Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some Snow

No snow overnight but it started about 9 this morning and snowed until a little after three o'clock this afternoon. I think we got a total of about 3". Not the foot or so I would have liked, but enough to make everything look white again.

We took a walk out to get our mail this afternoon just as the snow was petering out. The above is a shot looking behind us at our foot tracks on the driveway.

This is where Mama Pea fell flat and couldn't get up. The new snow is very light and fluffy and doesn't have any grip at all. I think you can tell from the picture that we still have lots of ice underneath the snow. It was just lying in wait to get me, I tell ya, just lying in wait.

Before we get too close to the road out front, we put Zoey on a lead and I stay back with her while hubby crosses the road to our mail box on the opposite side. She's getting so deaf in her old age that if she took off to follow him, I don't think she would hear me calling her to stop. (Or at least she would CHOOSE to not hear me calling for her to stop!)

Good thing hubby brought the bag to put the mail in today. Three packages were stuffed in the box along with the usual mail. He'd have had a hard time juggling all that while trying to keep me upright on the hike back!


Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Ouch! That hidden ice gets you every time. You could have just said you were making a snow angel. That's were Zoey has the advantage. Four on the floor.

mtnchild said...

I sure hope you didn't hurt anything! ...but as usual (when no ones hurt) I go into a fit of giggles when someone falls!! I just can't help it. I can just picture you flailing around trying to get your footing and falling down again. It is easy for me to picture because I myself have done it many times ... LOL

I hope you get the rest of your snow. We just cannot have an unhappy Mama Pea!

Hugs and wishes for snow!

Sue said...

Now that is a beautiful walk to get the mail. But, oh my, I'm glad you didn't get hurt! Just the pride, I hope!!!! Maybe hubby will have to start pulling you on a sled--hey-That sounds fun!
Hope some of that snow gets us too. We've worn it all down (lake effect snow-too dry and powdery!)

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Owie! Hope you only hurt your pride and nothing else! And here you wanted more snow! Geesh!

Mama Pea said...

Jane - Four on the floor and toenails to boot!

Yvette - Hooray, we're getting more snow now as I type.

There is nothing funnier than someone falling. Why is that?? :o)

Sue - The walk out to get the mail is a very gentle downhill all the way. But you know what that means for the trip back! You don't even notice the slant going down so why the heck does it feel like you're climbing a mountain coming back? I could really go for that sled to ride in coming back to the house! Great idea. We'll see how that goes over with the puller!

APG - You know that extra layer of winter fat we've all been talking about? Well, I landed right on it. Nope, didn't hurt myself a bit and the pride didn't even suffer 'cause nobody (well, 'cept hubby and dog which don't really count) saw me. But, boy, was that a helpless feeling. Even with hubby trying to pull me up, I could NOT get a purchase with my feet and I'm sure I looked like a big ol' fish floppin' around on land!

Leigh said...

I'd say you've got some snow! Did you hurt yourself? Falls are always worrisome in this weather.

Erin said...

Well I just can't believe Papa Pea didn't get a photo of you in your accidental snow angel pose LOL! Seriously, be careful! Love the mail shot and driveway photo, it all looks so peaceful and quiet... as I type there are F/A18 SuperHornets screaming overhead, ugh! One can only hope we are taken care of in our old age as well as our canine companions, even though she has to be leashed now I am sure she does appreciate still being able to accompany you on your walks.

I'm off to do the laundry, this is getting old.... really fast LOL!

Mama Pea said...

Leigh - Nah, didn't hurt myself at all. It's those strong German bones and adequate padding that work for me! ;o) But it is unbelievably icy under the snow which is worrisome.

Erin - Funny you should mention something about the pictures looking "quiet." Once when we were outside yesterday, hubby stopped and said, "It's so quiet. I just love that." We're so used to being fortunate enough to live here, we sometimes forget to appreciate it.

Lorie said...

Oh, it looks so pretty. We got our first dusting this morning, well at least where I was traveling to to take son to his Friday class. Not sure it snowed at home, some 45 miles east, toward DC. This Florida girl gets pretty nervous when driving in just a light snow. I'd be a wreck if I lived where you are. Think I would hibernate all winter. Take much care on the ice, Mama Pea.

Kelly said...

Wow, you must have one giant mailbox to hold all those packages!

I had a chuckle at your expense, though I figured you don't mind. Falling in the icy snow is something I also do well.

Mama Pea said...

Lorie - Like everything we experience regularly, you get used to driving on the snow and ice. Not that it's fun, but you learn how to handle it.

Kelly - We do have the larger of the two mailbox sizes and you'd be surprised what the mailman can get in there! We've found it stuffed so full with a friction-like fit that we didn't think we were going to be able to get the first package out!