Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Poly Fail

Although I tried, I didn't get all the polyurethaning done that I wanted to last night. The next to the last coats were still tacky as dusk was falling so into the garage the boards went for the night. They were nice and dry by this morning so we decided to go ahead and install the end boards in the pantry even though I'll have to give some of them a final coat yet as they're in place. I have a small amount of polying to finish inside anyway so I'll finish them at the same time.

This is the set of shelves to the left on the wall directly across from the pantry door.

Another angle of the same shelves.

On the same wall as the door, to the right, are some substantial shelves Papa Pea built to hold any and all heavy stuff.

A darn sturdy unit it is!

This wall to the left of the door is still waiting for us to get to the big city to buy more tracks. We have the brackets, the shelves are cut to size and the end board is ready to be put up. Once done, this area will complete all storage areas.

I have gone ahead and put a few things in the pantry but I'm kinda sorta waiting to get all the shelves and storage units in place so I know exactly what I have to work with.

I've been anxious to get the two freezers in there but they will really fill up the room and hubby is concerned we might need to the space to stash other pieces of furniture while working on the kitchen and living room. Besides that, the weather has been so warm that it hasn't been ideal temperatures to be unloading and loading freezers.

Today was really fun to see the "decorative" pieces go up. Though certainly not necessary, to me the extras sure do add to the attractiveness of my happy little pantry!


The Apple Pie Gal said...

You must be thrilled that it is getting close enough to put things on the shelves! Very exciting! Hope you get/got a good night sleep!

2 Tramps said...

Oh, it is looking so good! I am so envious... but if I had the space I would just fill it up too quickly!

Carolyn said...

Sturdy AND Purty! Nothing wrong with making stuff nice to look at!

Sue said...

OMG---I LOVE LOVE LOVE the scalloped edges. Too cute. Come to my house and make scallopy edges!!!
This project is turning out great. I cannot wait to see it stuffed full. But yea, Papa Pea is right (durn it!)--you just might have to use that space.
It always has to get WORSE before it gets better (or gooder, as Don would say!)

judy said...

I always had a thing for knotty pine-don't see it much around here ,must be a up-north exclusive-and the scallops-what a grand idea-you still got it!!!

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

It is coming together right before my eyes! I love the scalloped edges on the shelfs.

odiie said...

What a great lookin' room. Yes, I am jealous.

mtnchild said...

Looks absolutely wonderful ... makes my little paltry pantry (lol) look real sad!

Erin said...

They are beautiful! I love those big sturdy ones, too - that will be really nice for your grains and heavy appliances... like your pressure canner (grin) - it came, didn't it?

Leigh said...

I love your decorative touches and absolutely agree that things should be pretty as well as functional. Your pantry is really going to be a joy.

Mama Pea said...

APG - Thanks, m'dear! It's filling up so fast it's scary!

2 Tramps - I've waited many, many years to have an honest-to-goodness pantry and I know I'm going to enjoy it no end!

Carolyn Renee - They say creating a living environment so that it's enjoyable on a daily basis is important to our mental health. I shall be taking mental health breaks in my pantry!

Sue - Ha! Have scallopy edge pattern, will travel. For the past several days, we've been doing behind the scenes planning and purchasing so there's been no progress that can be seen . . . and boy, I'm finding that depresses my very impatient soul!

judy - I know some people will think the knotty pine is kinda kitschy, but I LOVE the look!

Jane - Thanks, Poochie! Glad to see my "style" appeals to other people. (Those with good taste, of course!) ;o}

Mama Pea said...

odiie - As I say, this has been a looong time in coming. And I just know I'm gonna enjoy it soooo much!

Yvette - ANY place we can make work as a pantry (big or small) is such a benefit.

Erin - I did get my pressure canner. A clone of yours, m'dear. Know where it's living right now? Under the work table in my quilting studio!

Leigh - As I watched the time B put in on the shelf end pieces, I had to catch myself from feeling frivolous. I had to remind myself just how much I will enjoy them every time I walk into the pantry.