Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rats . . .

Woke up this morning to rain on the roof . . . and all other parts out there in the great out-of-doors.

Not that we don't need the rain, because we really, really do, but we also needed a dry weather day in order to finish the cutting, gluing and construction of the kitchen counter top. The same counter top that will hold my new kitchen sink which will then be hooked up to water lines and give me, once again and hallelujah, water in the kitchen.

My ever-optimistic husband tells me not to fret, the rain will stop and we'll be able to proceed as planned.

Hope he knows of what he speaks. Stay tuned.


  1. Well shoot! Hopefully PapaPea is right. That way you can get two things that you need today!

  2. Oh, the power of Papa Pea...let's hope he's powerful today! :)

  3. Into everyones remodel a little rain must fall. I bet your doing dishes by tonight. Wait, is that a good thing?

  4. From Papa Pea's lips to god's ear...

    Someone's GOT to have a talk with Mother Nature. She seems to have flipped her lid. I hope you get a nice, dry afternoon and everything is hooked up, and running smoothly. And then we need pictures.

  5. Ditto - Mother Nature is having way too much fun lately. We are expecting frost here tonight - am going to be wrapping up the garden in frost blankets for sure!

  6. APG - Just after lunch right now and the weather outside is still wet, wet, wet. So we've gone ahead and are doing everything inside, cutting, spraying adhesive, routing, filing . . . making a real mess for sure. But we're moving ahead.

    Mama Tea - Papa Pea's predictive abilities done pooped out on us!

    Jane - B says I WILL be doing my accumulated mass of dishes by tonight. Oh, how I hope she's right! (But it's not even close right now. :o\)

    Susan - Taking pictures . . . hope you can see through the flying dust. Ish.

    2 Tramps - FROST??! Omigosh. Too soon, too soon!

  7. I hope the rain comes my way and leave you alone. I could really use a few days of rain.

  8. Oh my gosh. Is that actual RAIN in the gauge??????? We just had our ELEVENTH day of sun. You cannot imagine how dry it is. Send it here--I'll gladly take it off your hands so you can have a sink. Really. That's just the kind of gal I am!

  9. Sparkless - Doing what I can to shoo the rain in your direction!

    Sue - Aw, you're such a good person. Whadda gal!!

  10. Hope the weather has cleared by now!