Saturday, July 30, 2011

Trying To Get Back On Schedule

A schedule? Ha! What am I saying? As long as this remodeling/construction is going on there will be no schedule. And for a person who thrives on routine and having everything in place . . . well, you won't be surprised when you hear I've checked myself into the Funny Farm some time soon.

We spent last Thursday in the big city (left at 6:15 a.m. and arrived home at 9:30 p.m.) going from store to store trying to make intelligent, sane decisions on countertops and floor tile. Well, okay, we looked at and got info on a lot of other stuff, too, but needed to get the countertops and kitchen tile nailed down.

Papa Pea holds out extremely well on a day like that if he gets frequent infusions of industrial-strength coffee and has an occasional brief puff on his pipe. Me? I seem to hit one brick wall after another (caused by sensory overload and way too much thinking) and barely made it home alive. Unfortunately, circumstances necessitated me being gone from home nearly all day yesterday, too, so there was no time for catching up or recovery. I did manage to get into bed early last night and tried to relax by watching a bit of the British TV series "Upstairs, Downstairs" before hubby made it to bed. I kept dozing off so finally gave it up and turned off the light, but then couldn't fall asleep because of being physically uncomfortable . . . just plain over-tired.

This morning I woke at 5:15 . . . and was done sleeping. So far today I feel pretty good so am concentrating on making it a good catch-up day while still managing to possibly do a little in the move ahead department.

Living in this (small) torn apart warehouse is starting to get through to me. The last several days have produced no visible progress which is what keeps me going during all of this. (Remember, I'm concrete.) I know there have to be such times, but it still bothers me. Nothing seems to go quickly or smoothly. In my makeshift kitchen, I'm constantly reaching in the wrong place for something needed, only finding it after turning around in place three times and opening and shutting four drawers and/or cabinets. It's a strange feeling when I automatically reach overhead to the hanging pot rack (which is no longer there or ever was above my present work area) for a pan only to find my hand groping in thin air. Also makes me feel (and look) a little whacked out and stoopid.

But, hey, it's all part of the game and this, too, will pass. Either that or I will go completely crackers. Indication that I may be well on my way? I am buying paint today to repaint the pantry. It's one thing when I keep trying to talk myself into living with and/or forgetting about that atrocious color on the walls, but when Papa Pea who usually doesn't even notice something like that says, "We have GOT to repaint these walls," I just knew it had to be done.

But don't worry about me. Give me today to pull together as much organization as I can muckle right now and by tomorrow I'll be tack on bop of things. I mean back on top of things. Possibly. With luck. And lots of cool, liquid libations throughout the day today. As Erin recently said when they started imbibing at 11:30 a.m., "It's five o'clock somewhere!"


Jenyfer Matthews said...

This too shall pass... it's always darkest before the dawn... every cloud has its silver lining...

Just hang on, this will be over before you know it and you'll be beaming every time you step into your new pantry (with newly painted walls!) and kitchen.

By the way, I vote for chalk board paint - you guys could leave each other silly notes / graffiti / shopping lists. The possibilities are endless!

Sparkless said...

Renovations take forever I have found out. What you think will take a week takes 4!!! It's all the finish work that takes the time. You have to wait for things to dry and then do several coats. UG! I'm okay with the mess but no good with the waiting.
I hope your sanity holds and those cool beverages help.

2 Tramps said...

If anyone can make it through this, you can! Our remodel had us living in our shop for more than a year because Tramp 1 blew a disk in his back and had to have surgery. The term PHD, as in projects half done, applied to us for several years after that. Now, several more surgeries later, we just accept a liquid time frame on everything around here!!

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

One word - Yurt :)

Alla said...

Just keep telling yourself how wonderful it WILL be!! Just the steps to go thru to get there are definitely the hard part.

Mama Pea said...

Jen - It will be over before I know it? What? You're referring to my sanity??

Sparkless - Ain't that the truth? You look at something and figure, "Well, that should take a couple of hours." Uh-huh, sure. A week and a half later . . . ;o}

2 Tramps - Oh! Ouch! Ugh! What a terrible thing to happen in the middle of remodeling! You must be a saint to have accepted it all.

Jane - Ha-ha. Very funny. You first.

Alla - I'm okay when we're busy little beavers working like crazy. It's these times when you have to do more planning (or changes of plans), wait for something to come in, or stop and go get supplies (we're so far from things up here) that are bad on my "just-wanna-get-it-done" point of view. I know. I need to learn patience. I really do.

Sue said...

Oh no---sounds like a low point. Shall I bring refreshments???

You hang tough there, cookie!
We need (NEED!!) you. You'll get through this and it's gonna be so freaking wonderful, you're going to want to run house tours. Or not!
Anyone with scallopy edges in their pantry cannot fall apart before they get to USE that pantry.
Now go have a glass of wine.

Mama Pea said...

Sue - Run house tours? ((Shudder!)) :o\

Yes, please do bring refreshments (in a bottle is fine) and smelling salts! And a long, black whip to keep things moving around here. ;o}

judy said...

If I get off schedule that much-takes me days to find anything-I can't even stand it if someone else put the dishes away-than I am lost. I'M BLOWING SOME SLEEPING WEATHER YOUR WAY.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Well crud! Now ya gotta paint around everything. That's poopy.

Concrete & Crackers...ehehehehe! I love how you describe yourself sometimes!

I hope you are getting along better today and not reaching for things that aren't there at least.

Erin said...

I think the pantry was looking good, but that is something that will eat away at you if you don't repaint, so go for it! You'll feel more "complete" in there if you just do it LOL. This post is bringing back memories... I remember putting wheels on Finn's crib since we could just shove him around while we worked, we had bare studs and wires hanging out of the ceiling and the poor guy slept on a different patch of square feet every night! Hang in there!

Chicken Mama said...

Oh, Mom, I am *SO* glad to hear that you'll repaint the pantry! I've been biting my tongue because I know what a bother it will be to re-do, but ESPECIALLY since the pine woodwork / shelving has gone in . . . the color is ABSOLUTELY *PINK*!!!! I know that room will be absolutely RIGHT once it's re-painted. I wish I had time in my schedule right now to HELP you and Dad with all this work!!! Reminds me so much of when we tore out / remodeled when you first bought the (what was then) cabin.

Mama Pea said...

judy - You're doing a good job with the weather. It's warm today but we have a lovely breeze that feels soooo good!

APG - Yeah, lots of masking tape will be involved in the painting process . . . but I should have been smart enough to do it much earlier! (You know, ol' concrete head!)

Erin - Finn might have been the "easy" one while you were remodeling! Loch was much more mobile at that time, right?

Chickie Mama - Don't fret a bit, Chickadee. I know you would drop everything and help in a minute if we really needed you! XXX

Madeline said...
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