Monday, January 17, 2011

Tracking the Loop

Yesterday afternoon we realized we hadn't tracked our loop up into the woods since the last snowfall. And the latest forecast was for about 8" more snow starting last night and continuing through today. So we decided we needed to get out there with snowshoes and pack a good base before getting the new snow.

We started out with the three dogs, our Zoey and our granddogs, Tucker and Maisy.

We had barely started up the trail when, sadness and woe, our soon-to-be fourteen year old Zoey simply did not want to make the hike and no amount of coaxing on our part would get her to change her mind. Clearly, a Sunday afternoon snooze in the house on her bed sounded like a better idea. This is the first time she has ever, in any kind of weather, declined to go for a run in the woods.

Papa Pea had to turn around and take her back to the house before we could continue on.

Even with snowshoes, we probably broke through about 6". The going was particularly rough for Tucker, because his legs are only about 4" long!

And the snow kept balling up on the dogs' feet which must be irritating as all heck.

Also being that there were so many wonderful scents to investigate, Tucker had a face full of snow most of the time.

Stopping on top of the ridge.

Nice profile shot, Maisy.

We're finally getting enough of a snow build-up that everything is getting pretty well covered. (Note the huge rocks to the left of me in above picture.)

Every time when we get back from hiking the loop, I always feel so good for having gotten the exercise and experienced the gorgeous scenery. But, boy, am I (consistently) a pain in the patoot on the uphill first half of the trail. I don't know why my hubby doesn't automatically slap a strip of duct tape over my mouth and then take it off when we reach the top. I grump and groan constantly about how much the uphill climb h-u-r-t-s and how much I don't l-i-k-e climbing uphill. (Whine, whine, incessant whining.)

We used to have a friend who was a chunky, little guy and he would often say he was built for comfort, not speed. I feel as if I must be built for downhill, not uphill.

Uh-oh. Here it is 2 o'clock Monday afternoon and it's been snowing all day. Hubby just announced he wants to go snowshoe the loop again to pack down the new snow. Sure, I'll go along. But that first uphill part of the trail h-u-r-t-s SO much and . . .


  1. Boy, we must be related. We have a mountain that our property line runs along and hubby has been brushing along the line so we can win the lottery and fence it. He's always asking me to "walk" it and see what he's done. I'm gasping, groaning, legs are shaking and all he hears is "Didn't I look at it last month?" And hunting season, when I got my buck and we had to drag it out of a small ravine, through brush and trees, all I kept saying was "why did you tell me to shoot that buck here?" LOL But the exercise does feel great, doesn't it? Your pictures are beautiful. All we get is rain!

  2. I'm with Zoey, a snooze on the bed would sound better LOL, but I guess the exercise would be the best. Oh it looks so tiring though! The pictures are beautiful. Love all that snow.

  3. Ruth - You know what my husband keeps telling me? "If you did this more often, it wouldn't hurt so much." Bah-humbug. (But I know it's true.)

    Alla - Both hubby and I love the snow so are so happy to be finally getting some good amount of it.

  4. Holy Moly, what sweet puppies you have! Poor Zoey, that's just too much of a trek through all that snow for an ol' gal like that. Fourteen years old? That is...98 years old in human years?! WOW! I hope you get all that fabulous snow they are predicting for you. We had a supposed four inches coming and it never showed. :(

  5. That sounds like so much work, all that walking in the snow. I don't blame your old girl. Your dogs look so cute! What sweeties. I'll bet they really sleep good after a big long walk, sinking down in the snow. I think that's what I need. But, could I go downhill both ways??? I've never used snowshoes before, although we have them on the walls at our house!

  6. I've always wanted to try snowshoes and this WAS going to be the year, but...........
    Don's foot is messed up (oh, such timing), and I won't try something new on my own---I feel the need to share the embarrassment!!) The snow has finally started piling up. We did take the snowmobiles out and mush down a trail for me to ski on.
    I hate hills too, but they work wonders on the butt.

  7. Another one who isn't much for hiking up hills. I know your hubby is right, but don't tell him I said so okay??

    I do love snowshoeing though...

  8. I worked as a personal trainer for years. And let me tell you that by 'complaining' is the way some people rev themselves up. I had some clients that would moan and groan and the louder they got the harder they worked. You got up the hill didn't you?

  9. How long is the loop? It's hard to walk through all of this snow, even in snowshoes. I trucked it out to the north field a couple of weeks ago. A quarter mile in two feet of snow and I was all in----then I had to walk back.

  10. Lovely photos! Your problem now is that Papa Pea doesn't believe a word of it! Granted, it looked like less snow and the boys had packed it before we went up, but I remember a spry young Mama Pea going 4 miles, half uphill of course, while laughing and jumping a little creek LOL! He just isn't buying it now after witnessing it :) Poor Zoey, I'm sure she is thinking that laying in the sun while you garden is more tantalizing than a trek through the snow with the younger pups!

  11. I am definitely a whiner in the difficult parts. But I believe it somehow helps me get through it. It is so nice to be able to just get outside and move - for fun! I don't count shoveling...

  12. Mama Tea - We got another 7-8" again yesterday. Yippee! However, today we're paying for it with below zero temps . . . and expected to stay that way for the next couple of days. It's still pretty out though.

    Lori - Using snowshoes is really pretty easy. They even have snowshoe races up here where the participants run the course on snowshoes.

    Sue - You're so right. The even ground and downhills wouldn't feel nearly as good (and easy!) if it weren't for the uphills! Hope your hubby's foot heals soon so you can still try out the snowshoes this winter.

    Jen - If you love snowshoeing, you'd better get your little butt back here in the winter time again!

    Jane - You worked as a personal trainer? Wow. No wonder you're in such good shape. My dear husband actually just said he doesn't think I complain or whine that much. So I'm probably just playing a bit of a drama queen for the sake of my writing. Writer's license, you know. ;o) And nobody forces me to get out and get exercise. I know it's good for me.

    odiie - The whole loop probably isn't much more than 1/2 mile. In the summer when we can really move, we can do it in about 20 minutes.

    Erin - Okay, I've been outed. I know I'm in pretty good shape and can still work (or snowshoe) circles around a lot of people half my age. I even took a fall (dog stepped on the back of my snowshoe) day before yesterday on our hike and thought I might have done something bad to a thigh muscle but suffered absolutely no repercussion from that . . . so my strong German bones and muscle tone must be okay. I think I just like to complain. Or as Jane suggested, maybe it makes me work harder/move faster. :o)

    Susan - See? Jane knows of what she speaks! I've shoveled so much snow in the last couple of days that you would think I'd feel that, but I don't. Now I think I'll sign off, put on my snowshoes and go shovel our 1/4 mile driveway. Or not. ;o)

  13. You are a trooper. I probably would have needed to tend to Zoey. :o) Never had to track a loop! That just sounds so funny! Never worn snow shoes either, but would love to try!

  14. APG - What doesn't kill ya, makes ya stronger! :o)