Saturday, August 13, 2011

Drawing Out The Suspense

Well, I tell ya, such a job Chicken Mama and I set up for ourselves! Picking a winner for the Name the Birthday Present contest has resulted in quite the go-round between the two of us in order to come to a consensus.

First of all, I have to say that a picture of the gift for the birthday girl who turned forty this momentous birthday year of 2011 will not be pictured in this post.

Here she is opening the box to take a peek.

And a peek is all she's had so far. She was concerned that if she unpacked it here, she'd never get it back into the box for the trip home. In order to get the box and two dogs in her little red car, Tucker the Corgi will have to ride on top of the box.

So the bottom line is that we won't get a picture of the actual item until it is unpacked in her house at Swamp River Ridge sometime tomorrow.

I will tell you that although we received oodles of really good guesses, no one came up with what is in the box. (Actually, I would have fallen right off my desk chair if anyone had nailed it.)

In lieu of posting a picture (and ending this awful suspense I know all of you are going through) and revealing what the item is we will now announce the winners we've chosen as the best guesses.

Drum roll, please.

First place . . . is a tie! Judy and Apple Pie Gal both submitted similar answers that really tickled Chicken Mama's funny bone. Judy guessed it was Ole, a blow-up doll who had to be packaged in a big box because Ole is a big man! Apple Pie Gal thought it was Sven from Sveeden, maybe conscious, maybe not. Perhaps these two answers appealed to Chicken Mama because of wishful thinking?

Second prize goes to Trailshome who thought it was a garden gnome to lurk around the deck at Swamp River Ridge and scare off Chicken Mama's pesky raccoon.

I guess I'd have to agree that even though she doesn't currently have one of any of the above (an Ole, a Sven or a guard gnome) she could probably make use of several of any of them! (Hahahaha!)

Chicken Mama wants to give Honorable Mention to the comment from Katidids. She thought it might be fireplace andirons and tools and that Chicken Mama's home had multiple fireplaces so she needed several sets. CM loved the fantasy that anyone thought she might have so grand a house as to have several fireplaces!

Now I'll need mailing addresses from Judy, APG and Trailshome so your prizes can be sent out to you. Just go over to my right hand side bar, hit the "Contact Me" button and send me an e-mail with the info needed.

Go ahead and call us mean and nasty for making you wait for the picture and reveal of the birthday present. We're dragging this out for all it's worth. Thanks to all who jumped in and participated in the fun!


The Apple Pie Gal said...

HA HA! You girls are too darn funny!

I'm gonna go lay down in my coffin and die from all the suspense dagnabit!

Hurry up CM and open'er up!

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

It's not nice to Tease. Now your doing it a second time. Not nice ladies :p

Mama Pea said...

APG and Jane - We're bad. We're bad. We're really, really bad. ;o}

Amy Dingmann said...

That's cute! Congrats to the winners...I can't wait to see what the actual gift is!

MaineCelt said...

I'm on tenterhooks, waiting... oh, wait, is THAT it? A box of tenterhooks? ;-)

Sparkless said...

Well you are keeping us in suspense! Hurry Chicken Mama and post a picture of what it is.

judy said...

OMG Now it is my turn to fall off my chair with my mouth open [ for the 2nd time-the first had to do with a post and comments done on C.M. site] I am flabbergasted but delighted.if I could move today I would jump up and down! we made a room in the house sort of a sterile room and now I am very tired today but not after thinking of C.M.'S post and my dumb comment about smurfs because now my daughter said she found papa smurf in my closet. I guess you have to go to C.M.'S site to understand the smurf thing. but it struck me so funny yesterday I about died laughing.THANKS AGAIN AND I THINK EVERY ONE DID A GOOD JOB GUESSING OHW I just had to ruin it [ left my caps lock on again [ I'm gonna dysfunction that thing ]

Erin said...

LOL! Can't wait for the real answer!

Mama Pea said...

MaineCelt - Um . . . just what are tenterhooks anyway??

Hey, Everybody - Keep bugging CM until she posts a picture of the great unpacking . . . or until she gets a picture of same to me so I can post it!

judy - I got your mailing address okay but when I tried to reply to your e-mail with a question for you, it was returned to me as an invalid e-mail address.

So here's the question: Chicken Mama wanted me to ask you if you would prefer some of her nature photographic note cards or her humorous "Comments Required" line of cards. Let me know so we can send them out to you. Okay?

judy said...

oh,humorous of coarse!-judy

judy said...

A-HA, I see those 3 little holes ,CM is trying to hide with her 5 fingers jk---is that a clue?

Mama Pea said...

judy - Nope, no clue there.

Chicken Mama said...

Judy and Ms. Apple Pie, your packages are addressed, taped up, and stamped . . . ready to head your way! Judy, you should receive yours tomorrow. Ms. Apple Pie, Monday?