Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pea Poundage

If one has ten pounds and four ounces of shell peas in the pod, how much will the shelled peas (minus pod) weigh?

Both hubby and I missed with our guesses. Me more than he. The shelled peas weighed in at three pounds and four ounces which made him closer to the correct amount than I was.

After they were blanched and packaged for the freezer in serving sized portions (a serving sized portion being enough for both of us for one meal), I had eight servings. Not bad for a first picking.

Shell peas are a bit labor/time intensive to harvest and process, no doubt about it. But when you can pull a package of peas out of the freezer in February and have them TASTE like garden fresh peas, that makes it worth it in my book.

I won't think about picking again today but if we get rain, more may be ready tomorrow.


Erin said...

That's actually way more than I guessed! Good job! I'm trying to surf seed sites and order my fall stuff but I keep getting DISTRACTED, LOL! Just kidding, I have a whole day with nothing to do except housework, it's 107 degrees outside, the floor is even hot! What I wouldn't give to go for a swim in your big cold lake!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Shhhh! Don't tell him he was closer to right than you!!

Mama Pea said...

Erin - Your weather has been just simply UNBELIEVABLE this year. I don't know how you keep going. It's not healthy living inside in air conditioning and then having to subject your body to that awful heat outside. Your summer weather has kept you house bound like really bad winter weather would. (Need I mention it's not even August yet? Sorry.)

Apple Pie Gal - Oh well. He's always been the brains of our household . . . and I'm the brawn!

Leigh said...

Wow, I've never had that many peas! Mmm. Would love to have them in the freezer for salads. Maybe this fall?
How much did you plant?

Mama Pea said...

Leigh - I need to plant 64' of shell peas to get enough for the year round supply for the two of us (and serving occasionally to company, of course). I plant on both sides of two 16' long trellis set-ups. Yesterday's was my first picking of the season so there will be lots more coming. Depending on the weather I should be picking and processing peas about every other (maybe every third?) day now for a while.

Sue said...

I'm dealing with this in the green bean department. I pick every other day.....and after only a week, I'm already dreading the trip out to the bean patch tomorrow. But I know, come February, I'm going to be SO GLAD I did this. Sigh.
I envy you your peas. I don't have much luck with them. And I HATE shelling them. Yours look gorgeous!

Mama Pea said...

Sue - Aren't we gardeners the strangest ducks?? We shed blood, sweat and tears getting our gardens to mature and then grump when we have so much to harvest! I thought I was gonna die this year before our strawberries stopped bearing. I almost grew to hate them.

My beans are only about an inch long yet but in most years I'm doing the last of the peas when the first of the beans come in. Now that situation will drive you to drink!

You and I need to work together. I love shelling peas but dislike prepping green beans!