when you went missing for a few days. Figured that you were just working too hard to post and/or resting when time allowed. Hope you have water by now. Yay, water. Very difficult to live without it in it's right place .... like the kitchen for goodness sake!!!

  5. I'm getting so excited for the unveiling of the finished kitchen! Feels close now! I'm sure you'll get the new arrangement firmly in your mind soon. I feel for you there. All I moved yesterday was my garbage can, and it's frustrating to go across the room to where it used to be, then back track to the "more convenient" new location. ;)

  6. Sometimes I think that same cement truck stops here at night. We have to get that guys license plate.

  7. It's not me sending vibes up there to wake up early. Nope. I don't know nothing. Nothing I tell you.
    (pretty soon--3 AM--Yup!!)

    Hope you're having fun filling all the spaces. I'm so happy for you!!!

    3 am

    3 am

    3 am

  8. judy - I still need the battery charger a little while longer but will send it on to you asap. ;o}

    Sparkless - I think I'm on the up-swing again. Seeing some real progress sure helps!

    Stephanie - I'm sure you'll come up with dandy ideas that you can do in your kitchen without a major remodel. Be sure to take before and after pictures for us all.

    Karen L. - YES! The water is flowing well in the kitchen again. What a relief. Not having it in the bathroom ain't great, but those dishes sure do stack up when you don't have a kitchen sink!

  9. Patty - Oh gosh, I had to laugh at you and your garbage can relocation. These past few weeks of having my kitchen torn apart have pointed out just how many moves we make without giving it a conscious thought! Guess we have to operate that way or we'd be so slow we'd never get anything done!

    Jane - Yeah. And it wouldn't be so bad if the truck wasn't full.

    Erin - A couple/few in the new post I just got up!

    Sue - The first morning I get up for the day at 3 a.m., I'm calling you!

    Seriously, I want to be able to follow your schedule when I grow up. Since my very most productive hours are first thing in the morning, what would be better than to start REALLY early in the morning?? (And what the heck am I still doing up now at 9:05?? I'm supposed to be in bed reading.)