Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Needing To Get It In Gear

Why is it that even though we spend a day doing a multitude of tasks, sometimes at the end of it we feel like we've gotten nothing accomplished? This feeling is plain hogwash because, of course, we have gotten a lot done. I think this sense of unease is because (as a fellow blogger recently said) the things we got done weren't the things we WANTED to get done. Aha! Now there's something for you to put in your pipe and smoke on.

Yep, for me today was a "gotten nothing accomplished" day. I went steadily all day long but never did get to those boxes of Christmas decorations that have been crammed into corners of our small livingroom or the Christmas tree that we got last weekend but is still leaning forlornly in the garage.

Our weather has given us temperatures in the single digits for the past several days. Just plain cold! However, now we're told to expect a 40% chance of snow overnight, 80% all day tomorrow and then 60% tomorrow night. Oh, gollygeewhiz, I do hope we get a bunch of the white stuff.

The snow we've had left on the ground after the rains came a while ago has seemed to be evaporating into the air, and we truly don't have much of a covering now. I'm so green with envy over the wonderfully beautiful snowfalls other parts of the country are getting. Sue at Garden Notes 1010 in northern Michigan just got her first snow, and it looks so gorgeous in her blog pictures that I begged to come live with her for a while. (Regardless of what arrangement we gals might come to, I have a strong suspicion our husbands might not vote the same way.) Guess I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed for my own beautiful snowfall. Tomorrow? Huh-huh? Puuuleeeze??

Regardless of snowfall or not, I just know tomorrow will be a day that generates better vibes on this here (undecorated) homestead. And if we DO get the predicted snow, I'll finally have some pretty pictures to post!


Sue said...

Well I'm glad to see I have SOMEONE in the same boat as me. I drug (dragged??) all those decorations out of the cellar, made all those wreaths and garland and stuff, and NEVER HUNG ANY OF IT! Sheesh. Well, I DID get all that snow (almost 20") and of course had to put it to good use (!!!!). I think I have full time job snowmobiling-
Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed you get some good snow!!

Stephanie said...

You are so right Mama Pea...that is how it feels. Why we don't value those things as much, I don't know. They are almost always just as necessary as the "want to do" items.

And don't feel bad about the snow...still nothing here in the Northeast...just gray and frigid (our temps are similar to yours). Waiting for the snow so things warm up a bit.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

I hear ya! We run willy-nilly like chickens cramming stuff into the day and then look back and realize we never sat down once but what did we really do? Irksome!

I will send snow vibes your way! You can have it!!

Kelly said...

My tree and your tree have likely been commiserating. I hope to don the ornaments and lights this weekend.

(PS- hope you get your snow!)

Jane said...

I think your snow is spread out over the rest of the US. Everyone seems to be getting hit. Even we have daily snow, which we have not had this early in December since I was a kid. And you will get done everything that you need to get done. It always works out that way.

Erin said...

Same boat here, too! Yesterday I had the WHOLE day with no plans other than to catch up on knitting - what did I do? First it was the pots and pans in the sink, then sweeping, which led to deciding the dogs needed to be brushed, blah blah blah... before I knew it the kids were home then it was them all night! Finally picked up a sock at 9 pm and knit 4 rounds and got sleepy LOL!

mtnchild said...

I'm hoping for some more snow too. After 4 or so days of rain and warm temps - 38+ - we have piles of dirty, dirty snow. Looks like poo poo. I think we are going to get a little bit in a day or two.

I don't do a tree anymore, but I do have some decorations up. A little bit more to come, then the ornament boxes go back in the shed.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get a good dump of the white stuff!

Mama Pea said...

Sue - We're getting light snow this morning . . . sure hope it keeps up. We didn't even get our snowmobiles fired up last year. Time to get back to it this year, maybe.

Stephanie - You're so right. A nice layer of snow on the ground DOES make it seem warmer!

APG - Snow is way better than the ice/slush/yuck you have to deal with in your neck of the woods! ;o)

Kelly - Here's hoping we BOTH get the tree up this weekend!

Jane - Hahaha! My list of what I REALLY need to get done gets shorter as the deadline day approaches! (Maybe I need to pay attention to what that really means!?)

Mama Pea said...

Erin - Isn't that just unbelievable how doing the simple, every day tasks can take up a WHOLE day without even trying? (How do gals working outside the home - with kids! - ever do it??)

Yvette - Gosh, and here I was envisioning you still covered with pristine snow! Okay, I'll hope for a lovely covering for both of us.