Friday, August 12, 2011

The Island Arrives

While I spent more quality time with my paint brush yesterday morning, Papa Pea went to B's house to pick up my kitchen island she's been building in her shop.

The new island will go in the same place as this makeshift island I've been working with for the past couple/few weeks. Guess who has already leaned on the left hand end of the counter (more than once, I must confess) and barely avoided a calamity as she righted the counter and caught multiple items sliding her way?

Ta-dah! Here is the new unit in the garage where I got the first coat of poly on it. (I had other projects set up outside but with the threatening rain, we knew the island would be too cumbersome and heavy to move inside quickly if the need arose. It's seven feet long and heavier than it looks. Just ask my arms and shoulders this morning!)

Knotty pine on the back and sides. (What else??) Looks like a big ol' box from this angle, doesn't it?

The drawers are stacked underneath it under the gray tarp. After finishing the first coat on the island frame, I set up the drawers outside and got one coat on them also.

Unfortunately, it's dripping quite vigorously outside already this morning so it looks like it might be an inside non-painting/polying day for me. (Dare I sneak into the pantry and start playing in there?)

P.S. If you haven't already, don't forget to put in your guess as to Chicken Mama's birthday present. (See previous post.)


Susan said...

Wow! That island is as big as my kitchen! What are you putting on the top? And aren't you going to be busy arranging things in your new island and your new pantry! It's beautiful!

Sparkless said...

Yup that island is as big as my kitchen too! It's going to look amazing.

Yes, go play in your pantry, please! You deserve to see some of those shelves full of wonderful things.

Mama Pea said...

Susan - I'm going from teeny-tiny kitchen to BIG kitchen. We're already enjoying having the big table and everything else is just going to get better. We've ordered a custom "formica" counter top for the island. The other counters -- sink, over other base cabinets, etc. -- will be the same formica pattern, but B is making them for us as we've got one piece that is long with a slight L-shape and would be hard for us to transport from 130 miles away where it would be delivered.

Sparkless - Thanks for the push into the pantry. I think that's just what I'm going to do!

Nancy said...

I love the island. I also love knotty pine too. You are doing great!

Sue said...

I sure miss having an island. I had mine set up as a baking center....loved it. Your's is marvelous-can't wait to see it poly-ed and set up. I just put a clear finish on my pine cabinets and in 4 years (this Dec!!) they have "mellowed" to the most incredible honey color. On a sunny day-the kitchen just "glows".
I'm pretty sure you're glad you have a drippy day. You were in that pantry, weren't you????


The Apple Pie Gal said...

Can't wait to see all the slicing and dicing that will go on there!

And why are you lifting that thing in the first place missy!?

MaineCelt said...

Funny to think of an island arriving... I grew up on an island, and although we came and went frequently, the island itself never went anywhere. That said, folks still talk about the year the local newspaper ran an April Fool's Day story about how a big tanker had sliced the chain holding the island in place, and now it was adrift at the mercy of the tides...

Jane said...

Beautiful. But remember, no woman is an island. So you must have others over to sit around that island and drink beverages. I volunteer.

Stephanie said...

Can't wait to see it in place:) I am surprised you still have any brain cells left with all the poly work you are doing lol.

Mama Pea said...

Nancy - Thanks for the encouragement!

Sue - I was in the pantry! And ya know what? It's filling up way too fast!

APG - I was lifting it because as much of a strong man Papa Pea is he couldn't quite muckle it himself. So I grunted and groaned on the other end. (You well know how that goes!)

MaineCelt - Now every time I stand working at my island, I'll think of you and your island!

Jane - Your good heart shines through again, Jane. Always the first to volunteer. ;o}

Stephanie - I am SO eager to see it in place. But I know it's gonna have to wait until we lay the floor tile. :o(

judy said...

very impressive-can't wait to see everything filled to the brim in the pantry too.

Erin said...

Love it! I second Sparkless and think you should host a "playdate" for all of us to come play around your island and in your pantry LOL! See, we never grow up when it comes to some things!

Mama Pea said...

judy - I'm getting more than a little eager, too!

Erin - Oh, if only we could structure our lives so we had more play dates!! That's the problem with being a big person . . . too much responsibility, not enough play. :o\ I'm all for changing that!!