Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Mutterings

Today marks the one week point of our month long change in eating habits. (I so want to just say month long "diet," but that word has such bad connotations . . . even though technically it does simply refer to the food and drink of a person. Oh, well.) Papa Pea has lost three pounds and reports he doesn't feel any different. Okay. The scale shows me down two pounds, but that small a loss could simply be the fluctuation of water retention.

Regardless, I do feel less fullness or bloating (makes me want to "moo" when I put it that way) around my middle section. Truly-duly, I'm not as concerned with the number on the scale as I am with the way I feel. Having said that, I'm now going to start to cry and admit I did find it downright abhorrently shocking (I nearly fainted) when I weighed last week for the first time in over a year, maybe longer. I mean I knew my clothing was getting tighter but Holey Moley, Hannah! Those pounds sure do sneak up behind ya and grab on when you're not looking. I should have know the situation was worse than I assumed because even my winter chore coat is snug when I zip my well-padded frame into it.

We both agree that we haven't sacrificed that much in the past week. We're still eating good food. Just less of it. ('Course, there was that waffle fiasco. Damn waffles.) The biggest eye-opener for both of us has been just how often during the day we were popping something into our mouths when it was totally unnecessary to appease real hunger. Oh, how we do fall into baaad habits.

The above was shot a couple of minutes ago standing on the back stoop looking toward the wood sheds.

We're getting more snow this morning. Probably got about 4-5" overnight with more forecast before all is said and done. We're experiencing a bit of wind with the snow this morning so are getting drifting also. Looks like winter out there. Beautiful!

The decision as to which varieties of chickens to order for this spring was made over the weekend. We're going with Black Australorps, Delawares and the Light Sussex. Whew, glad that's done. Too many different chickies to choose from. ("I'll take four of these, two of those, six of the other ones . . . ")

I made a new main dish recipe this weekend that hubby went crazy over. His exact words were, "I could eat this three times a day for a long time." It's an economical ground beef/rice/veggie skillet dish and I'll post it soon. I love finding good stovetop meals because of so many days in the summer when we're hungry as bears from working outside all day, but it's too hot to fire up the oven. Yupper, this one is a keeper.

We packed our loop trail yesterday afternoon in preparation for the new dump of snow overnight/today so I'll post pictures of that trek later today after I get a few things done first.


The Apple Pie Gal said...

I go by how my clothes feel too. Because the scale is an evil creature.

Waffle fiasco...ha! Funny, I had no problem with them and am thinking about pulling one out of the freezer now! Goooood stuff!

I thought I knew for certain which chickens we were getting, but now I am second guessing. I am hoping that ChickenMama can set me straight! It was a relief figuring all that out tho, wasn't it???

How much snow total on the ground?

Jane said...

Well bravo on the weight loss. Isn't it terrible that men always loose more. And easier. They cut out one ice cream sunday a month and loose 50 pounds. Well, maybe it just seems that way.

Jenyfer Matthews said...

It's really sad how easy it is to gain weight and hard it is to get rid of it...

Erin said...

Congrats on those lbs coming off, slow but sure is definitely the way to go. That is a lovely picture, it makes you want to "see what's around the bend"! Sure wish we were there to pack the trail down, it's just pure rain and dreariness here. The boys/men are playing chess and I'm knitting... and I really need to post a blog, I just have been skewed with my time usage a bit over this long weekend!

Susan said...

I do think that, after a certain age, it is so much easier to pack on the pounds and so much more difficult to take the damn things off. I just reached one of those teary moments this weekend, when I went to button my lined winter pants. That wouldn't. I am now going to adjust my eating habits. It's doubly doubly difficult in winter.
Good choice on the chicken breeds - they all have a nice temperament, are hardy and good layers.

Mama Pea said...

APG - It's still snowing -- actually harder now this past hour -- and hubby thinks we're going to have our 8" at least. We'll know more later when we go out to do some shoveling.

Let us know when you do make that final chicken decision.

Jane - The really sad thing is that this is the first time in his LIFE that my husband has EVER gone any kind of a restricted food plan. But I do have to say he's doing well and not complaining . . . much.

Jen - Can you please explain to me just why that is???

Erin - Yeah, yeah! We want pictures of your new "sewing" and storage area! Pretty please?

Susan - It's like you reach a certain age and your metabolism stops. You no long process anything that goes into your mouth. It travels to your stomach, hips, thighs and takes up permanent residence there.

Glad you approve of the chicken varieties. We've never had any of them.

mtnchild said...

Almost all of my snow is gone; just slush and lots of mud!! We still need some more snow - I'm jealous!

I hate when the washer shrinks my clothes, it takes too many washes in cold water to get them back to normal ... LOL. It's hard to exercise in the winter so no matter that we need snow, I can hardly wait for spring so I can do my daily walks.

I'm just on basic chickens, but I do like the Araucana with their green eggs, and they are pretty friendly too.

Sparkless said...

That's great that you lost weight! Congrats. I figure as long as I'm not gaining weight I'm doing okay, losing weight is a bonus.

We are getting rain all week and our lovely snow is fast melting. UG! Send some snow up here please.

Can't wait to see and hear all about your new chickens when they come.

Judy said...

They say I have read that exercise curbs your appetite. After I have been out walking I am ravenous. So much for that theory. Women always have a harder time losing weight then men. Just remember it took a long time to put on the weight so it will take time to get it off. Don't get discouraged it will happen.

Mama Pea said...

Yvette - Ugh. Mud and slush. We get enough of that in March/April around here. Hope you do get a nice snowfall soon.

Sparkless - I'm surprised that you don't get more snow and less rain in your location in the winter time. You must be farther north than we are.

Judy - Thanks for the encouragement! After hiking our loop, I'm too pooped to feel hungry!

Dirt Lover said...

I've gained too much this past year, and now it's time to take it off. There. I said it. I even started tonight! Good job on sticking to your guns.

odiie said...

Please do post that recipe when you get a chance. It sounds like something my honey would like too.

Mama Pea said...

Lori - I'm gaining strength to keep on the weight loss plan just thinking about shedding some of these layers of clothes and being able to run around in the garden in shorts and tank top this summer! Something to shoot for!

odiie - Going to go write up the new recipe for a post right now.